The BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic XI

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This topic is to prevent the forums from being cluttered with individual “Hello, I’m new to this forum, nice to meet Y’all” topics.
So now we have a whole BIG topic where everybody can introduce themselves.

So if you are new and want to say ‘Hi’ to the rest of us, this is an excellent place to do it!
Of course, anyone is welcome to post in this topic, not just the new members.
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Just saying Hi to everyone here at LD4ALL. I just registered my account and started my Lucid Dreaming ‘training’ yesterday.

Even though I didn’t really know about ‘Lucid Dreaming’ before I started researching it, I had already been working with dreams. I have kept a dream diary for a while now, and practiced the technique of auto-suggestion before sleep.

I found it really cool that only two days after I started practicing Lucid Dreaming, I had one, though I woke up from it very shortly after I came to the realization that I was dreaming.

Anyways, I can’t wait to be a part of this community and to get to know all of you people!

Congratulations on the lucid dream Nathan Roy. Hello and welcome to the ld4all community. All members are always ready to give help and advice.
So you should get more LDs in no time.

I have put a link to your hello topic in the ‘Hi I’m new Here’ sticky topic which can be found here [The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic X)

We usually keep all the intro posts together there :wiske: so i’ll lock this topic now :peek:

Hi, I’m new here although I’ve been lurking for a little while. Started the quest for lucidity a few months ago and have achieved a few short glimpses of lucidity since then. Not much recently, though.

I’m pretty dedicated. I read a lot about lucidity and what’s related. Recently ordered a vibrating watch for RC / LL reminders and have been drooling on the NovaDreamer for some time. But now that the REM-Dreamer has come, maybe I don’t have to drool anymore. We’ll see.

Greetings all. I’m Identity X from DreamViews, and, although I like DreamViews much better (it hasn’t got any damned eyes or stupid theming :wink: ), I thought I’d make myself heard here too.

I’ve had 16 deliberate LDs, but have been resting over the last few months. I’m picking the baton up again though.

Bye for now.




:wave: Welcome to ld4all Green Gnome and Dysamalex
Also welcome to IDX
and BrazilianDreamer

Welcome to ld4all IDX … you never know you might get converted and end up preferring ld4all :tongue:

We have a sticky topic for introductions here [The BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic XI) so I will lock this topic now.

Hey everyone, I’m new here.

I found the site yesterday and just made my account today. In fact, lastnight, this site inspired me to restart my dream journal (I’ve heard of lucid dreaming and of making a dream journal before coming across this site). So last night I was determined to have something to write once waking up. I was so determined that in my dream I began to write in my dream journal of a dream I already had that night (I seem to have 2 or 3 dreams a night, but I can only remember pieces of the first few dreams and most of the last dream). Heh, I can still see how strange my writing looked (it looked like I was just beginning to learn to write) and what it said. Also, it was almost difficult to write. Well, when I woke up, I wrote a two and a half pages about my dream.

Hopefully, I’ll see more of you all later. I plan on coming here frequently.

Hi all new members…Green Gnome, zizzerzazzer, 1337-Dreamer and Myh6686 hope u all feel welcome :smile: welcome aboard!

OpheliaBlue i love your avatar :wink:

Welcome Meloncan you sure have a name that makes me smile :wink:

Hope all new ppl have a great time here and explore there dreams and lucid dreams with much joy!


Hi Everyone!

What an informative and cool site this is! I am very happy to have come across this. Big thank you to the people who put this information on lucid dreaming together for many to learn from.
Many thoughts of joy to fellow members of this site, i am looking forward to learning from all of you.
A little something about me. I am a 34 years old and have been writing down my Dreams on and off for about 11 years now. I love to learn about different Religions, Traditions, and things of a Spiritual Nature. The lucid and OBE experience is still too infrequent at this time for me to be comfortable with my progress. I am feeling that is one of the missing links in my life and i need to pursue it more as part of my Path.
My intentions are to make the lucid experience a regular part of my life along with offering information or help to other members, staff, etc. in areas of their lives that are in need.
Laughter and Love
:smile: PD

Welcome to ld4all Repleh and Prairiedog. I look forward to reading all your future posts here. :content:
:grin: PS it’s good to see another member that’s over the age of thirty :wiske:

:happy: Hi Repleh and Prairiedog!

Hope u to have much fun here reading and surfing the topics and i hope it gives you many lucid dreams!


Hello Myh6686, 1337-Dreamer, zizzerzazzer, Green Gnome, Dysamalex, IDX, BrazilianDreamer, Repleh and Prairiedog. I look forward to reading all your posts.

Hi everyone!! first i was enjoying the chat, and now i joined the ld4all community!! i dream a lot, i’m aware that i dream, but i can only switch my dreams, nothing else… but it will improve i hope
great hugs 4 u all!! :smile:)

:happy: Hi Paula its me jeff we talked before.

Hope u get all out of your dreams that you want :cool:

Happy dreams Polish Dreamer!

Thank You for the warm welcome everyone.

Moogle, it is nice to be over 30. Just a reminder to me to enjoy every moment to the fullest.

Happy Dreaming to all.

Hi Prairiedog, paula, Repleh and Dysamalex!

Welcome to the LD4all forum! It’s great to see your fresh and sparkling motivation of mastering the skill of LDing :happy: I hope this forum will be of great help in your quest!

Enjoy your stay :content:

Well I guess this is the place to do it, so hello everyone. I have had mulitple semi-lucid or lucid dreams in my past, one about every 3 months. I love it when they happen, but they are almost always short and are fuzzy for some reason. Anyway after doing a report on dreams I decided to learn to lucid dream and well here I am. Hello again.

Welcome to ld4all Paula and Underlies. :wiske:
It’s great to see new members joining us. :content:

waves Hiya! Name’s JetSlip. Comes from my seemingly supernatural ability to make a fake fall look real, and quick. I’m a big fan of movies and webcomics.

I’m not new to the concept of lucid dreaming, and I’ve felt it before without knowing it. I hope that this site and forum will help.