The BIG Cat Lover & Dog Lover Topic III

Small, weird dog.(Cavaler king Charl’s spaniel).

Oh, I have 6… pets that is! :tongue:
So there is…
Bell the triop
Tinker, Twinkel and Nemo the brine shrips (but I’m waiting for more to hatch)
Miel my dog
Max my other dog

:peek: late last night, the cats had just had their supper and made their way upstairs … when a lot of noise came from the landing!
They had found a black cat up there that had sneaked into the house when it was rainning earlier! :eh:
After we let the intruder out … two of our cats stayed near the door for a while :eh:

/me sees Still Dreaming’s avatar (and the explanation for it in the other topic) and does an RC :shock:


Sti… I think you better do an RC as well. I don’t think I ever showed you a pic of my Max, did I? Behold.


That’s creepy… :eek:

Although… your max has more curly hair! :peek:

My sisters dog… Always stays in my room when they come over to give my sister and her husband a quick break frim him.

Guess what, The dog is not potty trained and bites hard enough to make you bleed :tongue: .

Hehe SF :smile:

Cool dog(s) bruno and sd :grin:

Aww, Bruno and SD, really cute dogs! :content:

I don’t have any pets here in Sweden, but Joe’s family has a lot of them in Miami (where I spent like a third of my time up until recently, when Joe moved here)…

When I was there they had 2 dogs, Porky and Phoebe, 1 cat named Foster and 1 bird named Aurora.

Phoebe actually looks quite a lot like Max! :happy:

Foster, the cat, recently passed away though. :sad: I’m glad I wasn’t there when it happened… but then, now, his family also got 2 new dogs - 2 golden retriever puppies. They named them Ginger and Joey. :content:

Ah, as soon as me and Joe get our own place (we’re renting a room from a guy at the moment) we’re going to get a cat! :content: And when we get a bigger place and a more stable economy, we’ll also get a dog.

Argh! I recently had a dream where a group of aggressive cats were attacking me! One came near my groinal area!

Bahh, some animals don’t like me. I guess I’ll just have to make do with my golden retriever dog, Mozart :tongue:

I don’t own any pets :crying: but i have a lot of dreams with cats in them :confused:hrug: . Also, SDs dog wins for most awesome dog ever times 10 million^ 100000000000000000000th power! TheRealJollyRoger wants to have it for his own, but it will probably defeat me in pitched combat, burn my house down, and go back to SD because it is THAT awesome

Ooooooh… I just wuv my fwuffy wittle kittie cats so much!

Mies, a kitten that we’ve concluded has a growing disorder, attention addicted.
click to see pic

Poes, generally a wuss, only thing he does is eat and sleep really.
click to see pic

Best site ever.

I am not too interested in cats or dogs… I just wanted to write that infinitecat thingy broke my brain so much :thud:

ooh, there is duck on one of those

That was just brilliant !


Someone had a great idea… :razz:

I have a 5-year old cat named Cleo who spends most of her time chasing and catching frogs :neutral:

A bit wierd, but it makes a change from the usual birds/mice

Never open a door, unless you know whats on the other side.

The owners never mentioned this door.

I’m taking care of cats, while my neighbors are gone, and they have this door, on their upstairs media room. The cat named Cali is near the door, I hesitate to open it, then decide, whats the worst that could happen? I open the door, both the cats run into their attic. I try to get them out without going inside the attic, then I decide I need some bait. I go get the dry food, Cali’s favorite foods, and I put it outside the door. She comes out, and I take her outside. The next cat is stubborn,(Libby) and I have to get out the wet food. I put it near the door, she knows its a trap, but she still wants it. So she comes out cautiously, and right when she got just far enough out of the door, I pulled Libby away and closed the door.

It took me like 15 minutes, and I’d much rather be on these forums then catching cats. :tongue:

I don’t get paid enough for this job

Wow, that cat movie is cool. How would he/she get the idea for it?

Here is a really sweet video of a cat playing the piano :happy:

I’ve been putting my cat (in her bed) on to my computer desk so she can watch cats on youtube. She seems quite interested. :tongue: