The BIG Déjà Vu topic

interesting theory DeyBwah, just remember to accept all possibilities…
i’m sure you do already, but it just read a little overconvinced

i have a theory it could be precog that occurs a fraction of a second before or during the event…
some possible evidence:
in most cases it’s more a feeling involving all senses (or maybe a 6th only?) rather than a visual/with thoughts? experience ie. actually remembering

sometimes there is the feeling that you thought about it happening a long time before the event (days for example)
but you can’t (usually) pinpoint when you actually thought about it
even though the feeling seems so sure

finally, the way you can continue the dejavu sometimes by remaining in the (state of mind?)
ie. when you have dejavu, tell someone straight away, have dejavu that you told them…etc
it seems you can keep it coming which could mean you’ve found a precog state and are holding onto it for a bit…

your thoughts?

ve been experiencing dejavues since i was little.
however did something change over time. when i was a kid i thought
‘i saw this before’. when i grew older it started to occur like ‘i know
that i was like this before thinking i saw this before’ [on the double- get it?]
and it has increased ever since until i felt like my mind was
looking into the infinite variations of existence.
… and now… when i have a dejavue its like… being one. like a child.
with the awareness that everything is the way it is because it is the way it is.

oh. what i think dejavues are? i dont know.
could be that you experience two [or lots more ;P] timelines / dimensions at the same time.
or that they merge. or that memories from past incarnations arise.
existence is infinite , so everything you do exists in infinite different variations
and infinitly the same as well…

for me, when something out of a dream reoccurs in the awake its actualy a different
feeling to a dejavue.
[this is actually just a copy of what i wrote over at the astralsociety
on this topic]

I really like this topic!

When I was younger, I had more dejavus, today the last time really has happened months ago. What is interesting, is that I have had many dejavus that were ‘the same’. For example, when I was a young boy, and I played football, many times it happend that the ball would pass me in a certain way, which immediately induced a deja vu. That happened many times, every time in the exact same way!

It is really a strong feeling, almost like you are entering a whole new universe, in which the deja vu event is like happening all the time without a pause! When I have a strong deja vu, I really feel like being warped into some place where like time doesn’t exist or something.

i heard that deja vu was caused by a slight delay in sensory perception

i.e some of your senses react a fraction of a second slower causing your brain to think that you have done it before when actually it all happened at the point you experienced it

personally, i think this is the best explanation i have heard for it anyways

Strange… If so, what explains having deja vu’s in dreams?

I don’t find them scary… Quite on the contrary, I long for them…
There are no words to describe that brief mindless state…

Now feeling that constantly…wow


your minds re-creation of it.

my friend once explained to my why u have DeJa Vu, i think he said he learned it it one of his advanced science classes…anyway…what he said is that for some reason the electrical signal from your eyes somehow goes through your part of the brain that is memory before it goes to the part that interpets the signal into what you see…so, when you see it, you think that your remembering seeing it, when it really has just gone through your memory first…i think it sounds like a very reasonable explination although i’m not sure if it is true or not.

Ive been having loads of Deja vu lately, its really strange, but amazing, and I like getting it, because, I dont know really…
I had Deja-vu today strangely enough…

Yeah I do… but usually if I felt like something has had happened, it already has… I don’t have big problems wondering if it was a dream memory or something made up… etc.

For me movies really tend to do it… like… I saw the Matrix Revolutions, and … upon leaving the theater I was like I KNOW I HAVE SEEN THAT ENDING BATTLE BEFORE

it felt like I had a LD in which I simply asked to see the ending of the movie or something… but what I don’t know, is if that memory is just completely made up or not.

But my deja vu is always delayed, yes… which could mean I/we have problems in the way our memories are stored… could be from erratic sleep cycles.

oh and this topic gave me deja vu too… becuase i know I just said this exact same thing that I said right now in another deja vu thread a few days ago… but the topic started didn’t seem to have the delayed deja vu that I do.

however it’s ironic that your post would have been kind of similar to my remembered post, wherever it is.

