Great post, you helped me on my way to becoming lucid.

I’m still new to Lucid Dreaming, but on my 2nd one I was able to fly. I did it just by knowing I could, clearing doubt and letting go. Focus on your intention and know that in your dreams anything is possible. You have no limitations, you’re in control. Picture or say where you want to go and let it happen.

Worked for me, good luck on your journey :wink:

Can someone recommend me an alarm that turns itself off after a minute or so to help me with WBTB + WILD?

Preferably an application for the Android phone, but computer ones are ok too, I guess… that just means I’ll have to lug my laptop from its normal location next to my bed. ^__^;

Hi Guys, I have looked alot everywhere but maybe I have missed it so here are a few of my questions…

How can you make yourself spin around in a NON LD??

And when you RC, do you DO IT or imagine your’e doing it?? I do it quite religiously all day long but never in a Dream.

Cheers Guys, Always feel better gettin my feet back out form under my elbows ! :smile:

Well, if you are in a ND, you can’t willingly spin or do anything else unless you become lucid or you dream for whatever reason that you’re doing it.

You mean in RL? If so, I actually do them. I pinch my nose, I poke my hand, I look at my fingers… Eventually, you will do it in a ND (since you do it so many time in RL, you start dreaming about it) and if it works, it will trigger lucidity.

Hope that helped :peek:

Yes it did thanks ;0;0

i play techno music alot and i hear it in my dreams

Does being lucid in dreams “ruin” the process of putting short term memory to long term memory or any other function? Because if you become lucid, then wont you be using your brains to work again as in waking life; therefore, halting the process? (Sorry for my english, not my strong language)

While in REM sleep our brains work almost as much as when we are awake. Being lucid only adds awareness to the dream. I’ve never heard anything about the memory thing… there are a few lucid dreamers here that ONLY have lucid dreams, all night long, and I’m sure they don’t have any problems with their memory :grin:

Thanx for this long post (I think I’m not creative enough to write so much :razz:).
I’m pretty new and it’s good to have a start point.

Hi. I’ve been trying WILD for at least 40 times and no LDs. I’ve tried in naps, midnights and when I go to sleep. Today I relaxed and waited for 2 hours with my body feeling numb. I had some sinking like sensation but no transition. I do a reality check every time I wake up so I think there is no FAs. Why? Sorry for my bad English

I’d say that you’re either trying at the wrong time awake or you are too awake. It sounds like you’re trying the WILD method, which can only be done at certain times when you fall straight into REM sleep as you fall asleep. This only occurs during afternoon naps, using the WBTB technique, or if you have certain polyphasic sleep schedules. WILD does not work when first going to bed at night. Although, from your post, this seems like it might not be the case.

With WILD, you need to actually trick your body to fall asleep without making your mind fall asleep either. One problem people often have is that they keep their mind too awake, not tricking the body to actually fall asleep. Even when crossing over into hypnagogia, focusing too much on the hypnagogic sensations that appear before you can make them disappear.

Obviously I can’t pinpoint the exact problem, but I hope this can help you achieve lucidity! Good luck!

Is it true that you have an extremely headache when you wake up from a lucid dream?

No. I have never woken up with a headache, unless I had the flu. I have never heard of this before on this forum or the chat either.

Thank you for answer :smile:. I didn’t hear that from here. I heard it from a foreign site like urbandictionary. They were saying “Your brain creating something while it must rest so you have a headache when you wake up.” I wanted to know is it true.

Well, I have another question. (I don’t know why I didn’t ask this same post before this). Do you have to review your dream journal before you go to bed?

No, but if you want to remember your dreams as well as possible, it is a good thing to keep the dream journal close to your bed and write in it in the morning. I usually use my phone to write keywords into, and sometimes read my own dreams before sleep simply for inspiration.

There are many different ways to get a lucid dream. You can find information about a lot of them in this forum. Different things work for different people. :cool:

Hello, me again :happy:
If you can’t write complex scenarios in real life, can you write it in dreamworld? Being creative is easier or far easier in dreamworld?

Can you do physics simulations in dreamworld?

I really like to see someone who is excited about LDing, thank you Arai Kobzo.

I think this question is undecidable. It might be easier in the dreamworld but you need to test it yourself, I am sorry, because:

It also depends on the person. Some people are too tired in dreams. Sometimes I feel stressed or tired in mine and everything seems harder than in RL.
Sometimes it feels just like RL.
However, in other dreams it seems far easier.

It not only depends on the person, dreams are different by themselves. There are dreams that you cannot do anything even when lucid. Sorry about that.

Yes, but how precise is the simulation? Simulations may vary in realism and so do dreams. It may be unclear while dreaming how realistic the simulation is. So you could think something impossible is possible in real life.

SPOILER - Click to view

I hope that helps, since Siiw is too busy now… :cool: :truit:

I thank you so much! :smile:.
I got what you’re trying to say about physics simulations.
And I think you’re saying me “That’s not an answerable question. Go have a LD and see the anwser of question! Cause it depends on you.” about creativity in dreamworld. I hope I will see a LD soon.

Does Lucid dream have science support?