The BIG Fav thing to do in a LD Topic - Part III

if you dig from israel, you won’t end up in china :cool:

I want to make some music in my next LD, and remember it when I wake up

Yeah I should do that, I make some music on mah computron, but I don’t have the skills in Fruity Loops to do it very well. If I made a song in a dream and remembered it I wouldn’t be able to recreate in FL… I could try, but I think I would just get frustrated.

good stuff.
had afew where instead of flying, i was floating, like sitting in a hammock, floating like a feather on a breeze. like being held by a giant, cupped hand.
floating takes bit of concentration, whereas flying is quick and constant, usually, floating seems to take concentration, to rise or fall.
besides floating/ flying, id like to…

  1. be chased by a dog
  2. be chased by a dog and a turkey
  3. be chased by a dog, on a turkey.
    4.go into an office and place a brick on top of a napkin in an office.
    5.find the start of wind
  4. realize that snake anthony is not a small chinese woman.
  5. listen to sound in a vacuum.
  6. float frogs with 360 degrees of high powered magnets.

That’s an awesome idea!!

Oo, how about talking to your favorite characters from movies or TV shows! That’d be a fun time.

Hmmmm… I should try that in my next LD. I bet meeting the simpsons in a LD would be a fun time :tongue:

Yeah, that’s exactly what I was thinking. I have another idea:

Making your hand disattach and float around like the hand from the Addams Family. (That’s not where I got the idea. I just looked at my hand, and thought of it.)

  1. i would realy like to freeze time. ive always wanted to do that. i would do some prety funny stuff as well. like find a porn shoot and replace the guy with a horse so when i unstop time. AHHH. yeah im awsome.
  2. have a huge adventure like LOTR over multiple ld’s so i can save it and come back to it the next time
  3. fly
  4. eat something. i wonder what it would taste like.
  5. go crazy. just i would realy like to control wind. a bunch of swat people drive their cars toward me. one movment of my hand and woosh. 30 meters up
  6. have dbz powers and invade america. yeah id so win.

ROFL! :cool_laugh:

Where the hell did you get that idea?!??! :eek:

I can only remember having one ld, I was in my biology class and I was using telekinisis, so much fun!
When I learn to ld properly I shall attempt to, in no particular order:

  1. Pilot an Evangelion, man that would be incredible.
  2. Check out Hawkwind live with their 60’s line up.
  3. Meet my girlfreind (she’s in Shanghai at the moment).
    4.Grow huge demon wings and fly around smashing things to bits. destructive I know, but it’s my dream!
  4. Master the elements.
  5. Weild a lightsaber []::::[])))))))))))))))))), use the force.

Hey kfaar_giladi!

Your dream in you biology class sound really cool!! I remember when you told be about that dream!

I was very happy to find out that I am on your ld “To do list”! :tongue:

“3. Meet my girlfreind (she’s in Shanghai at the moment).”

(Although growing demon wings does sound like alot of fun!!
:content: Smashing things! Trust you to want to do something like that! :smile: Hee hee)

Cant wait untill Feb/March when I see you again

Kimmy xxx

Hey, aren’t u going to put a list of things to do in ur ld?? After all, that is the topic!! :content:

Ok, ok, soooooooo sorry for drifting off the topic! :tongue:

Well, if I had ld dreams I would:

  1. Go back to all my scary dreams I had when my cats died (primary school) and kick some aminal asses!

  2. Fly around town randomly dropping water ballons.

  3. Go back in time to this girl who used to bully me when I was little and stand up for myself. Grrrrrrrr. That would feel great!!

  4. Ride a bike around a huge park. (I cant ride a bike, tho Ive always wanted to)

  5. Go back about a year and tell you (kfaar_giladi) that I like you! Something I wish I did. Maybe we could ‘watch’ a video! Or just being with you would make me happy.

  6. I think it would be cool to be able to talk to animals!!

  7. Go on some sort of crazy adventure, eg. 10th Kingdom Style

Will let you know if I can think of any others!!!

Kimmy xxx

In one of my first LDs i grew myself biiig wings and flew over the city. Then i started destroying things using telekinesis. It was REALY big fun. I kinda like to destroy things :smile: . When having my next LD i’m going to get as high as possible and start falling down and turn just before hitting the ground. And mayby i’ll try driving some car like the new VIPER (this car is MAAAAD) or the porche 911. I think i’ll try using telekinesis to throw big things too.

All sounds fun except the sex ( jeah I’m only 14 )I had only one lucid dream yet didn’t take long ( to excited :content: I teleported to my town and I got whole excited to excited :sad: but when I have a proper one I like to do

  1. My big big dream learn to surf
  2. transform in a dolphin and explore the deepts of the ocean
    3)become a character of dbz ( jep a girl likes dbz ) I’m thinking of making myself the first female ssj lol
    4)Talk to the boy I like and ask what he thinks of me
  3. flying ofcourse dbz style
  4. Meet my spirit guide
  5. Discover my poweranimal
    :cool:shared dreaming looks fun
    9)Become a student of hogwarts and a friend of harry potter ( I know I’m crazy :tongue: )
  6. Go to Yu-Gi-oh world and chalenge yugi hihihihi
  7. Go to china and visit my stephmothers original home and then if its same as in dream life I can prove to my parents I’m not crazy
  8. Ask my teachers what they will ask for exam ( I know it’s not real life but you can try)
  9. learn breakdance yeah freestyle
  10. learn skate ( I know : I’m pathatic :tongue: )
    15)Try to do telekenises and telepathie
  11. Try to see the future
  12. overcome my arachnafoby I don’t want to be afraid of spiders

This are the things I like to do it’s a bit strange but not impossible I hope everyone who stil trying to be lucid finally gets it I did 2 years for it so don’t think you can’t everybody can even after 5 years but I think that’s a bit overacting GOOD LUCK

You should try to do all of those things in the same dream! :razz:

Playing guitar with Jimi Hendirx is fun i like to do that.

Did you know that Stevie ray Vaughan used to have dreams that Jimi Taught him some new licks on the guitar but he could never remember them when he woke up. I had a dream the othe night where he taught me something, and i remembered it, so technically I learned to play guitar for Jimi Hendrix :smile:

mis_dolfijn: r3tro or freecube could probably do that in two or three days :wink:.

Someone on here had written that you should try to find god and ask him questions and stuff, well last night I asked a DC where I could find God. He said, “Oh, do you mean the lord of the mountain?” and I said “sure I suppose so”
Then he pointed out to me the direction and said, go that way, and from looking at the setting sun I worked out that I had to go in what I would call South West direction.
I said to him, “How will I know when I’m there?” and he replied,
“You will find him in a garden shed, an English-type garden shed.”
I sort of accepted this and with some other people, friends of mie, I was starting on a journey but some of them said they didn’t know how to fly, and i wasn’t really lucid enough to just leaVE them, so I was going to teach them. Then one of my friends said that she had lots of stuff to do so her Mum would probably wake her up soon, and I was thinking, ok at least we don’t have to worry if she randomly disappears. Then I suddenly realised that I was about to wake up so I memorised the scene and SW so that I can return to it next time I LD.

Will post any further info!

sorry for the really long post