Every time I try a WILD I can never see any hypnotic pattermns. I lay in bed for sometimes up to 45 minutes and cant see anything. I am following all of the steps needed like waking up 5-6 hours after i go to bed and ive even tried NILD on top of WILD but i can never see anything. Someone please help me :0

i admit i’m not experienced in this but it sounds to me like ur trying too hard. the point of WILD is to relax and clear your mind. thinking too much about it defeats the purpose, i think.

Alexx, not everyone sees HP, or HH when WILD’ing. It just depends on the person. It can also change over time. The important thing about WILD is maintaing awareness while going to sleep. How to do that depends on what works for you. for some people counting works, others concentrat on music, or sounds, like a fan. If you do get HH, then most people say that you should not concentrat on it too much. That could also keep you from having an LD.

Hi, i just wanted to add something. Pasquale, you say try not to want LD very hard. Well, that doesn’t work for me. I get lucid dreams when i really get excited about them and want to have em very much. So, its different from person to person.

I was about to start a topic with this but I relized it was mor efit here;p :

In a Lucid Dream, how awake are you? Are you tired or wideawake and enerjetic? or something in between?

Sonic922: I am usually so excited (not so excited that I wake up fortunately) that I’m full of life and energy within my dream. And that feeling usually continues when I wake up :smile:

However, in normal dreams I’ve had about all states I think. Angry, tired, lively, sad, in love, frustrated, and whatnot more.

I went through a period before where I listened to headphones while sleeping. I listened to a CD that I made of affirmations. I left the CD player on repeat all night. When I became lucid, it sounded like this big booming voice was coming from the sky! It was so cool! And yes it was word for word, and I couldn’t stop hearing it in my dream. It was cool though because I felt free just walking around with these voices coming from nowhere!

After reading this, it reminds me of a Spongebob Squrepants ep were Spongebob Astral Projects, and then walks around his own town and then enters his friends dreams, in the end his friends all gang up on him… lol

It’s quite funny… Sorry if it’s off-topic.

Just thought I’d share it with you lot :happy:

I woke up a morning, remembered a dream, and wrote it down. I then had slept for 6 hours, but I wanted to sleep longer. I tried to get to sleep using MILD. When I began visualising the previous dream, my mind wandered a bit into the dream. I remembered something (about a woman with a beard) very vividly, but then I insulted her somehow - she pulled a knife from her pocket, and said: ‘huh, I didn’t have this knife before. this is a dream!’ 1st LD!!! :yay:
I ‘woke up’ in bed, did a RC, and discovered I was dreaming. I started spinning, but it was more like 3rd person: i didn’t feel like I was spinning. Then I jumped out of the window, but saw that everything was very grey and vague. Then I woke up.

Anyway - how can I clear things up?

Rubbing your hands increases Lucidity.

Is sleep paralysis having you able to move but for some reason really not wanting to? Or cant you move even if you wanted to?

Sleep paralysis is, as the name implies paralysis. That means that you can not move, even if you want to. It shuts down the connection between your brain and your body, so that your body doesn’t do what you are dreaming that you are doing. There are some people in the world that have a problem with this, and they do not get SP. They do everything that they dream that they are doing. SP normally starts at the same time that you start dreaming and stops when you stop dreaming. With WILD, some people do get SP before they start dreaming. Lots don’t.
It is more common to have SP when you wake up during a dream. If you get SP before you fall asleep, or when you wake up, it is a timing error in your brain. Lots of people never get SP. I have never had SP, and I have done WILD. You do not have to have SP to be able to WILD, and you can have SP without being able to turn it into an LD.
Just my two cents worth.

What about:

Can lucid dreams change you?
Yes. As an exemple, you can train yourself to be less shy, or you can learn a song. And lucid dreams can change you in a positive way more than normal dreams, because you can focus on learning a certain thing. And lucid dreams cannot change you in a negative way more than normal dreams, because you do not want to have scary dreams, so when you’re lucid, you also probably won’t make them.


I was just wondering is it harder to LD when your tired or when your more awake?

Hope you can help,

For me, it does not matter for how tired I am, but how much sleep I get. How more sleep I get, how more LD’s I get.

Hmmmm, interesting!

I asked because i have been REALLY tired recently because of work and haven’t recalled any dreams and failed WILD as i just nodded off.

Bed early tonight i suppose :razz:

Thanks, Fleep

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Do Not having a DJ lowers your ability to LD?

No, it just probably lowers your ability to remember your dreams. If you can’t remember it, what’s the point in having an LD at all?

Well thought. And reading back old DJ’s is also a good stimulation to continue LD-ing. :content:

I was just thinking, if you don’t recall dreams from when you first go to sleep (I can only remember dreams that i interupt and dreams from the morning) then if you do get Lucid you won’t remember it?
Or are you more likely to remember an LD because you are more conscious or aware if you get what i mean?
What are people’s thoughts on this? How could you remember dreams from earlier in the night?