The BIG Favourite thing to do in a LD topic VII

This is why “Chaotic Good” is the easiest RPG alignment to choose. You get to do all the simple, good quests (most quests are designed for good players anyway) which often yields a ton of money, and you can also plunder people’s belongings and break their chests, without worrying about becoming evil. You just become more chaotic. In the end, even more money!

haha the LD was one of many, but what is chaotic good?

I had an AP once, and I went into my next door neighbors house, and knocked over a bunch of things. I dont know if it worked, but they did move a few weeks aftawards.

Pretty awesome, though we do have a topic for this that you may want to post in :content:.

The BIG favorite thing to do in s LD topic.

wouldnt money be a little useless in a LD? :tongue: lol

Well, think of it like this: you own this game, and you also know the cheat codes for everything. Money, life, weapons, etc. at the snap of a finger. Still, you don’t want to ruin the experience of playing through, do you? :wink:
The important thing is always and only the present experience in a dream, since there’s not much point in thinking of consequences :tongue: you can change those whenever you want. So if your way of having fun is collecting tokens scattered around, I don’t see a reason why not to do it ^^

I love simply exploring ^^ My dreams tend to have lush, detailed scenery with impossible architecture or fantasy-based landscapes. I get bored after a while, though, and simply let my own mind flow, see what happens =P One time I was in a library filled with books, and each one was filled with a different story I got to live and experience. Beats any RPG or 3D-movie anytime. =P

I like exploring my dream and talk to dream characters , and ind the future I want to go to some fictional worlds like the island in LOST ^^ or training with Piccola in DragonBall world.

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Put hand through door nob
Take your hand and try to put your hand through a door nob

When I did it felt like it was denting then it felt like liquid

go to movie theatre

just walk in.

I walked in a movie theatre and then there was a big red curtain when it opened it was playing Malcom in the middle and then a little orb flew ahead and some how I knew it was evil so I crushed it in my hand then the security said “Get him”! then I ran out and woke up.

We have this thread for favorite things to do in an LD :wink:

What I see as fun to do in LD’s:

Flying :fly:

stepping through mirror :mirror:

using telekinesis :razz:

drawing items and then use them :tongue:

travel to other dimensions

My list can be made long :grin:

Let’s see…well, I always fly. Usually Superman fashion.
Slaying, of villianous wizards, vampires, the undead…Sometimes I do an arcade type thing, where there’s a sounding of a horn, a gate opens in front of me, and the zombies come in waves to ‘die’ by my golf club, crow bar, machete…I like one or two handed swinging weapons. Bows, too. I tried a flail once, not enough control.
General adventuring. I like exploring whatever random world my subconcious throws at me.
I’ve gone through quite a few mirrors.
Any sort of teleportation or interdimensional travel is always good. Typically, I open a door or step into a rabbit hole or something, but a couple of times I’ve just willed myself away.
Transformation…mostly into animals, I’ve done a wolf, a shark, and a hawk. I’ve also done a mist, a flat papery body, a giant, and I’ve been the opposite sex in a lot of NDs but never an LD.
Creating DCs. Or finding them. I’m pretty fond of my reocurring DCs, Sam’s saved me from a few close calls in adventuring.
Generally, exercising godly powers, moving mountains, creating worlds. Not that I’ve really done the latter. That’s the eventual goal, a chain of planets or maybe dimensions that I can travel freely between.

I would love to visit Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory in the original movie. Eat and drink up everything in there. I’d like to also go inside of a cartoon such as Disney’s 1951 version of Alice in Wonderland.

Well, I always have problems in LDs

BUT, my NDs often appear in Hogwarts, watching Draco and Harry duel.
Did that sound as weird as I thought it did? Yeah, ok, that’s what I thought.

In a LD, I would turn it into an OBE and find out what presents my parents got me for Christmas :happy:

How’s that weird? :grin: I always have Harry Potter dreams :rofl: but I AM Harry Potter in them :bored: Now that’s werid. The other night I killed voldemort with one speel, was so… easy.

Anyway, they aren’t in Hogwarts, that must be increadible!

my favorite thing to do in my dream is to change my appearence in the mirror.

My favourite moment is looking in the fridge…ok I know it sounds boring but Im always much better at stocking up in my dreams, some of the stuff in there is just amazing, some not even of this world. I dont know why food features in my dreams, im hardly a big eater and its an effort to remember to eat sometimes but my LD fridge is packed with goodies, things Ive never even heard of before. Never actually got round to eatring any of it yet though. :content:

hurt my enemy and probably doing other stuff :tongue:

My favourite thing has to be transformation - either my gender or species depending on how the mood takes me. Gender speaks for itself - I become female, or species, for some reason, I most like becoming a dog. Sometimes find it hard to stay in the dream, but have no trouble with the actual transformations.

I always love jumping off huge cliffs in my dreams and looking down as I soar through the valley, it’s such a rush :smile:

I also like punching brick walls and watching them crumble, it makes you feel incredibly powerful :wink:
running at super speed is also very fun!

that’s all that I’ve really tried, since my LD’s are so short right now( :grrr: ), but I hope to experiment with a lot more as they get longer.

You know… I never really thought about my favourite things to do…

I must say I have… 3!

  1. Flying (of course) a way of transportation I could only dream of.

  2. Traveling to places I’ve thought up, seen in movies, games, or pictures

  3. Fight. I just love dream fighting… like an action sequence from a movie… So much fun! I remember my first fight with the HVC gang… they were all ninjas and I BEAT THEM!