The BIG Favourite thing to do in a LD topic VII

I usually end up killing lots of people which is pretty fun for me and since a really common place for me to dream about is at school one thing leads to another and in my last LD (which ive had :cool: i did shoot a hadoken (street fighter for you non-gamers out there) down a hallway. it was fun but it took me a couple trys to get it right. first two i think just kinda flew away like a balloon releasing air but the third time i pretty much destroyed my one hallway and it was kinda charred but it was one of my favorite things to do in a dream. i just kind of walked away after that and no one really noticed or cared. I also want to try flying through a wall and actually go through. I should probably try to fly first before running into a wall though.

I certainly haven’t had any large amount of LDs, but one thing I’ve enjoyed so far is looking for people I know or objects I own in RL and seeing how different they look or act in a dream, compared to how they actually are. It’s interesting, kind of like seeing how my SC interprets my life.

Drugs :whistle: Mostly in NLDs but a few times in a LD I think. No, I don’t do them IRL.

They completely changes the feelings inside the dream. It seems like they do what your SC believes they will do. I’ve done alcohol a few times and that gave me a blackout. I’ve also tried made-up drugs, all seems to have a unique effect. Something new every time, always pleasurable. After having tried some made-up drugs in NLD’s I got the idea that drugs could be used to do whatever you want. Imagine a “flying drug” and focus on it during the day, make your SC believe in it. And then you may find yourself in a dream using that drug, flying :smile:

Swimming maybe? I cannot feel gravity and can easily swim faster than real life + Breathing underwater (what I really want to master is clear vision because everything is blurry under water :bored: )

Deffinately going to tropical locations. It’s so boring here up North so i like to dream about the tropics :smile:

I would say flying, because there are so many LD where I do fly that this became my usual thing. Also I use a lot of telekinesis, but I would say that flying is my BIG favorite thing to do when I’m lucid!

i wanna kick some arse. a ninja duel with lord voldermort would be pretty cool. but perhaps the most interesting would be to visit the hall of records

:cry: sorry this is so long, XD

Shapeshifting, because even though I’ve only done it like 3 times, it’s always been an interesting experience. Note that I wanted to shapeshift really badly, so when I accidentally WILD-ed (I didn’t know what a WILD was back then) when I was into the body of a flamingo, I was ecstatic for almost a week. (now I look back on it and i’m like, really? a flamingo? why did I choose a flamingo? But I was really little at the time.) I couldn’t even feel anything, and because I had no idea what a WILD was I hadn’t done anything to stabilise the dream, but I just knew I was a flamingo and that was good enough for me. THe next lucid dreams I had for a while were filled with flying attempts and usually died out fast, because I still didn’t know that I should stabilise them. Then I had one where I grew wings in a last second attempt, but I couldn’t feel them and it ended a couple of seconds afterwards. But the most notable occurence happened 7/26/11, and it stands today as one of my best dreams. It was a DILD, and I actually woke up and went back to sleep in the middle of it, which for some reason just made it stronger. I was in a playground in the middle of a warped form of my summercamp. Long story short, I was all like, “wow, I’m not waking up from this anytime soon, this is really cool! I want to shapeshift!” So I decided to multitask (flight and shapeshifting) and turn into a bird again. So I yelled “hawk” and nothing happened. I ended up sitting on a bench and staring hard at my left arm, and feathers started to grow. The first few looked like cardinal feathers. It hurt a little at first, and then it stopped and they started to grow really fast, and had changed colors from a pale red-with gray to a dark, shiny blue black. I remember panicking because they were growing up to my shirtsleeve, and even though everyone around were all just DCs I would be embarrassed to take my shirt off XD. So anyways, i looked at my arm and was a little surprised, because when I had been thinking “wings”, I had been thinking eagle wings or sparrow wings. but the wings that i was forming were really narrow and tapering. They reminded me of swallow wings at the time. They went away, not by my own conscious decision but they just did. I had a few more hours (dream hours, because I tried to extend the time), so I messed around and finally woke up. After that I was serious about Lucid Dreaming, and I joined this site ^.^ and yesterday, still buzzing about that dream I decided to look few a few textbooks (cause I’m a nerd and I read biology textbooks XD) and found out that they were, indeed, a match to barn swallow wings. So I don’t really know, maybe the swallow is my inner bird? XD. However, maybe it is the easiest bird to shapeshift into in a LD for me, so I’ll keep it in mind. But yeah, shapeshifting is incredible. You can think about what it would be like all you want, but it’s nothing like actually experiencing it (even if it was only partial all 3 times, lol.) Next lucid dream I want to shift into something that is not a bird, and complete it, not just partially do it ^.^

Polymorph, get on the LD4all chat, and ask for instructions on how to join #luvcouch. I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised. :tongue:

If you’re hungering for TF material already, look through my DJ (in my signature). :tongue:

ok, sounds good! :happy: thank you!

I love to just lie on a cloud and watch the sky. It must feel so relaxing. I also like to explore beautiful dreamscapes

I like opening boxes to see what I’ll find in them. I figure it will be something from my subconscious trying to give me a message. I also like hearing my voicemail. Again, another opportunity to hear messages from my subconscious.

I usually enjoy talking to DC’s, flying airplanes (as i am in AFJROTC and wish to become a pilot) and usually just imagine how cool it is to be dreaming and meeting new people in my dreams me and a DC even made our own Physical game

I’m not so experienced in LD, I just love to look around and see beautiful, interesting, weird and funny things. I also like flying (or at least trying to :razz:) and talking to DCs.

i want to communicate with my subconscious, explore the dream world and try to extend the time in my dream to 1-2 days at least.

My favorite thing is transforming into a hyper-muscled fox.

… As soon as I can get back into the practice.

yell :unleash full power and see what happens. :cool:

Watching the (random) stuff made by my unconscious.

Hmm…I’ll put more interesting things up here when I remember to do more interesting things, but…

Tell DC’s I’m dreaming.
Yell “FIRE POWER!” and see what happens.
Explore the dreamsetting.
See what my crazy DC’s have to say.

For me it has to be either flying or eating. I am always finding myself walking through some town eating everything from all the food shops as I pass them xD