The BIG Fav thing to do in a LD Topic - Part III


I’d like to be a cloud. And amaze people on earht looking at the sky by shaping into animals etc.

I’m goanna make a long list later, but first I’m just goanna say some random stuff.

1: Get an Uzi, AK-47, Berneli Shotgun, I don’t know. Couple of grenades to. Go around and just kick ass and blow crap up. Go crazy. Great stress relief :content:

2: Fly (Duh)

3: Look at the sky

4: Fight monsters and conquer nightmares (Make sure you get the gift afterward!)

5: Astral Project

6: Go into a zombie world (this could be accompanied with #1)

Okay (in no particular order) thing I wanna do, that I haven’t done so far…

  • fly
  • walk through walls
  • run real fast
  • skateboard/bike/snowboard/whatever you could do insane stuff really well
  • drive a car/motorbike/truck/minivan like a madman
  • fly a plane/helicopter
  • go into the sea and explor
  • fly in space
  • explore other planets in our solar system
  • explore other planets outside our solar system
  • meet alien life
  • go into a black hole
  • go into the centre of the earth
  • have a fight with clones of myself
  • go into a graveyard and fight with zomibes
  • a one on one fight
  • experiment with shared dreaming - is it possible?
  • go through a mirror
  • shape shift into a girl
  • shape shift into various different land animals
  • shape shift into a bird
  • shape dift ito mythical animals (eg. dragon)
  • shape shift inadimate object (eg. a river)
  • talk with animals
  • talk with inadiamte objects (eg. a cup)
  • explore the dream version of my school (it’s always really different in my ND’s)
  • see dinosaurs
  • explore the dream version of my hometown (in ND’s, it’s very different)
  • have a shootout
  • turn invisible
  • jump out a plane
  • free run across city buildings
  • experince a cartoon world
  • walk into a TV
  • run around butt nekkid (yes)
  • turn into a monster and terrorrize all the DC’s
  • go into my computer and the internet

… I could go on even more ya know…

What a list :wink:

I’ve had many goals before, but few have succeeded. So know I only emphasize on a few:

  • practicing dream tai chi and taoist chi kung
  • visiting the Lucid Crossroads once more
  • investigating the consciousness of DCs
  • investigate some curiosities from previous NDs

I would love to:

Have sex in mid air or in zero gravity
Play the Playstation 3 / Xbox 2 / Nintendo Revolution
Drive the fastest car ever
Fly to a different planet like Earth, but which also has a civilisation
Create a planet with a civilisation and become it’s god

I’d like to shared dreaming by myself I once did but I didn’t know friend came in my dream trying to make me lucid but I didn’t believed it. And now I want to do with my teachers some say I can do nothing good and because I’m so busy with my witchcraft I can’t think clear so I go make things clear to them and especially with my teacher chemistry because I have a crush on him :tongue:

A few of the things I enjoy, in no particular order.

  1. Talking to Dream Characters, ask them to critisize you, (and they are brutally honest), or learning something about them and why they’re in your dream.
  2. Reading lyrics or listening to music that doesn’t exist in real life.
  3. Visiting an art museum for inspiration.
  4. Trying forms of hard drugs that you would never do in real life. Acid is particularly interesting, and I’ve been told so is injecting adrenaline.
  5. Driving, (I’m 16, and don’t have much experience)
  6. Play nonexistent videogames.
  7. Eat large meals.
  8. Summon a DC be your personal assistant. Tell them to teleport you places and/or bring something to you. This saves quite a bit of precious LD time that you usually spend looking for X to do Y. If they don’t do it or say they can’t, ask them to give you directions to do it yourself.
  9. (starting in :cool: Tell them to bring you to a room full of fantasy weapons. Pick a weapon. I have a recurring weapon DC’s refer to as the “Beesting Katana”, which is a sparkling black steel blade, and red/white striped handle. My favorite however, is a Polearm I was told is called the “Kiss-Me Trident”, and it generally is a silver-sky blue battle fork. (Terribly lame, I know :wink: Anyways, tell your DC to take you to a beautiful dreamscape that is inhabited by hideous monsters and enjoy the catharsis.

These are things I would like to do in dreams while lucid

stop identifying with your ego
painting, making music, roleplaying
talk to sages
breathing excercises
becoming and identifying with another being/innate object

EDIT: oh, and SEX :happy:

I’m going to sleep soon, so what better way to prepare my self then to write this list:

  • Fly (in soace as well)
  • Have sex
  • Walk through a mirror :tongue:
  • Listen to music
  • make fun of DCs (A DC mocked me a couple of nights ago, when I told her she was in a dream)
  • Meet dead family and friends
  • See what Heaven and Hell is like
  • Transform into different kinds of animals
  • Walk on the moon
  • Make a song
  • Clone my self
  • Drive a really, really fast car/mc
  • Evaporate
  • Go to places lost in time
  • Witness historical events
  • Go to places I used to visit as a child etc
  • Swim in water
  • eat
  • Summon so many girls it would be hard to move anywhere in the world… :tongue:

Just editing this post to extend my list (and hopefull increase my chance of a LD or two tonight):

