The BIG Fav thing to do in a LD Topic - Part IV

was this BEEB all day? am i allowed to say that?

No, your not.

if you must know It’s not. It’s actually things like riping someone’s spine out and beating them with it… :eek:

Ignore that please! Thank you :shy:

:eh: sounds…ehh fun :wink:

i’m more of the type to use magic or sword fight with monsters…yeah… i’m a final fantasy addict i can’t help it :cry:

In no particular order:
-shrink down to the height of one inch

  • become 50 feet tall
  • enter a manga
  • meet my favorite bands
  • enter the anime Fooly Cooly
  • use psionics
  • fight a wide variety of fantasy creatures
  • sex
  • enter a videogame
  • have weapon skills like Beyond the Grave
  • use alchemy
  • become a great base guitarist
  • meet a cute goth girl
  • morph into a celebrity and ruin their career
  • become various fantasy creatures
  • become various animals
  • become female
  • ride a shooting star (just like the song)
  • trash my school
  • become a member of My Chemical Romance
  • prove that Star Trek is perminately cancelled
  • fight Star Wars characters
  • pilot a Gundam
  • comand large armies
  • eat a wide variety of things
  • have a tail
  • have wings
    I think that’s just about all of it, now I just have to have a lucid dream.

What I’d like to do while lucid:

  1. learn some karate moves that I have a hard time with IRL, figure out how to do them
  2. sex, of course, with someone specific
  3. talk to my dad who died a couple years ago
  4. figure out how to have more lds in the future
  5. maybe find a helper or guide

What I’ve done while lucid:

  1. remind myself not to pee in that icky dream bathroom

What I’m not looking forward to, but guess will help me:

  1. facing fears head on

Well, if I ever get in an ld, first thing I am going to do is create anna kournikova.

Give her a nice, small bikini and then we can go to a pool and swim/breathe underwater. Then, one thing leads to another, and we undress and have sex underwater… and my orgasm is gigantic and long. :happy: :tongue: :shy: :peek:

Then, I dunno what happens with her, maybe I just put her to sleep or something , so I can continue exploring my dream city.

I will go up to a random DC, say “Hello. Do you know who I am?”

Then whatever he says I go “WRONG! I’m your worst nightmare, motherfucker” Then I pull out a mauser (boomstick) and blow his brains all over the pavement.

Then I go fuck random girls. :cool_laugh:

And then I go get Anna again, fly to a cloud, and have sex there. Then I talk to some more people and shoot some people too.

Then I want to join the army :happy: And kill my instructers, so that the S.W.A.T comes or something.

Then I want to get shot. And I want to fall dramatically. Anna will come, crying and such, etc etc. Then I will close my eyes.

No, it’s not over.

I get up, do a matrix, pulling the bullet out of my skin. Then I start using telekenises on everybody…

lol xD I dunno

Definatly sex, and I definatly want to join the army in a dream. Along with swimming, flying, and talking to people.


Go to another planet. Don’t ‘throw’ it, but explore and try to find aliens.

Then go and explore the intire universe.

Damn, that would be good fun.

If all of you can be insane then so can i.

Some of my ideas include:

  1. Regenerating past dreams and exploring them
  2. Going on a fantasy adventure
  3. Grab people, fly into the air and drop them (i thought of that awhile back then i saw it being done on the movie “dogma”)
  4. Laugh at unfunny comedians as to raise their confidence in their unwitting medocrity and not laugh at the funny ones so they stay on the ball
  5. Ask george lucas why in 25 years he hasn’t had a new idea.
  6. Create portals and time riffs
  7. Play grandiose pranks on DC’S like telling albert einstein that im going to introduce him to galileo and instead lock him in a room with Tom bosley
  8. Possess other DC’S and play more pranks under their identity then unpossess them when they start getting beat.
  9. Act like im friends with a DC so he’ll confide in me his more lurid stories then tell everybody about them.
  10. Create single storm clouds over peoples head with severe lightining.
  11. Explore the environment
  12. Try hallucinogenic drugs
  13. Come post on this site then come back the next day acting all coy and asking “gee, i wonder why my post isn’t here”
  14. Go into earths primordial past and explore for ancient animals.
  15. Put humanoid arms on a dolphin and box it on a raft and knock the **** out of it
  16. Control DC’s at a mass scale and have them march single file off a cliff then reverse the incident so that they come splashing back up to the cliff.
  17. Go to a arena packed with people that think they’re going to see a rock concert and just fart into the microphone and breath fire upon the audience almost completely incinerating any solid matter.
  18. Go into a cartoon or video game
    !9. Interact with an existing story (like rumpelstilskin. I’ll just tell the woman his name right off the bat)
  19. Find my spirit guide to tell her i don’t need her.
  20. Dive headlong off a scyscraper onto the pavement
  21. Rip a skyscraper out of the ground and bat airplanes
  22. Turn mt everest into a mountain of cocaine and sniff the whole thing.
  23. Taunt the weak and cowardly
  24. Make a clown laugh then make him cry then have sex with his wife.

Theres more to come!