The matrix has us.

absolutely… dissociation… it’s usually when something bad happens to me and I feel like I could wake up… or … just in awkward social situations… like when I went over to my grandparents once and felt like I must have been tripping like crazy (not that i’ve ever had a drug induced trip though)… or like… sometimes in the store…

So I think being with other people triggers it. Sometimes I really do almost believe I’m dreaming but can’t wake up… or are on the verge of waking up but are afraid to.

Yes, that sounds like the most feasable scientific explanation for a deja-vu…

on the other hand, how conclusive are the studies regarding this? Is it scientific fact that ALL deja-vu’s are a ‘malfunction’ in the brains circuitry?

I have had some deja-vu’s where I had done something similair in a dream, maybe the ‘physical’ actions weren’t exactly the same but the ‘vibe’, the ‘feeling’ of the moment was the same. (hard to explain sorry)

I always say, ‘I already did this in a dream’, it’s kind of different than a deja vu though, because I really find it hard to believe that I didn’t actually dream it. :bored:

for a long time i have known what deja vu meant in my own mannor, feeling like you experienced a moment before or a feeling of familiarity of a moment in time that “you have been there before” etc. well ive never known why it happens or any other slightly logical meaning to it. why it happens, how it happens, etc. i just know that i get em alot at varying strenghts. so far, my strongest deja vu moment was during this past summer while lifeguarding at a pool. i was emptying trash from a trash can then it hit me “i been here before”. right then and there, like it was a memory that i could remember, i knew that another lifeguard was going to come and ask me a question about something. so i turn around and there the is, the other lifeguard. she says “i got a question for you…(says question that i already knew what it was)”. i didnt want to say “yea i already know what ur gonna say and (response to her question)”, or tell her the answer to her question before she asked it, cuz that would freak her out. another moment in the past week when i had deja vu, i could almost pinpoint when i first had the unknowledgable “foresight” of this moment, which was in the spring of last year. all this was a bit hard to describe, my experiences, but i tried. anyone give any statements about deja vu or whatever?

deja vu about this topic :wink: merged you into the already existing deja vu topic :smile:

i sometimes think that deja vu is dreams coming true…

at least dreams that iv written down that come true after a couple days/week, the feeling that happens when they come true is almost exactly like deja vu…

i write it off as deja vu until i go home read my dream jorunal and see that i actually had a dream of what just came true.

That’s really the curious thing, cause people who experince deja-vu have this very feeling, though I’m quite sure they never could verify that a dream came true! :eh:

I’ve had the same feeling too but I never found in my DJ a dream which came true (there was just one exception and it wasn’t the same feeling at all). It would be interesting if you can find some dreams in order to verify.

iv mentioned in other threads around here some of the preminition/pre cog dreams that iv had.

i havnt had too many significant ones most of them could be called coincidences but some are almost spooky.

of course iv had deja vu that has not to my knowledge have anything to do with something that iv dreamed.

a couple of the bigger precog type of dreams iv had, back in school i dreamt that my friend was not at school the next day, but i saw him in the dream and he had a cast on his arm. he was not at school the next day and he had infact broken his arm.

another one, i had a random dream out of nowhere that my parents came into my room with a suitcase and told me to pack it, that we were goin on holiday. the next day my mum came in with the exact same suitcase and said you cant live here any more, you have to leave.

another time i got into sort of a food fight with my mates in a dream. a few days later i got into the same fight as the dream, in the exact same place, the exact same words weere spoken before during and after the fight as they had been in the dream.

i had a dream that my mate told me that another mate had quit smoking weed. the next day the first thing my mate told me was that the guy had quit smoking.

another one, i had a dream i was viewing myself in the 3rd person. i was sittin down on a bench in a park. the park was very clear to me. i had never been there before, but i remembered it. i was sitting a particular way, in particular clothes. the next day i had to walk to this cop station to pick something up, i had never walked there before or even been in that neighbourhood before. on the way back i saw a park and stopped there for a rest. i noticed i was seated in the exact same seat, the exact same way, the exact same clothes, the exact same park. i had never even been in that neighbourhood or seen that park before in my life. there was also a mother with a baby in a stroller near a swing in the background, just like in the dream. id bet money that it was the exact same baby/mother as in the dream, they looked identical.

each time, a great sense of deja vu. when i thought about it more deeply, i remember that it might have actualy happened before in a dream and then i check my DJ and see that it did.

wierd eh.

