The BIG Fav thing to do in a LD Topic - Part III

Oh, well…
i wanna live with Jack Sparrow. PIRATE LIFE! Being bad is awesome.

And being GOD would be cool!
I’ll borrow some ideas from ‘Bruce Almighty’…

I’ll tell you if i get some new ideas

It’s awesome to go up to somebody and just punch him in the face.

Up until now, there’s been twenty-six requests for sex (quotes included, one instance per thread counted). I found it amusing how BuLLeT_PrOOf was talking about it was on everybody’s list, and I think because of that, there aren’t much instances on the second thread.

I only have one request for my first LD and that is to experience the power of flight (grow wings a la the Rito from Zelda: Wind Waker and use those)…and once I can get better at getting lucid dreams, I’ll start visiting video game and anime worlds. Cough, FF, cough, Azumanga Daioh, cough, Zelda, cough, Naruto. Cough.

I think I’m a bit too innocent enough to figure out exactly how powerful the need for sex is. What I’m thinking of doing is waiting until I have the actual experience and then apply that to an LD. :slight_smile:

Ahyah! You and me both. Why have sex when you can eat people. :silent: (anime – coughHagarencoughSELcoughBebop)

I’d also like to just… exploreobserveEXPLORE instead. It’s really wonderful. (What my second LD was based from.) And fly. Eventually. :wink:


I got so close to getting a LD (see here, second post by me, first dream) last night, too…

What I’d also like to do, once I do get more control over my dreams, is make dream character clones of various anime/video game characters…Wai, Misuzu. <3

:happy: Did you see the movie :content:

Exploring has always been my favorite. My Lds are usualy in familiar places but these places have extentions and changes to what they actually do in real life so i enjoy walking around and seeing what stuff does ,where corridors go, what people say and what are inside houses in which ive never been.
Something i usualy find myself doing is putting my hands through walls and sometimes going all the way through. Once i put my upper body into a poster and saw a strange place, like masses of colours with small splotches of reality with people in it. The people were talking to each other but i wasnt too interested in what they where doing.
Once i tried fly-kicking a senior member of staff at my school byt he was solid as a rock and my kick didnt even budge him.

As for sex, whenever i get sucked into a sex LD i usualy ebd up waking myself up or tragicaly falling back into the dream. This is why i remind myself that no matter how i feel in the dream i need to ignore sex and focus on the really fun things like flying and exploring.

Jep it’s me again :tongue: I have to do something with my time

This time my list is a bit more spiritual and way to long :cool_laugh:

  1. Meet my spirit guide
  2. Meet my poweranimal
  3. Talk to the dalai lama ( That would be cool :smile: )
  4. Shared dreaming: go to my friends and teachers (lol) dreams and tell them that they are dreaming and that they have to become lucid
  5. Find out the meaning of life
  6. Learn surfing, skating, breakdance, martial arts,…
  7. Have telekinetic powers or DBZ powers :tongue:
    :cool: swimming with dolphins
  8. Try LSD and mushrooms (drugs) because I want to know how it feels and in a dream it’s no danger at all
  9. Maybe I don’t know have sex :confused: I’m not sure about that I think I better don’t because I’m only 14
  10. Do all my chemistry lessons again
  11. fly ofcourse ( who wouldn’t ???)
  12. Try to understand mathematics ( :tongue: ) ecspecially algebra
  13. try learn lessons in my dream so I have good marks
  14. Talk to DC’s and make them crazy
  15. Talk to my favourite actors
  16. Find techniques for making LD easier
  17. Stop the time
  18. Talk to animals
  19. Try to make everybody lucid ( That would be cool )
  20. Talk to the boy I like and ask him what he thinks about me
  21. Last but not least : have another LD

I think there is even more but I think I stop for here :grin: [/list]

Ii haven’t had a good LD yet (might’ve had an OBE, but I’m not sure), but if I did, I would:

  1. FLY!!!
  2. Try to visit/communicate to God
  3. Visit my friends in their dreams
  4. Talk to my pets
  5. Transform into cool animals(ex. hawk, dragon, otter, wolf)
  6. Explore
  7. Have an adventure like LOTR
    :cool: Be an all-powerful mage who rules over dream world with an iron, but kind and fair hand!(i wanna be loved, not feared!)
  8. Study for school
  9. Somehow teleport into one of my favorite books and intervene!
  10. Make dream character friends

That’s all I can think of now.

Muffin Man,
I think that the whole fun of lding is just the thrill of knowing that you are invisible or flying…not necessary how you feel afterwards but the thrill of the moment i guess

heres my ideas for things id like to do in future ld’s

  1. Make Pigs Fly
  2. Make leaves grow on a dead tree(like a tree in winter)
  3. Make energy come out of my hands and blow stuff up
  4. Close my eyes in one place and appear in another
  5. Transform into a dog and see if they realy have black and white vision
  6. Materialize suff(i once materialized icecream but it was by accident…there was a tv in my dream with a commercial for icecream and i said that it looked really good and the next thing i knew it was in my hand)
  7. Call my own house on a phone in my dream and see if i pick up

…I could go on forever but ill just stop now

…you guys are corrupting the innocent. XD

Here’s an outline of what I plan to do in my lucid dreams.

