The B I G Lucid to-do list topic Part III

Hi En’enra,

I must point out that you are dealing with powerful symbols when dealing with DC.
The way you treat them determines your timeless status in an field where time is actually absent.
So your possible willful attack against a DC, and the eating of his soul might be harmless in a real waking life, but it might dangerous-disastrous in LD.
In true LD there is an eternal timeless NOW !
Your attack and your DC soul devouring, is not enriching your existence, but on the contrary it is Identifying you emotionally with the negative elemental world beyond the time needed for a possible self healing.
As I strongly believe that Ld and Death are of the same fiber (and perhaps for the same regenerative reason) it is always best to fight motivated from love.
Even if you are ever obliged to kill, killing a DC should be your last and absolutely unavoidable option, and always in defense …
May the light be with you,

Wouldn’t be my first time killing a DC, but I never ate their souls. :razz: I ate human flesh in a dream once. Nasty stuff. Couldn’t eat roasted meat for a long time after that.

I appreciate your advice. I learned that treating DCs in a nice way has greater results than treating them badly.

Adding to the list, I’d love to:

  • Swim with the elephants again.
  • Free-fall from space again.
  • Visit the snowy town where I met the closest thing to a dream guide again.

I can’t think of any new experiences I’d like to add. I want more vivid dreams which wouldn’t be interrupted by nightmares.

I’m re-reading ‘Conscious Dreaming’ by Robert Moss and it has given me an urge to explore beyond my personal dreamscape. I’ve played around with this before and seemed to be successful (it’s really impossible to know for sure). Again, in the past, I have met DCs who are not my own creation and I’d like to do this again.

I’m so not interested in fighting monsters, eating anyone or any of that silliness. That’s just playing with your own mind. :wink:

The one thing I always find hard to resist is a bit of hanky-panky. I have to be high-level lucid to refuse that. :ack:

So the main plan is be high-level lucid and move away from my own mind-created dream. :smile:

Good day from my sunny Island Tambourine Stream,
As I am admirer of Robert Moss and I fully support (by experience) his views, I strongly doubt if he has given anyone the urge to explore beyond the personal dream scape. On the contrary he emphasizes that your dream is your “window” and none else is able to decipher it for you.
The trans-personal ONE is a Holy grail…
Unfortunately in spite of disliking my egoistic separated “I”, I must admit that it is my only basis to communicate with the whole.

On the other hand I have a drawback concerning my above statement:
There is a slight possibility that in an absolute lucidity state, at the boundaries where the absolute light emanates from… then there perhaps we find an unconditional union, and no “I” asserts itself anymore…

I wish we would all reach there…

Greetings returned from a sunny UK.

Maybe I’ve used the wrong expressions. I’m not the brightest button on the shirt! :tongue:

From reading his accounts and comparing them to my ‘run-of-the-mill’ dreams, he seems to expand his environment to include other dreamers/real people (either alive or dead). Whilst I can’t vouch that everyone I’ve met is self-created, the majority of my DCs are autonomous and robotic, leading me to believe they are solely created by my mind. I want to move away from that personal silly stuff and delve into something more interesting/absorbing/‘not me’ if that makes more sense? Whether that’s still me in my own mind, but perhaps a little deeper than normal is, I suppose, a moot point. But that’s the essence of what I meant. :smile:

No doubt I’ll relearn more as I continue to read the book. I think I’ve forgotten a lot of what he wrote. I would also like to get more of his dreaming books - do you have any recommendations? :wiske:

Hi again Tambourine Stream,
The book you have is more than enough.
But I would recommend that you download in PDF the “Bardo Thodol” and see comments of it by Timothy Leary and Aldus Haxley. It is an apocalyptic book (the Tibetan book of the Dead) filled with authoritative “Anamnesis” -to use an ancient Greek word loved by Robert Moss-.
I think that this book is a true legacy for mankind, it is an ode to primal light, and is beyond all religions as it derives from a religion without God.
I am very happy you exist, and I wish you Joy!

Thanks Promitheus, I’ve downloaded it for reading. :smile:

Since I really need to have goals in order to start advancing, here’s a list of things I will be trying in the near future:

  • the August quest
  • meet Simor, Atton or another guide
  • meet any of the characters from my novel
  • travel to any location in Cyrodiil
  • see a previous life
  • swim with elephants / freefall from space (I’m keeping these)

This will be it, for this month.

Hi !
I had only one LD yet. I think it was kind of a beginners luck, as it was only three days after I started trying to have one. Now it’s been a few months without new success, but I keep hoping :smile: Or should I say, I’ll have one tonight.

So far what I would like to do is try some of the “classical” experiences:

  • fly, skydive
  • have sex with a sexy girl
  • transform into some animal
  • Modify time speed
  • create a world

Then when I master them, I would like to combine them, like for instance:

  • Skydive in tandem with a girl and have sex in the air
  • Transform into a bird and fly
  • Have sex as an animal
  • Slow the time when doing one of the above
  • a big combo would be to create a world in which I can control time, then transform into a flying animal and have sex in the air.

Also, a curious one would be to transform into a girl, and then go in bed with… Me (the manly Me).

One thing I believe to have overlooked in regard to this topic was to have a really good laugh and a really good time.

Go to a prehistoric pseudo-earth planet covered completely in water.

Burn your body away in a fire and fly around with whatever is left of you.

Change your body to encapsulate the entire dream environment, then try to command objects such as trees as if they were your arms.

Create and speak to wise beings.

Nice! I like that first one. I’ve historically had a morbid fascination with self immolation. I imagine the dream version is a lot less unpleasant :smile:

I’d like to fly and visit the event horizon of a super massive black hole…the kind thought to be at the center of every galaxy. I bet it’s quite a show from the dreaming perspective!

Hey guys :happy:

In my last LD I made it to a town I’m writing about :smile: Now I want to talk to two fictional characters I want to write about. I’m just curious, is my SC able to create an own story? And how much I have to desire it or already know about my own story? I’m just excited to figure out how well or not well this will work :smile:

A year later, and I only briefly met a character from my novel and visited a town similar to Bruma. :smile: My focus is still on dream characters. Besides meeting special DCs, I’d like to confront one of my anomalous/independent characters. I also want to practice being comfortable in all kinds of dream settings, the same way I’m comfortable with snowy landscapes.

-Going to Hogwarts.
-Returning to the moon.
-Making an Umbreon appear! <3 ____

That’s all for now.

Omg. I forgot something. :eek: :woah:


:boogie: :boogie: :twirl: :love: :bow:

So I’m still new to this and have had only marginal success, but once I get better at lucid dreaming, here are some things I’d like to do:

*Have a steampunk adventure
*Experience life as the opposite sex
*Live in Disney’s Atlantis for a day
*Be an Avatar (both as in a blue alien and a bender)
*Paint with all the colors of the wind
*Go into a Pokemon game and jump over one of those stupid, tiny walls

Go to the Lucid Crossroads for some LD training!

I think that will be helpful at least. I haven’t been able to reliably teleport but one day… Oh I will!

I would like to befriend my subconscious and promise the subconscious to see me every night. And i think this is the best technique to lucid every night by blackmailing subconscious mind :stuck_out_tongue: