The 5 Senses

Not everybody has all their senses in (all) their dreams. There can be simple stuff like only having one eye, or seeing black and white, but also things without apparent reason like having no sense of taste.

There are a few people around here (or who were around here) who have claimed to add new senses or extend their current ones. (Pedro being the famous example, doing 360-degree vision, sonic vision, etc, etc)

One must wonder whether you never dreamt the sense, or just never remembered it. :eh:

So far for me the most powerful has been visual aspect. The colors too frequently happen to be more in contrast than IRL. As about taste and smell, i have more powerful experiences with that in NDs so far. So far i have experienced smelling in few NDs only. Hearing - average in both LD and ND. Touching was at least once the connection that made me lucid from ND.

But it’s only me and some of my LDs so far.

In my dreams all my senses are there, and i have extra senses that i dont know what to call but i know they are there…
like i can feel what other DC’s feel or see , i can get into the head of any DC from where i am in a dream and experience all there senses,
I have excelent sight and hearing and i can feel things from many miles away…
In other words if i wanted to see a bug on the top of mountain from 500 miles away, i can doit by just trying and not only that but i can hear his wings flapping or his feet moving and if i wanted to, i could become the bug and feel everything that the bug feels all while im standing 500 miles away…
i could do this with DC’s too…

konnart: So you’re lucid in these dreams? Are they all of the dreams you remember? Some? A few?

Dammit, you just gave me that “I want my LD ration, and it’s late” ache. RCRC*

i do this in mostly all my dreams that i could remember,
and i think that i have never tryd this in a LD, because there’s so much other stuff to do…
but my normal dreams are almost as kool as my LD’s, the only thing is, is that i these things dont trigger a LD for me,
for some reason my mind percieves it as normal and it just stays a normal dream,
thinking about it , it might be an LD but at very minimal lucidity,
BUT im not sure…

You have all sense in your LD’s. vision is, of coarse, the strongest one. The more you pay attention to a certain sense, the more real and vivid it is.

When I have been lucid (dry for about 6 weeks now) I do know that my sight is better than it is in RL. I can certainly feel things. Tasting, smelling and hearing are certainly not that great.

In my first high lucid dream (unfortunately also the only one) I could FEEL the environment (the walls, the floor, the ceiling and the furniture) it was pretty great so I had ‘6 senses’ pretty scary eh? ^^

For me vision is the greatest and the only one i have experienced. I could see every single detail in my hand like i was looking through a magnifying glass. For the other 4, i had no sensation at all. That is why i posted the topic, to see if other senses were up and running for other LD’ers.

I have all of the normal senses… The quality of the senses varies from dream to dream though. They are all usually very realistic in high level lucid dreams.

I also can use telepathic like communication during LD’s

Sometimes i think i dream without colour o.O

But i’ve proved to myself i do (i can remember part of the dream with a red rose)

I can’t taste anything in dreams.

When i become lucid, the first sense I notice is sight. Sometimes I have to “drag” the other senses into the dream by forcing myself to feel, smell, etc. The only sense that is better in dreams than IRL, is hearing. :cool:

Is Breathing under water a sense?

Well, I can’t speak for a Lucid dream at the moment. Apart from those I had years ago.

But in one of my dreams last night I had all those senses, but it wasn’t lucid :sad: Still I great dream though!

In the dream I am talking about I was in my bathroom, which was slightly different. I was with 2 beautiful women, who seemed to think a was some kind of play-boy or rich person. As in the dream I had a condo as a second house :smile:

Anyway, when I was in the bathroom, there was a blonde in the bathtub and she was gently splashing the water so it hit the sides.

So that’s hearing accounted for.

After I has talked for abit me and a very pretty brunette walked out into the landing (we were both still wet) I was stood up against the wall and she was very close to me, so close that I could feel her breath. Which felt warm and alluring. A few seconds later we were kissing, her mouth was small (if you know what I mean by that) and her tounge felt and tasted very nice.

(It reminded me of a girlfriend I used to have when I woke up)

After a few seconds of kissing I gently lowered my right hand and placed it on her left leg, lifting up the towel as I raised my hand. I could feel the texture of the towel as it lifted, now my hand was on her left buttock. The detail was amasing, I could feel that her skin was slightly cold from the water still present on her skin. Also she had slight goose-pimples on her bum, either from being cold, aroused, or both :cool_laugh:

That is all I can remember from that dream, but i’m sure there was more to it.

Ohh also, I could smell her hair faintly before I kissed her. If you’ve ever smelt wet hair before it was pretty similar to that, except better.

Conclusion I got from this dream, I miss the time when I didn’t have to go clubbing to find girls. Where I live Clubbing/pub-crawling almost always involves fighting, and I hate fighting.

konnart: No, it’s not really a sense… but the feeling of the breathing, the pressure on your body from the water above - that’s sensing. :smile:

This reminds me of a weird lucid dream I had before joining this site.

I was climbing a mountain. (I do that a lot in dreams) On the top of the mountain, there was a glacier. I could sit down in the snow and ice, and feel the cold. There was nothing of the physical discomfort that usually comes with being cold. It was just extremely cold, pure and simple. It wasnt pain or fear of hypothermia that made me go down again. It was just boredom. :cool:

The point is, it is possible to experience physical feelings in dreams which is impossible IRL! If I were to lie down in the snow IRL, it would have been painful after a while…

In a recent LD, I flied up in space, saw the Earth, then swooped down through the atmosphere like an asteroid. They were flames around me, but it was just a little hot. If I have done it IRL, it would have been painful after a while… :tongue:

Basilus, this must have been intense. What did the earth look like from up above? Could you see other planets or stars? Have you been able to do it since?

ive also seen the earth from above…i flew to the moon a couple times,

I once also saw the earth in the sky, like it was another planet, , i thought to myself that I must have just died, and Im in heaven looking at earth…
until I realised I was dreaming and it turned into an LD:)


Sorry to disappoint you, ZionI, but it wasn’t such intense that I would have expected. I was in a rather low lucidity level, and it was blurry. :sad:

“What did the earth look like from above ?” Hmmm… round ? :tongue: :peek:

I hope I will have a similar experience with a better lucidity level. But as I told you, I don’t always remember to increase the lucidity, or even to prolonge my dreams… :shy: