The B I G Lucid to-do list topic Part III

well from what i heard theres a place called the lucid crossroads where everyone could meet and chat. hope it helps!!!

when i have my first LD i want to try:
*do like aang and also ride appa
*ask for the best new invention and invent it:)

  1. Getting good lucidity… thought that might help for the rest of the list :meh:
  2. Flying… did it before but like 10 seconds and blurry…
  3. Visit amazing (real) dream places, wonder what the Grand Canyon looks like in dreamscape…
  4. Look for my SG and seek advise, wonder if it is anything like I imagine it to be
  5. Do magic! Firebreathing, bending the elements and make things go BOOM!
  6. Transform into… guess what :hmmm: nudge nudge look to the left… I could combine this with 2 & 3 btw…

Waiting for the wbtb technique. I’ve only had one LD so in my next one i would like to:
2.Freeze Time
3.Meet a girl i know in real life in my dream and take her on a date
4.Skydive from space

Nice ones :content:… except:

These things really tend to work better IRL :wink:

ah…at least with that girl,it’s not gonna happen in real life. Thanks for the advice though!(i’m a noob at this) :content:

You have good ones ! I like your fourth one alexfred ! ^^

When I have my 8th lucid dream, I wanna reach Laputa ! (the floating island in the Miyazaki’s movie “Castle in the sky” )

when i get my first lucid dream i would just dont give a peep i want to randomly cause destruction and noone would stop me!(ilovegtasanandreaswithmodsandcheats:))

Well … Better to make a genocide in dreams than IRL I guess ^^
If we talk about violent stuffs, I do wanna fight in a lucid dream too. But against one very powerful guy ! I’d love a beautiful tough fight so much !

Same here but thats not the only thing I’m gonna do… :tongue:

Majorben, we think alike. :gni:. All you guys’s dream goals are awesome! They inspired me!

  1. tiptoe on the surface of the ocean
  2. fly to another galaxy :universe:
  3. which leads to meet aliens :cookiemon:
  4. step through a mirror :mirror:
  5. talk to dream characters

-talk to my subconscious
-create nebulae and galaxies
-see if I can get into other peoples’ dreams
-make music
-create new animals
-fly into the sun
-relax on my island in the sky

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A list of mine of current goals (so I dont keep forgetting them):

  1. Revisit Ceeia :cool:
  2. Fly into sun
  3. Go to the sky island
  4. Explore the town once lucid :tongue:
  5. Explore wildlife once lucid :tongue:
  6. Ask Questions to any DC
  7. SD :cool_raz:

1. create a nice LD home for me and my dream family.
2. destroy some homes of people that i dislike.
3. fly with giant wings upon my back.
4. visit hong kong studios.
5. try to visit my friend while LDing
6. fight the aliens from stephen king’s “the mist” movie.
7. join the noble team on halo.
8. fight bowser with mario. :tongue:
9. get some ghosts on luigis mansion. (no not using a vacum cleaner…)
10. talk to damon albarn,stuart pot, and the rest of the band on plastic beach
11. travel through a tye dye tunnel that changes colors.
12. try to make stewie from family guy become nice
13. see through the eyes of the first animal i think of
14.swim in a fantasic waterfall in a jungle.
MUCH more too come, this will be updated whenever i come up with some more i have in mind. thanks for reading!

That actually is a pretty epic list. I never thought of fighting Bowser before, I must do it! >.<

I haven’t had lucid dreams in a while… but maybe this inspires me again
1. fly. I’ve never been successful to fly…
2. create a new universe
3. talk to dream characters
4. play with the natural forces
5. eat … I wanna know what food tastes like in a dream
6. levitate objects ( it was the first thing I did in my first lucid dream !! )
7. go deeper in the dream
PS. i think I have posted to this topic earlier … but what ever

Here’s one: perform in front of a HUGE audience :woo:

I did this in a ND recently. In this dream my friends had a very popular band (IRL they aren’t even musicians :dingding: way to go) and they asked me to join them for a song. So I played in this band in front of a big big audience… say 30.000+ people… and it was AMAZING! :woo: (I actually remembered the song and how to play it, but when I tried it next morning it sounded like sh** :sad: )

But anyway I think it would be a real thrill to do that again in a LD :content:

I would…

-Make peace with my hostile DCs
-Become really good friends with a DC and hang out with him/her in my dreams
-Meet (Atar) my spirit guide, in my dreams and be able to talk to him, see him, feel him, and hear him
-Ask Atar some questions
-Ride Atar as a horse or a dragon
-breathe under water
-be a fish
-be a bird
-be a cat
-be a dog
-be a horse
-fly to space
-Play guitar (write a song and/or play a few I know in WL)
-Listen to music
-360 vision
-Ask Atar and/or my best friend DC to show up in my NDs and tell me I’m dreaming.
-Fly (Obviously!)
-Go hiking
-Meet an alien and fly in their ufo
-In a dream, ask a friend from my WL what they’re dreaming about

and so much more!!! :happy:

Thing I really want to try: shooting a giant snail with an arrow covered in salt and see what happens.

I’ve never actually LD’d before so I have a lot of stuff I want to do.