the BIG "How to stay lucid" topic part II

I recommend the Wikibook on Lucid Dreaming. It has some stuff on how to stabilize the dream. :neutral:

I had an interesting spinning experience last night…

I’ve only had a couple of lucid dreams so far, none longer than a few minutes. Anyway, last night I started to feel myself lose lucidity, so I started to spin. It worked! The dream got clearer! So I kept on spinning, faster and faster, around and around. Suddenly, I realized I was spinning too fast to keep track of what was going on around me and I was basically having the same effect as losing lucidity that I had had previously. I immediately slowed down, brought the dream back, and gained an extra few minutes.

Moral of the story: Spinning is good, but don’t spin your way out of your dream.

Staying lucid can be just as hard as getting the dream in the first place if you’re new to this. Don’t get excited, but move your dream body around. This keeps you in the dream. Also shout out something like “I am lucid and I stay lucid!”

Last night I had a lucid dream.
I knew if I got over-excited that I would wake up like last time.
So, when I found out I was dreaming, I got really excited.
But then I was “OH NO! Calm down, Calm down.”
It helped. So next try time to remember to calm yourself down so you can stay lucid. :clown:

Hi im new here and recentley got into lucid dreaming. I have had a few lucid dreams since but only very short. One time i had a lucid dream i was fealing i was waking up so i rubbed my hands, then i woke up because i was really rubbing my hands in bed. 2 weeks later i had another lucid dream and i felt i was about to wake up so i was spinning cirlces but it didnt help, so i quickly picked something with alot of texture in my hand. it was some snow/ice but from there i cant remember the dream, i didnt wake up or anything but it feels like my dream just stopped there. I have this often, why do my lucid dreams stop, or at least i can only remember a small part?

Some hints from personal experience:
Keep a running documentary on what you’re doing. “I am looking at this mailbox”, “I’m walking forward”, “This chocolate taste good”, “The sky looks blue”. Almost like you are playing a football game and being the commentator at the same time.

Never look at the same spot for more then a second. I had a long vivid LD tonight using these 2 methods. I changed the spot i focused on many times per second and then my mind started to do it automatically.

And stay calm. It can be hard for beginners when they have their first LDs since its so awesome. But training on staying calm will help you :smile: Don’t fight dinosaurs with lightsabers in your first LD. Try acting normal, just knowing that is a dream. Personally a long LD with not much special in it is better then doing something “awesome” and then waking up after a few seconds.

One way to stop FA’s is to always do a reality check when you wake up in the morning. If you institute reality checks into the beginning of your daily routine it will become a habit and bleed over into your dreams. This will cause you to do a reality check when you have an FA and you’ll realize its an FA.

Every time I try spinning, my body is REALLY slow, like I’m under water, thus making the spinning pointless…
Any ideas on how to get rid of this? I’m really trying to go faster but it doesn’t work :happy:

Keep in mind it’s not really the speed that matters so much as a sensation. Spinning is a last ditch effort to stay in the dream once other methods have failed and your vision is basically gone. As long as you keep your dream body feeling sensation, your chances of waking up go way down.

Okay, thanks. Now that I think of it, I don’t awake from my lucid dreams no more, I just drift off to a FA or a ND, but rarely wake up as I did a couple of years ago when I started.
Last night i span around a little faster then before, as in, my vision got motion blurred. Can’t remember what happened after that, but I didn’t wake up.

I tried to sharpen my senses and it didn’t worked, I even ate a blanket! dream just faded anf got crazy…I guess I should have spin…

Get naked. Or at least take a shirt off or something, it helped me. :happy:

Tonight I had a very long LD using this weird technique… I don’t know how I came up with it, but for some reason I did it once and then used it about 5 times in the LD. Here it is:
When I felt like i was about to wake up, I stuck my head into a wall or the ground, waited one minute, and then the dream “restarted” and i was back where I ended, still lucid :happy:
When I was in the dream I was aware of how it worked but i can’t fully recall it right now. It was something about falling asleep and later return to the LD instead of the more common waking up after the LD.

Also, movement I found out is “the key” to staying lucid. Don’t stop, move around all the time, and your LD’s will be longer.

In my last LD I was doing a gig and when I started to lose lucidity I started to play a song called: Increase Lucidity! :happy:. It worked pretty good :content:

i have a question(my first post :smile: :

i am not a very experienced lucid dreamer, but occasionally i manage to have a lucid dream.
a while ago i had a lucid dream. i did a reality check, looked at my hand and counted fingers, and forced myself to calm down. it worked for a while, i was watching the traffic, and changing the colors of the cars, and making sure i was really dreaming. but then something strange happened:
i suddenly started to float away. i tried rubbing my hands, but i couldn’t control it i kept forcefully “FLYING” away.
i think i lost lucidity because i got too upset, i was rubbing my hands madly, but i just didn’t get it why i was floating and i didn’t want to lose lucidity… it was really confusing, because it never happened before.
anyone might know or have ideas why this happened? :confused:

Hello ( my first post and I’m from Belgium so excuse me for my possible mistakes :shy: )
My longest LD was kinda weird, because i was dreaming and then i thought " Wait, this doesn’t seem right " but i didn’t precisely thought " I’m dreaming " which is always a source of excitement and awakening. Then I tried to fly but i could only jump super high and make saltos etc… wich frustrated me a bit. Then i got pursued by a DC and that made me forgot about the dream itself , i fled with a friend without realising that he was a DC too and my dream lasted longer than usually. At the end of the trackrace i thought " If i’m dreaming i can defeat my opponent" and i tried fighting with super strenght and stuff like that but it didn’t worked and i woke up :angry: .
So I think that if you realise that your in a dream but act without thinking about this fact, the dream will last longer, because you can’t get excited if you don’t think about it

Welcome majchicu and Spit Fire! :wave:

@majchicu, you know, I think that’s happened to me too! :eek: No idea why and no idea what it means. Next time maybe you (or me :tongue:) can ask the dream out loud why it’s happening or ask it to stop…? might work.

@spit fire, well, if you thought “Wait, this doesn’t seem right” but didn’t really realize it was a dream, you didn’t get lucid… but got really really close! maybe you even did get lucid but didn’t fully realize what that means. In other words, you had a low level of lucidity. My low level LD’s tend to last longer too :smile:

I assume that you’re used to LDs so I’d like to ask you a few questions :help:
I actually made a RC in the dream so I guess i was lucid for like 10 seconds, because I usually “loudly” think: “I’m in a dream!!” but in that dream i just kept in mind that it wasn’t real without REALLY thinking too much about the fact itself . but then I got into a normal dream (the track race part) ,was it because i tried too hard not to think about the dream and get excited ? And at the end i just “thought loudly” : “Ah yeah, it’s a dream I can do whatever I want!” wich woke me up . So I was wondering how could I remember that easily as I was dreaming, but still wasn’t lucid during most of the dream ? Should I constantly think that I’m dreaming in order not to get into a normal dream again? Wouldn’t that get me too excited ? Or should I make a RC and then focus on my “lucid activity” without paying attention on the story that was proceeding in my normal dream (before the RC)? :confused:
Thanks for your time :smile:
( And sorry again if I made mistakes :shy: )

The problem in a LD is to stay calm enough so you don’t wake up and aware enough so you don’t slip out of lucidity and in a ND. Don’t worry too much about it, just experiment around. Next time try to stay more aware that it’s a dream, while still staying calm (saying “I’m dreaming” and rubbing your hands might help) :smile:

I never seem to see when the dream starts to fade, tough that could be because my sight is mostly black in the lucid dreams anyways… Anyone got any great tips on how to get a “Clearer” Sight? Without having to scream LUCIDITY PLOX. (Cuz i find it hard talking in my dreams)