Yes, that’s weird. Now you told it, I remember your precog dream about the broken arm.

Since I can remember I’ve had Deja Vu. For some periods of my life I get them very often (like everyday) and other periods I get them less often. Sometimes my Deja Vus are dreams that I’ve had but most of the times they are not. I don’t only get the feeling that I’ve seen or heard or I’ve lived this before but I actually know what is going to happen in the next moment. Three years ago I wondered if one could stop a Deja Vu and in a way prove it inaccurate. Although I thought Deja Vus were positive experiences it frastated me that I had no control over them. When I had Deja Vus the experience would usually take me over and I would sit there in awe watching what I knew was going to happen. So I wanted to change a Deja Vu.Change what I knew was going to happen. It took me a while to actually try it because I would always forget.My Deja Vu s were so powerful that I would forget everything else.But the right opportunity came and finally i remembered.I was talking with a friend and I said something that started a Deja Vu. I knew exactly what she was going to say and how I was going to reply. This was my longest Deja Vu.It lasted 3-5 minutes.We were talking about something that we had never talked before. There was no way I could know what she was going to say in 3 minutes time and how I was going to reply. So while she talking I said to myself don’t say what you know your going to say.My friend kept talking while I was trying to make myself not say what I said in the Deja Vu. Then she asked me something and I spontaneously answered what I did in the Deja Vu. How frastrating!! I tried so hard and still I had no control over it. I knew what I was going to say and still I couldn’t change it. I tried a few other times after that but I had the same results. I couldn’t stop my Deja Vu. That makes me really wonder. Why can’t I change my Deja Vu?What does that mean? In this article (Brown, A. S. (2004). The déjà vu illusion. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 13, 256-259) I read that Deja Vu could be the result of “(a) a brief change in normal neural
transmission speed causing a slightly longer separation
between identical messages received from two separate
pathways, (b) a brief split in a continuous perceptual experience
that is caused by distractions (external or internal)
and gives the impression of two separate perceptual
events, and © the activation of implicit familiarity for
some portion (or all) of the present experience without an
accompanying conscious recollection of the prior encounter.” (Brown 2004). All this makes sense but how does it explain that in my Deja Vu I knew what going to happen before it happened? My brain couldn’t have picked up the experience 3 or 5 minutes before it happened. How did I know the exact words that my friend was going to use in 3 minutes time?Does anyone else have Deja Vu like that?

Ina, from what you said, I think it is exactly the phenomenon which is explained by psychologists. IMO, whatever may happen, you’ll associate this with a feeling of deja vu. You don’t really foresee what will happen, you just have the feeling that everything which happens has already happened before. But your case is very surprising cause it lasts many minutes.

An explanation of the deja vu is this one: when you face a new event, your brain puts it in the short term memory then it searches in the long term memory if it has been seen before. If it’s the case, it will make match the past event and the new one, so that you’ll remember that this has happened before. For instance, say you just have filled up a glass with orange juice. When you look again at your glass, you remember it’s your glass and you won’t be surprised that it’s full of juice.

When you have a deja vu, your brain commits an error and send immediatly the content of the short term memory in the long term memory. Thus when he compares the content of both, he finds the recollection of what just happened as if it was an old memory.

It’s something like that.

I don’t get it. In all my life, I’ve never, ever had deja vu. I get it often in dreams, but absolutely never in reality. Sometimes I get the feeling I’ve done something before, but it always IS something I’ve done before and just mostly forgot about until the new thing triggered the memory properly.

(Wow, speaking of which, typing that last sentence just now triggered the memory of a very old (and very real) dream of mine I’d forgotten about years ago! Speak of the devil! Still wasn’t deja-vu, though - just a regained memory!)

/me goes to type up dream in her journal reserved for newly-remembered old dreams!

I often have ‘‘deja-vu’’ of places but it doesnt go further or the places that I feel , its just a little feeling not like im 100% sure I already been there.

On opposite, some experience there here really weird.