Ooh, this thread is fun ^^ Here’s what I’m gonna do when I get good at LDing (in no particular order):
*Go on a killing spree
*Reenact the ending of Abre los Ojos
*Have sex (also try out a bunch of fetishes :nodnodwinkwink: )
*Have THE party of the century. Everyone cool would be invited, Genghis Khan, Dschinghis Khan, Samuel L. Jackson, Obi-wan Kenobi - you name them, if they’re cool they’re invited.
*Learn to be a Jedi
*Learn to be a ninja
*Learn to be an assassin
*Melt the south polar ice cap and reveal the people secretly controlling the world
*Have a Special Guest Appearance on Stargate: SG-1

I’ll think of more another time :cool:

Think of what it would be like in a space shuttle launch or flying a ufo

experiance an end of the world scenario :cough: £! a litre crisis in lucid lougne i just posted:cough:that was a long cough and so is this :cough:

Something I just thought up that would be pretty cool to do, is to ride a subway in an LD. This was inspired by ian1’s DJ. I’d love to see where it takes me.

When i read that first sentence there kashmir i thought it was another joke (like what alot here are doing). But after reading i realised that that is actually a pretty cool idea. Just to leave the results in the hands of the dream itself sounds neat. Another activity mentioned even in “the world of lucid dreaming” is watching a tv. Has anyone done that yet?

Time to make a new list:

-Transform into different animals
-Transform into a werewolf and kill people
-Learn how to use a sword
-Re-enact the story about Little Red Riding Hood, with me as the wolf.
-Talk to a lot of DCs
-I think somebody mentioned eating the sun… maybe I should try that.
-Meet some gods.

  • You know what this is, right?
  • Fly very high or a very long distance (like around the world).
  • Go hunting with wolves.
  • Ride a dragon.
  • Be in the musical/movie Phantom of the Opera.

I think that’s all. :cool:

My list :

  1. Go to places like Camelot, Atlantis and other legendary places.
  2. Meet my dreamguide.
  3. Do a “h2o-Body-Speedster”( Its when you travel on the water-surface really fast with only your body, like a racing boat. Done it once in a dream, and it was the funniest thing I ever done.)
  4. Have sex(without drifting away to Normal D. or wake up)
  5. Go back in time and witness great battles(and help the good-side with som killin’ :wink: )
  6. erhm… look at myself when im sleeping. and then hit me and see if I wakeup :smile:

Ooh! I had some more ideas!

  • Play real-world KATAMARI DAMACY!
  • have Soul Calibur-style fights with DC’s
  • practice guitar
  • practice japanese
  • practice with my sword (no I haven’t had any training)
  • “stick a grenade in a mcdonalds coke bottle, set up a remote control device for it, then send a randomly selected person on a mission to find it” - from my friend Danny :smile:
  • go and find the furlings
  • convince all the DC’s that they should worship me seeing as I created them (can anybody say Gehn? :razz:)
  • go on some Black Ops missons
  • do some kickass ninja matrix kind of moves while fighting my way through to kick Tony Blair in the nuts :happy:
  • form a hip-hop group with my physics teacher graham (I doubt either of us can mc or dj, but it’d be fun)
  • Go to New Mexico and find my way to D’ni

Again, that’s all I have for now :grin:

Ok In my next lucid dream my goal is too:

–Have wild sex (Although I do it in all my LDs :tongue: )
–Meet the Beatles
–Try LSD
– Meet my spiritual guide
– Fly
– Jump off of a building and bounce onto the cement like the cement is rubber (Like in the First matrix :razz:)
–Nuke things
– Travel the universe
– find a DC and ask him why he exists
– Have wild sex (Oh wait a minute…)

Anyways I have many many more, but I don’t want to freak anyone out :cool:

Here’s a new one for me:

-Go back to my dream hang out where everything is PERFECT. When I say that, I mean perfect house, perfect friends, perfect mood, perfect weather, perfect everything! :cool_laugh:

Well I like to do the normal things like everyone else said but my favorite thing is to feel thing. Be it the lips of a girl who I am kissing or the ground as I fall from the sky on a failed attempt at flying. I think that what makes things real be it the pain in my palms I get from climbing a chain or just a brush on the sholder as I jet past someone.

The FIRST thing I want to do in a LD, is to start in a place where I can actually do half the stuff I want. Nothing is where I ever need it to be, and it tends to be frustrating since I can’t create objects yet, and every gun I see in a dream NEVER works! Arrgggh!!!

What I want to do in a LD:

  1. Watch a movie that I’ve always wanted to see, but was never made.
  2. Get ringside seats and watch a fight that could never happen in RL, such as:
    -God vs. Satan
    -Reagan vs. Gorbechev
    -My Mom vs. Your Mom
    -Hitler and Moussolini vs. Churchill and Stalin
    -Marx vs. McCarthy
  3. Various scenarios, example: The world is in anarchy, there is rioting in my neighborhood, and I have an unlimited supply of Molotov Cocktails.
  4. Fire Bush
  5. Tell people what I REALLY think of them!
  6. Go to Seoshackadak! (A place I made up a long time ago)
  7. Drive my car really really fast.
  8. Beat the **** out of any DC that gets in my way!
  9. Watch a free-for-all nuclear exchange between all of the nuclear powers.
  10. Bring Mahatma Gandhi, Karl Marx, and Charles DeGaulle into the present and ask them what he thinks of bin Laden, Bush, Blair, Chirac, Putin, and modern humanity in general.
  11. Bring Jesus, Mohammad, and Buddha (could think of others but these are the Big Three) into the present and ask them what they think of modern humanity.
  12. Dump huge amounts of Viagra in my town’s drinking water.
  13. Call myself on a phone.
  14. Become a dog and chase squirrels.
  15. Become a squirrel and drop acorns on a dog.
  16. Play paintball or airsoft in:
    -Grocery store (or Wal*Mart)
    -My school
    -Convention Center
    -My neighborhood
  17. Go on a submarine!
  18. Die various deaths and see what it’s like.
  19. Fight Agent Smith using a rubber chicken.