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I sent the lucidity institute an e mail as well. I will also talk to Dr. Labarge directly. I think with everyone contacting him about Bruce it is very unlikely that he will involve the lucidity institute with such a disgraceful business person.

With all the people who have posted here I think Bruce is far more than just a bad business person. I will tell you that I would never buy any of his products.

Wish I’d come to this thread before I did, that’s for sure… I won’t spare efforts making sure he doesn’t screw anyone again, that’s for sure… as of today, I’m done just asking him for my money back.

sushupti what steps do you plan to take now?

i don’t know how bruce can sleep at night. im sure he will get whats coming.

Well just out of curiosity I took a second and visited In their forum they also have people complaining about wellness tools.

Anyway, I hope you people who were defrauded by Bruce really go after him. I don’t know how he can sleep at night either.

On another note- The rem-dreamer might be ok. It seems that they do have a problem with shipping, so expect a long delay if you order one. In the forums I have read no one has posted how well it worked so I guess we will have to wait to see.

BTW- Someone at had the same idea as mine about the strobe light. I hope it works for people.

The people who make the VibraLite3, Global Assistive something, have an alarm clock with bed vibrator, and strobe light options… they make these things for deaf people, but no reason we shouldn’t have fun with them, too :smile:

As for how I’ll go after bruce; nothing special, just the regular legal stuff… I filed a complaint with paypal, I’ll see how that works out. If it doesn’t, I sue him. And if I sue him, for the money, lawyer fees, and try to shut him down so he can’t continue screwing people over like that… This will probably involve rounding up others he screwed over for a class action.

Sushupti any news?



(I apologize for this post, I wrote it before I got to the part about people losing alot of money…

I’m going to leave it here as it kind of describes what this guy is doing to people.

That was one of the most shameful pieces of behavior I have ever witnessed from a business owner. He practically turned into a child right infront of us. Very scary.) … 1116452388

You’re talking about Robert Bruce ? The famous astral projector ?

What does he have done to have such a bad reputation ?

I dont know a lot about famous people related to dream.

No people are talking about Bruce Gelerter of Wellnes Tools.

What has he done to get a bad reputation? Well, read the thread and draw your own conclusions.

Does this technology make the traditional WILD and MILD techniques obsolete or are they to be used toghether?

No, the Nova Dreamer (and nova dreamer clones) would not make MILD or WILD obsolete.

While some of these types of devices might help you if you are new or an experienced lucid dreamer recovering from a dry spell, lots of people seem to report that the devises are not effective in the long term. After a while your brain gets used to the external stimuli and stops sending the cues into your dreams. So to continue having lucid dreams on a regular basis you would still have to learn a self induction technique. Moreover, these are not virtual reality machines that automatically give you lucid dreams. You still have to train yourself to recognize the clues the device sends you.

So stop the machine and start with a clean and simple way. You will have better result at the end then with so many wasting technique.

Sounds very interesting I’ll read the whole topic later first I go and sleep.I changed my Day and Night Rythim and since I done that I dream a lot more maybe it can help you if you don’t have work or a job that doesn’t allow that.

greetings Down Ander

Direct links towards vendors are not permitted according to the forum rules. Link towards Dreammaker suppressed. Then I merged this post about Dreammaker device into the existing BIG Dreammaker topic.

I saw here a movie about electric devices did some one evry try this?
Did some one read about this, hear about this, have any more information?

coul’t we make one ourselfes with a rats hair and a dead fish?
no of course not omg…
But maby with one of those disco lights what reacts to sound then set this special alarm clock so we get the specials

I paid (and lost) over AU$700 to this bloke (I ordered the pro model over a year ago, and since then e-mails have been ignored and promises made over the phone - yes, I had to phone him from Australia - have been broken, and I don’t even have a basic model to be going on with because I didn’t want to pay two lots of US$100 postage charges, so I told him to hold off until the pro version was complete, then after a year of being ignored, a phone call produced apologies plus the offer of immediate free postage on a basic model, which never arrived, and the free postage wasn’t traceable, so I can’t prove he never sent it … grrrhhh). So, if anyone’s planning anything with regard to a group action, count me in, if it means getting money back, or even goods - but not if it means spending more; I can’t afford it. I’m in Australia though, which might be an obstacle.

I filed a complaint as suggested above, but as for the money … well, it’s far too late to get it back through AMEX, although my husband is still working with them on it.

As wellnesstools no longer has online cart facilities, I assume Bruce’s been blackballed by the cc companies already.

On a lighter note, does anyone have any experience of the Polish offering, the REM-Dreamer, yet? I did read a couple of preliminary good reports when it first came on the market, but my husband is being extremely sceptical about lucid dreaming masks in general in the light of our experience with the American con-artist, so I’d like to have something to counter his prejudice with … if there is anything…

Sorry to hear about your experience. I hope you get your money back.

I have not heard any feed back on the polish device at all so I do not know what to tell you there.

If you want to save some $$$ then just get a strobe light and a timer(from k-mart or similar store). The timer plugs into the wall and then you plug the strobe light into the timer. You set the timer to go off at various times in the night like every 90 minutes or something like that. You will have to play with it a lot to get the timing right (to go off when you are in REM sleep). But you will save yourself lots of money.

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