  • Fly
    – with ethereal energy (eg: Neo, Superman)
    – with wings (morph or ‘transfusion’ or otherwise)
  • Explore
    – my dreamscape
    – worlds…
    — …in books
    — …in games
    ---- Zelda series
    ---- Metroid series
    — …in anime/manga
    ---- Kanon
    ---- AIR
    — …in conception
  • morph
    – …into another non-human body
    – …into another human body
    — …which is female
  • play
    – DDR
    – Guilty Gear XX
    – DrumMania
    – BeatMania
    — IIDX
    – Panel de Pon (Tetris Attack)
    — …the makebelieve arcade version.
    – …like those in Final Fantasies.

Flying. I always fly in LD’s. Nothing bests flying. I also like to walk trough doors or walls, use fast transport, talk to people about absurd things…

And then there are things that make christians unhappy, like recreating the universe, evolving life, forming clouds, playing with chemicals, etc :wink:

But nothing beats flying. Well, maybe one thing…trying to go as high as possible while flying. It gives such a incredible feeling, like reaching the furtest places of your mind… heh, no discription needed :smile:

I wanna fly! With a JETPACK! I once actually had a dream where I had a jetpack and could fly, but it wasn’t a lucid dream, now I want to do it again, I can only imagine how much fun it was. snickers pun, lol…kinda

Lets see, I would want to do all kinds of kewl sorcery powers… Make that ball of light I’ve heard about, act like Harry Potter and throw electricity at stuff. I also wanna summon somebody to talk to them, then ask them the next day what they dreamt about, like mentioned earlier.

A friend of mine recently had a dream (non lucid, of course, we’re all new to this, but dreaming has been a favorite subject of mine for a long long time) where he had Matrix-style fighting powers.

For some reason, I’m constantly running through walls right when I get lucid.

Well, I’ve compiled a list of things I want to do in my DJ. I got one out of them, so that’s a start! :smile:

  1. Fly [completed]
  2. Go to Greece
  3. Go to Egypt
  4. Have lunch with Jesus
  5. Swim underwater in the deep ocean
  6. Jump off a very tall building
  7. Sexxx
  8. Meet Rebecca Budig
  9. Go into ‘Survivor’ on a TV and compete
  10. Visit my great-grandmother, who recently passed away
  11. Conquer my fear of horror movies
  12. Be part of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ (one of my fav movies ever)
  13. Be President of the USA
  14. Stop time
  15. Ride an ostrich
  16. See dinosaurs
  17. Go to school naked
  18. Curse of my teachers
  19. Win the lottery
  20. Grow boobs for a little bit (to see what it feels like… lmao)

Those are my goals! :smile:

  1. Grow boobs for a little bit (to see what it feels like… lmao)


Ever think of combining the two? XD

I would want to:

  1. Work full-time.
  2. Hurt myself while trying to masturbate.
  3. Get married to a 15-year old Counter-Strike fanboy with lots of acne and no life.
  4. Vote for a candidate that will only screw over the country.
  5. Die at the old age of 34.

Hehe, I’ve only had very few lucid dreams yet, but I’ve actually completed quite a few of the things often mentioned here…

  1. Flying. Duh.
  2. Matrix. Did the lobby shootout, only both Morpheus and Trinity were on my team, and, well, both of them died :neutral:
  3. Sex. Doubleduh.
  4. Jump of tall buidlings, which was SO EXTREMELY COOL!!!

And my list of things to do…

  1. Do Capoeira (a martial art) tricks I don’t have the guts to do in reality (yet)
  2. Create a man that knows everything, and ask him what the first thing that happens the next day will be (if THAT works…)
  3. Explore. I’ve never really done that.
  4. Live a western movie (just saw “Once upon a time in the west”, lol)
  5. Fly as high as possible. That would also be very cool.

And to you guys who wants to wait until you’re older to have sex in a LD… it is, of course 100% your choice, but why? How come everyone somewhere deep inside think of sex as a sin?

I’m not a christian, but I also want to talk with Jesus :tongue: That would be fun to brag about later. Mostly in my dreams I just fly around, but my “to do” list it this:

Talk to Jesus
Talk to DCs, tell them it’s a dream.
Transform into a wolf or a bird.
Use the phone (maybe I should call Jesus, then I would complete both quests?) [I have now used the phone, but I didn’t get to talk with Jesus]
Ride a dragon.
Be in a video game.
Be the Phantom of the Opera ( :music: )
Own a pokémon. (I am such a nerd…)
Shared dreaming.