  • Be in a computer game (RPG in particular… like FF, Morrowind or WoW)
  • Snowboard
  • Be in a movie (Star wars, lone wolf and cub, Napoleon dynamite +++)
  • Get drunk
  • Do Acid
  • Be light (as in “bright”)
  • Have a half-meter long penis :happy:
  • Play the piano
  • Ask random DCs to do stupid, senseless things
    … that’s it for now

Getting too tied

My fav things to do in a LD will be:

:cool_laugh: swim and breath under a very deep sea.
:cool_laugh: Travel at very high velocity.
:cool_laugh: Go to the edge of the universe.
:cool_laugh: Have Sex with someone im attractive to.
:cool_laugh: Enter in a Cranberries music video and be part of it.
:cool_laugh: Create a Dreamcity and be the king of it.
:cool_laugh: fly in a vanilla sky.
:cool_laugh: rest on the grass in a beautiful garden or forest.

Well, here’s my schedule:

  • fly,
  • meet DG,
  • meet people that I miss very much,
  • discover something (about myself as well),
  • create ideal music,
  • have shared dreams with my girlfriend,
  • have sex,
  • have shared dreams with other people,
  • destroy my enemies,
  • create my own buildings, in my own style, whole cities, great monuments of architecture etc…
  • learn (in extreme situations),

and much much more…

Wish me luck :wink:

Has anyone mentioned this before? It is definitely at the top of my list.

Go to a world that is all white(white floor, white sky). And try to find a way out without cheating. I’ve wanted to do this for a while(with something like virtual reality) but thought it would be imposible to create such a world. With lucid dreaming purhaps it is possible. It’s a bit like the construct in the Matrix without anything in it.

Imagine if one could slow time down so he/she could trap ones self in this world for 1 billion years or so and wake up an hour later, What sort of effects would it have on one’s brain.

Is time dilation possible in lucid dreams?

I have many things i have to do because its been forever since my last real lucid dream, i was like a kid last time I had one:

1.) Kill Jesus, I gotta see what happens…

2.) Extreme sports related things (Gotta try a backflip on a dirtbike)

3.) Kill my english and spanish teachers

4.) Fly

5.) Throw a car at someone

6.) Dance naked in church

7.) Find a few girls i’m into

8.) Try to jump into a friend’s dream and do funny stuff to freak him and see if it works

9.) Try to transform into random animals

10.) Find myself and kick my own ass

11.) See if playing hockeys the same in a dream

12.) Hit dream character’s with random objects

Hey there… I’m still a beginner/novice LDer and I’ve only had had about 3 LDs but here goes.

  1. Explore Space, I’ve been into space before (the other night actually) but I’d like to go onto different planets and see what its like, then bring friends and have a bush/alternate planet party.

  2. Wild Sex, I’m not going to lie to you, thats definitely high on the list.

3)Talk to my friends, tell them they’re in my dream and then just hang out for awhile.

  1. Jam with John Mayer, that would be intense

  2. Meet fictional/dead people, just to see what they’re like.

  3. Walk in someone elses shoes, literally and figuratively, unless they have really small feet.

  4. Learn something I don’t know, like practice soccer with David Beckham, or play some catch with Roger Clemens. I could say I learned from the best.

I have alot of trouble with losing lucidity after about ten or fifteen minutes. If you have any advice, pm me.

I actually have thousands of things i want to do but ill list the things i want to do the most.

1: Play as the guitarist for some of my favorite bands in pact arenas.

2: Get a lesson from some of my favorite guitarists.

3: Sex

4: Be one of the marines in the Alien movies (I am a huge fan)

5: Go on a rampage in town like GTA but in real life.

6: Fly

7: Meet my spirit guide

8: Ask questions about life

9: I realy want to be one of the cops in Resident Evil and fight off zombies with my fellow policemen

There is plenty more where that came from. I just need to have a LD to be able to do them. :cry:

Oh, well…
i wanna live with Jack Sparrow. PIRATE LIFE! Being bad is awesome.

And being GOD would be cool!
I’ll borrow some ideas from ‘Bruce Almighty’…

I’ll tell you if i get some new ideas

It’s awesome to go up to somebody and just punch him in the face.

Up until now, there’s been twenty-six requests for sex (quotes included, one instance per thread counted). I found it amusing how BuLLeT_PrOOf was talking about it was on everybody’s list, and I think because of that, there aren’t much instances on the second thread.

I only have one request for my first LD and that is to experience the power of flight (grow wings a la the Rito from Zelda: Wind Waker and use those)…and once I can get better at getting lucid dreams, I’ll start visiting video game and anime worlds. Cough, FF, cough, Azumanga Daioh, cough, Zelda, cough, Naruto. Cough.

I think I’m a bit too innocent enough to figure out exactly how powerful the need for sex is. What I’m thinking of doing is waiting until I have the actual experience and then apply that to an LD. :slight_smile:

Ahyah! You and me both. Why have sex when you can eat people. :silent: (anime – coughHagarencoughSELcoughBebop)

I’d also like to just… exploreobserveEXPLORE instead. It’s really wonderful. (What my second LD was based from.) And fly. Eventually. :wink:


I got so close to getting a LD (see here, second post by me, first dream) last night, too…

What I’d also like to do, once I do get more control over my dreams, is make dream character clones of various anime/video game characters…Wai, Misuzu. <3