The B I G Lucid to-do list topic Part II

Looks like you can update your list! You have your wings and won a lucid challenge etc.

Okay, a few dream goals of mine:

  1. Meet my dream guide again (at least I know what he looks like now)
  2. Learn to heal better with stronger chi ball
  3. Find my perfect meadow and be able to get there every time I wish
  4. Fly to the Himalayas and sit on a snowcapped mountain top
  5. Fly in the universe and float along the ring of Saturn and into the Milky Way
  6. Prolong LD
  7. Find my Tree of Souls again and manage to get closer
    8 ) Manage a mutual dream with a friend of mine who is also an LDer
  8. Practice roller blading so I can get over my fear of falling in RL
  9. Practice singing (no neighbors that can complain :smile: )
  10. Find a mirror and step through
  11. Meet my future life partner, so I’ll know what he looks like in RL (cheating)

I hate the fact that every time I get lucid, I go on auto-pilot and start flying immediately. I seriously don’t remember a LD in which I haven’t flown. So here is my list for things I really want to do when I learn to control my dreams in a way that I don’t always do the same old flight which bores me now.

  • find a lightsaber, just turn it on and look at it, listen to it.
  • play drums with some awesome band, preferably some big stadium concert
  • create an idyllic dreamtown, not a “world”, just a small perfect place
  • sing higher than I’m able to IWL
  • visit outer space, but not realistic space, as in black emptiness with stars, but colorful scenery like photos by the Hubble
  • interact in some of my favourite movies, maybe change the story by giving some character a heads up that he’s getting killed… :happy:
  • timetravel
  • explore
  • talk with dream characters that I don’t know IWL, make friends
  • learn something from an old wiseguy :happy:

that’s all I can think of right now…

-Listen to my favorite songs in hyperreality
-Explore a new world
-Participate in an epic fantasy war
-Die heroically in said epic fantasy war and try to catch a glimpse of the afterlife
-Zombie survival (I’ve done it before in an ND, but not a really great one)
-Drum to songs I can’t play IRL (Rush, Behemoth, ELP, etc.) in concert
-Backstage after said concert give Marilyn Manson a good, hefty slap in the face
-Enter my favorite TV shows, movies, and books in order to change the timeline
-Enter Mario Kart and try to win a race
-Tell a DC to make me become lucid in every dream I have
-Witness historical events firsthand (the assassinations of Lincoln and Kennedy, V-Day, the Fall of Rome, etc.)
-Single-handedly save a concentration camp from Nazis

I don’t have a big list…but I’ll share it anyway XD

-Meet the Almighty Tallest from Invader Zim
-Meet my SC
-Search my brain for good book ideas
-Meet people I know on the internet in my dream
-Explore my brain and find reasons why I’m having hints to an old dream so often
-Fly around the world
-Meet people in my life who have died
-Go through a zombie attack survival scenario
-Meet my SG

  • create my own world
    *start my own life and have a family
    *transform into a bird, panther, husky
    *travel around the world
    *sketch out a floor plan/layout then lift the building into a 3D form
    *make a warehouse of some sort where each door carries a dream I’ve had, where I re visit any time I want.
    *make a home for my dream guide Ricky ( i think he is)
    *create my own dream pet
    *visit the middle age
    *create my story ideas into movies

Eat/drink myself (do i dissapear???)
meet my sg and not shoot him/her. (arcterius!)
fly through billboards
skateboard on dcs (use them as skateboards)
eat stuff that isnts edible like light, ideas, and dreams
blow sht up
eat a new york bagel

-Destroy everything in my dream :ebil:
-Fly !

  • Ask to a DC a name for my DJ
    -Burn this DC if I don’t like his idea :devil:
    -Fly again ! In New York… :cool_laugh:
    -Listen music in my dream !

-jump from the window of my room
-meet a wise man and ask him questions
-go to school and do something in the classroom
-sleep and dream another dream ^^

-Use Lucidity Goggles to see if they improve lucidity
-Walk through walls
-Practice different methods of teleportation
-Use best method to travel to my girlfriend’s dream (SD)
-Make her lucid
-Do dreamy things with her

  1. Go through a Mirror
  2. Play Guitar
  3. Fight off ninjas

Merged into the sticky topic. If you want a personal list … make one in the first post of your LD4all dream journal. :moogle:

Welcome to my LD to do list! Ive started this to increase my motivation for having LDs.

