The BIG Favourite thing to do in a LD topic VII

i want to communicate with my subconscious, explore the dream world and try to extend the time in my dream to 1-2 days at least.

My favorite thing is transforming into a hyper-muscled fox.

… As soon as I can get back into the practice.

yell :unleash full power and see what happens. :cool:

Watching the (random) stuff made by my unconscious.

Hmm…I’ll put more interesting things up here when I remember to do more interesting things, but…

Tell DC’s I’m dreaming.
Yell “FIRE POWER!” and see what happens.
Explore the dreamsetting.
See what my crazy DC’s have to say.

For me it has to be either flying or eating. I am always finding myself walking through some town eating everything from all the food shops as I pass them xD

:music: Hanging out, flying, running, :om: using telekinesis/elements/ the unnatural etc, roaming, and last but definately not least brawling :hehe:

Ask my SC to take me somewhere interesting, done it only once though but it was cool.

~Jump from cloud to cloud
~Throw a CRAZY house party
~Go to Candyland
~Sky Diving
~Go to Japan and go to ramen shops :happy:
~Talk to my child self
~Have sex with sexy celebs
~Eat a Bj Pizookie. I’ve always wanted to try one
~Swim with dolphins
~Make the world like DBZ and do Kamehameha on someone xD
~Fly of course
~Punch my 2nd grade teacher for laughing at me when I cried. :grrr:
~Make dream characters who have AMAZING personalities
~Live out my favorite book (The Clique series)
~Turn into a mermaid
~Jump into a movie/cartoon/TV show
~Turn into a cartoon character
~Experience the feeling of love (if thats possible in an LD)
~Go visit Willy Wonka Chocolate factor and eat all the candy
~Drink a Love potion and be the most attractive person EVERR
~Be the president
~Blow up my school
~Get drunk
~create a dream home
~Go back in time to Honolulu,Hawaii during the attack on Pearl Harbor
~Creat dream world.
~Talk to Kpop groups and Jpop groups :happy:
~Go into a video game like Saint Rows and just go around and shoot things up and steal all that good stuff lool
~Talk to childhood friends.
~Go to a concert of my favorite artist
~Jump off the empire state building
~Turn into an animal
So much more :woo:

I would talk to my self… I’ve read somewhere that you can ask yourself how you’re going to look like in the future. :grin:

^ Omg that’s so cool. It would be nice to see how you look in the future or even if you have kids in the future.

hmmm… I could check out how my kids turn out to be. Lucid dreaming rules…

Try really good food that doesnt exist

Can’t wait to lucid dream to try random stuff out!

Mess with my senses.

Make something that tastes REALLY good
Make my smelling sense extremely intense
Change colors, zoom, change FOV, see through walls, etc.
Listen to music I have never heard before (doesn’t work very well)
Make whatever I touch translucent, really high reflectance, explode, etc.

I also like to roam, do the impossible, and talk to DCs.

Creating new worlds is fun too!

Ask my mind questions, I can’t stop writing all the stuff I like to do. :cry:

I always end up hanging out with famous people, or buying things in my various cities. :3

That’s a cool idea…I’ll add that to my short list of things to TRY to remember next time im lucid.

is it possible to be in two places at the same time? or change the speed of time? would ld prolong if you did it? these are interesting too imo :smile:.

Not sure about two places at the same time (it’s a dream, I’m sure you could figure out some way to do it), but you can change the speed of time. I heard that you could prolong the dream, but I haven’t done it before.

Pick a fight with multiple guys-ask DCs stuff-laugh maniacly as the world is under your hand