The bad luck day (friday the 13th)

had any black luck,Did you have any bad luck today?
I don’t think I have had, but some years ago in Onsala a house burned to the ground on friday the 13th.

No, no bad luck today that I can remember. I only think you’ll have bad luck today if you really believe in the friday the 13th stuff.

Actually, quite the contrary, Friday 13th is my lucky day.

Well, today was a lucky day for me too, WG GM :content:

Yep. Congrats.

Actually, althought i have had pretty pressure filled days at work for few weeks already, i had few very positive moments today. So, i think that today was better than average day for me if i look at last months.

I had a bad day. Nothing horrible, but it was pretty bad, and now I’m having a bad night.

If it’s still Friday the 13th on the other side of the world from you, does that count? :tongue:

Sorry to hear that, Fiver. :sad:

Something bad happened in the morning, though not my fault. (Didn’t get an apology either, hmph!) Other than that, though, everything turned out pretty good. Tonight… for the first time in forever… I don’t have insomnia! :wow: Realy tired, I almost zonked out on the comp. Think I’ll get off in a few minutes and make it an early night. :yawn:

I didn’t even know it was friday the thirteenth until I read this thread :tongue:
But I had a good day today :smile:

Jason Vorhees came to my house and tried to do what he does best…but i scared him off with my constant nonsensicle and thouraly random sayings…:tongue:

Meh, Friday the 13th had to get me somewhere… though I had no insomnia, I had the WORST sleep with little recall. Last night I had insomnia, but at least my recall was good. :whew:

I got sick, actually. x_x A shame… I think some channel has a Friday the 13th movie marathon…

My locker jammed after lunch. That was it.

It was actually a really good day, except I had 3 exams (but I did well on all of them).

i had a bad day snowboarding, hurt myself pretty bad too.
But then again thats just askin for it, doing a dangerous activity on friday 13th.

Now that i think about it, i was destined to have a good run of Friday the 13th’s as i AM called jason, aren’t i? So theres some sense.

I burnt my hand on an incense stick i didn’t blow out yet, and almost caught my social studies book on fire. But I also made $30. It was weird.

It was the day before my birthday. Don’t really remember. I discovered the whole concept of LD and all these sites on that day, so I guess it was a really good day. 13 is my lucky number though, maybe that has something to do with it.

I recall getting a football kicked into my nads once on Friday the 13th, and it wasn’t coincidence, either.