Yet to be completed:
Have a lightsaber duel
Go to Pandora
Meet my MCs
Do something similar to operation cliffhanger from Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 2.
Mount an assult on a CIS command star cruser from an ARC-170 starfighter
Talk to my SC
Ride an Ikran
Do stuff in Persia like in the Prince of Persia movie and do awesome assasin type stuff
Engage in an intense battle sequence with (possibly) slo-mo segments
Have a week long LD
Have an epic (large scale) assault on a city in ancient Persia
Fly a Scorpion Gunship
parachute behind enemy lines in Nazi Germany
Chain LDs
Have multiple LDs a night
Increase dream recall to 3-5 dreams a night

Have a Lucid Dream

Going to Pandora and Riding an Ikran would be very Nice ^^ But instead of doing that I’d prefer to be the Ikran :razz: Very Nice to-do list, expand it even more to get the Brain Juices flowing ^,-,^

Haha i love that mission

Mebe i should put “discover why the majority of my goals revolve around action” on my list =P

Well I have so many!!!



.Run up a building Jump of the building do a backflip fly as a human then after a while transform into a Dragon ^^

.Make the Ocean Disapear

.Holding my breath underwater for aslong as I wish. and swim really fast. swim down to the Deepest depths and turn all the lights on and make the water crystal clear and see the fishes and other amazing creatures in the deep sea.

.Fly around space as a Dragon and bounce of Planets and do loads of twirls loops and other things ^^

.Travel to other planets by the click of a finger and talk to the Aliens/People I meet

.Meditate in a dream.

.Find my Spirit Guide or let him/her or It come to me.

.Learn amazing things about myself.

.Pick the sun out of the sky and eat it.

.Run sooo fast my skin Peels away and im a running Skeleton Haha!.

.Fly around Like Superman.

.Relax on top of the highest mountain i can create and Look down on planets Jump of and freefall for as long as I want, and as i get closer to the ground slow down and scream as loud as I can and shake the planet. “random”

.Feel an Extreme sense of freedom.

.Go to Pandora.

.Walk down a street and scream a random word. I can do that IRL but i just want to do it in a dream lol.

.Skim a mountain across the sea.

.Eat fish In a Dream O.O

Ok I am not running out of Ideas But I will stop now they are getting very random. :happy:

I want to do the following things:
-Do some magic
-Control the elements or the weather itself
-Watch the Earth and other planets from the space
-Travel to another world
-Take a tour in a futuristic city
-Fly with dragons
-Freeze time
-Transform into a dolphin or a mermaid
-Teleport to somewhere
-Visit an underwater hotel
-Paint to the sky
-Fly with wings
-Run, fly or swim very fast
-Ride a flying carpet
-Transform into an animal or another person (maybe a fictional one)
-Be a circus artist :tongue:
-Visit my fictional funfair
-Talk to animals
-Travel within a bubble
-Jumping on mushrooms XD
-Be on a holiday in a very nice place (ocean or my favorite country)

That’s all for now… I hope I complete them on one day :smile:

My to-do list:

-Learn Byakugan (360 degree vision)
-Learn Gentle fist (Yeah I’m a Neji fan^^)
-Develop my Secret Technique
-Have a shared LD and fight Ninja style
-Meet my Subconscious and ask “him” about my past live
-Create the Village Hidden in the Leaves
-Practice Parkour without being hurt, so I get better at it in RL
-Learn to have full control over my dream
-Get better at Chakra Control (for RL, too)
-Learn things about myself, so I get ld faster

I would like to talk to a character from a tv show or movie! :tongue:
Also I might work on some of the old quests!

I have so many things I would want to do.

.Hang out with Megurine Luka
.Meet my spirit guide
.Meet Quuipo and offer her pineapples :smile:
.Fly around outer space

This topic continues in the next part :sandra: