The B I G Lucid to-do list topic Part II

  • Fly (do I really need to say it :razz:)
  • Jump from the moon and land on a tall building
  • Control the weather and make it snow (it doesn’t snow much where I am [Texas])
  • Talk to people from school
  • Go through a schoolday but always mess up the class (well, more than IWL :tongue:)
  • Extend the time in an LD
  • Telekinesis
  • Go to San Francisco :happy:
  • Sing at a concert in front of millions of people
  • Go underwater
  • Explore my SC
  • Go into video games
  • Go on TV :nuu:
  • Ride a bike that levitates
  • Create a city
  • Run at a very fast speed
  • Make an archrival that looks like me and we have an epic battle (sort of like Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehogs :happy: )
  • Tell my English teacher off >.>
  • Command people to do things
  • Sitting on a cloud that’s close to my city and controlling everything
  • Resting on water on my back (never done it IRL, can’t swim :razz:)
  • Look at myself as a baby
  • Throw fire and breate ice
  • Do offensive things in public
  • Go to an alternate dimension where everything is backwards
  • Turn into a bird and just flying
  • Make it less cold :smile:
  • Go to Heavan and meeting the Angels
  • Work in an office but messing with the people
  • Shrink to microscopic size and spy on DCs
  • Grow 100 FT tall
  • Do magic shows with “real” magic
  • Many more stuff :happy:

Step through mirror :smile: Tonight i was in a room with some people and i stepped through a mirror. Then i got to the same room but with no people…

There are many things I want to do:

  • Visit a futuristic city (the one I want to do the most)
  • Walk on water (tried it, I failed…it’s quite hard)
  • Fly to a different planet
  • Make the Earth have ZERO Gravity
  • Have X-Ray Vision (would be somewhat tough as well)
  • Freeze time
  • Visit every dimension
  • Fly to the edge of the universe
  • Have a dream with my ‘characters’
  • Fly through surreal landscapes
  • Eat a planet…wonder what it tastes like
  • Pass through a black hole

what might be nice at the moment is if i could just STAY lucid enough to do what i want! :grrr:
what i’ve always thought would be cool is if you could sort of live a day in your own fantasy universe, gazilions of miles away from earth, everything around you is completely out of your own imagination. maybe you could do this type of thing if you got to the point where you were good enough at staying lucid, and had excellent dream control. does anyone else think that would be the sickest thing ever?! think about it, it could be as fantastic as participating in a massive battle, or just chilling out on the beach somewhere watching exotic birds fly by with massive planets backdropping the amazing scape. i don’t know if it’s actually a reasonable goal to live a “double life” using lucid dreaming, :eh: but there are alot of people who get really good at being lucid.
i do have a list of babyish things to too :content: (duhr duhr)
2. eat your favorite foods, stuff can taste pretty darn good when you’re dreaming, and when you can stuff your face without worrying about getting fat :tongue:
3. play around with magic/super powers
4. bug your DC’s
5. i’ve found out that i’m alot stronger in my dreams, i can usually climb walls and stuff other stuff that’s impossible to do
6. i think it would be fun to drink random potions and see what they do to you
7. turn into another animal
8. find your DG
9. go to the beach or something

once i have a LD i want to:

  1. i want to trade places with Aya Kito so i can see what her life was like
  2. flying sounds like its the funniest thing
  3. go to japan
  4. be a character from a book
  5. be mean to ppl that i dont like
  6. be an animal
  7. i want to be a lake for some reason lolz
  8. sit above my fav beach i use to go to
  9. lay on the clouds
  10. go shopping with all the money i could ever have
  11. try to have a super long LD
  12. be a geisha in feudal japan
  13. i want to meet my samari that im positive is following me around xD
  14. see my past lives
    and there are a lot more xD

I’ve done this, back when I used to randomly have an occasional LD. I would also undress them in public…they don’t ever object in my dreams.

As for me, I want to…

  1. Fly - because flying is awesome and can be fast slow, smooth or chaotic.
  2. Change my surroundings
  3. Conjure objects out of thin air
  4. Talk to my subconscious/inner spirit - gain insight
  5. Fight zombies, who wouldn’t? because you can’t die
  6. Create stories
  7. Explore places
  8. Have fun with girls, kissing, groping, maybe more :content: :wink:
  9. Interact with characters
  10. Try adrenaline sports
  11. Be invisible, and spy on people :tongue:
  12. Get super powers
  13. Split my personality into characters within my dream
  14. Meet or create characters that I have an emotional bond with.

I want to see this more than anything else.

I enjoy just walking around and seeing everything there is to see in my dream.

Oh, and I’ve always wanted to make plants grow before my eyes.
Like, rainbow coloured, house sized plants.
Might try that tonight. :content:

At first: Having a Lucid Dream… but then i would go like this:
-fly (everybody wants to fly)
-go to school and behave like Mr.Perfect
-do some magic
-run around completely naked and see peoples reactions
-kiss a few girls I know… and see their reactions :tongue:
-be Conan Edogawa (that means be ultimately intelligent :cool: )
-random fart as loud as possible (i think thats pretty loud in a dream :tongue: )

I’d like to shift shapes, it’s not something I’ve tried before, maybe into an albatross or cat. Also, convincing a DC that they aren’t real is something I haven’t done before, I mean I’ve told them that they aren’t and that they are figments of my imagination, but they’ve never really openly accepted it. Fly on the back of some kind of animal, biiiig flamingo, perhaps?

.Get a freeze ray and freeze people solid
.Stop time
.Have a massive Dbz like battle in a city
.Talk to anime characters

  1. Build my own dream world where i can always return to.
  2. Eat food, just have to try it:P
  3. Take some flying classes (instead of keep trying to teach urself how to fly, u can also ask someone to teach it to you?)
  4. Transform

Once i’ve got LD’s recently i’m gonna work on sharing dreams.

Be JAWS!!! :grin: :woo: :happy:

I’m working on having more lucid dreams and a better dream recall. I have had only one so far and it only lasted a couple of seconds before I woke up. Dream recall is improving however. Once I get lucid there are 2 things I want to do primarily:
-Fly (DBZ-Style) and explore my dream world
-Spew fire

Those things are not so important to me (but still would be cool):
-Go on a wall
-Go through a wall
-Explore an underwater world
-Morph into an animal or better a dragon
-Be invisible
-Go over water
-Fly to the moon
… (more things)

And some bigger “projects”:
-Stealth project
I want to somehow set up a complete Thief-Scene (Like in the video games). Would be cool if I can hide in the shadows and hear what the knights are saying.

-F-Zero or Wipeout project
I want to compete in a future race. Loopings, high speed and adrenaline! What more do you want?

-Experience some anime “worlds”
Be a ninja and perform incredible jutsus like in Naruto.
Participate in the hunter exam like in Hunter X Hunter (also find out my Nen-type).
Eat a devil fruit like in One Piece.
Also call my own Zanpakuto’s name like in Bleach (Bankai included).

and and and…

mmm…Lets see…I’ll list them from what I want most then downn…
1.Meet my spirit guide :help:
2. Get all my friends to come to my dream, and we’ll have a party(That ones a long shot)
3. Tell off my math teacher(I think shes cool, but she yells to much)
4. Be a ninja :slide: (thats right, watch out! KA-POWEE!
5. Fly to another planet
6. Talk politics with an alien :tongue: (Haha)
7.Talk to my future self
8. Look at the sky and just feel good (Kinda boring, but it would be a big stress reliever)
I could go on and bore you, but I gots laundry to do :tongue:

Most too downn.
1.Fly, ugh. So aggrevating!
2. Meet all my friends and celebrate. including Fringe. :spinning:
3. Get mad at an object and make it turn into a hot dog then eat it!! haha how’s that for revenge! :woo:
4. Turn into a gummy bear and take over the world! Oh yeah! It can happen! :content:
5. Find out if my friend Jenna is a real alien whos trying to steal my cotton candy lightbulb!
6. Make a fairytale place where all my dreams occur in and is my escape place.
7. Punch everyone I want to in real life in my dreams and watch them cry!!! Mwa hahaaa. :wink:
8. See my dream guide
9. Lay on a cloud
Well thats all right now… I probablly forgot a lot but oh well. :spinning:

hahahah great idea! :content:

boring? not at all, I can garantee you! dream skies are really magical! :happy:

Well I’m new and just learning about LD’s but I have quite a few to-do’s:

  1. Have Saiyan powers in my own Dragonball Z Universe (probably my most desired dream)
  2. Sex of course :content:
  3. Practice skateboarding to get better in real life
  4. Win Wimbledon
  5. Front Man for a famous rock band
  6. Come up with ideas to write a book(s)
  7. Love (as in love like you see in movies and such, basically like put myself in the story instead of the original character)

I’m still awkward and learning too, but I’ve got a long list…

-Increase recall to maximum or near-maximum.
-Increase occurrence and levels of lucidity.
-Increase overall control.
-Increase vividness.

-Continue to work on vividness, control, lucidity, recall. (a neverending process)
-Meet my Dreamguide.
-Make peace with my Shadow Self.
-Purge what doesn’t belong in my psyche.
-Learn to re-enter dreams.
-Get a feel for each different dreaming technique.
-Avoid backsliding…

-Visit friends/family in shared dreams. (with permission)
-Meet Muhammad. (though maybe it isn’t LDing technique that’ll get me that)
-Try to heal someone.
-Attempt an OBE

-Get high eating dream mushrooms.
-Walk/hitch-hike across the dreamscape, talking to DCs, taking in the scenery.
-Go off my diet without guilt.
-Chase down a deer, kill it with my bare hands, and eat it raw.
-Fly (naturally)
-Chat with my subconscious mind.
-Kiss a girl. (find that one girl from the non-lucid again…)
-Live out an alternate life, and be raised by wolves.
-Explore space.
-Walk across an atom. (and meet the ghosts living inside)
-Walk through a mirror.

I could go on forever with this last list…

I’d like to eat human flesh :smile: