the 3 pillars of lucid dreaming.

Hi guys,
I do lucid dreaming for quite a time now, but if I think of maybe the 3 most important aspects of lucid dreaming I am still not sure which I would choose.

I would say the 3 cornerstones of lucid dreaming are a good health, the right technique and maybe the ability to remember your dreams very well.

What yould you say?


Hi Ruiter762!

[url=]I wrote a similar technique about a similar “three pillars metaphor”.

They are basically recall (related to memory), awareness (related to lucidity) and dream opportunity (you need to sleep and dream).[/url]

Sorry about broken links and encoding. I am too busy to fix them now.

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I believe Chimpertainment was also trying to write something more specific about these pillars, I am sorry if I am mistaken.

Best of luck!

Hi Ruiter,

as I can see you are from Austria, so maybe this german blog about lucid dreaming can help you with your question. You also find a illustration about this topic if you scroll down a bit.

For me the three pillars would also be recall and awareness. But instead of dream opportunity I would add health in general. I think if you have a healthy mind and a healthy body you have the best requirements for lucid dreaming.

All the best

Hi guys,

Thank you very much for your answers. This was much help! :smile:

If you have to have good health to lucid dream, I’m screwed. But I’m chronically ill and I have been reasonably successful in lucid dreaming. I think it depends on the person.

I have found that dreaming in different places creates quite a variance of experiences. :cool: