I was just thinking, if you don’t recall dreams from when you first go to sleep (I can only remember dreams that i interupt and dreams from the morning) then if you do get Lucid you won’t remember it?
Or are you more likely to remember an LD because you are more conscious or aware if you get what i mean?
What are people’s thoughts on this? How could you remember dreams from earlier in the night?


If you have a LD, and don’t fall out of it, You’ll know about it, When the dream ends. You wake up, and since you were concious, you should remember it all.

Cool, thanks for that :happy:

Just thought i would check :smile:


I have a handy tip:
Don’t nap during the day! I did this and it took me nearly two hours to fall asleep!

That doesnt really help me… i wake up at like 11am and go to sleep around 11-12 and it still takes 1-2 hours for me to fall asleep( Its a nightmare when i do WILD. lying there for an hour is not fun ). I have only had a handful of times where i fell asleep within 10 minutes.

I’ve got two.

  1. What’s the best way to LD for me? I share a room with my brother, so I can’t use an alarm clock for WBTB. I can’t keep a dream diary because my sister would discover it with absurd ease, leading to large embarassment. I tried listening to that Lucid Remix track and getting to sleep with that, but couldn’t drop off despite it being 4am.

  2. What’s the best way to relax in bed? I remember reading a post saying it was vital, but I’ve searched topics and haven’t found a way to actually, properly relax.


1: I have the same problem currently, we’re renovating my bro’s room. I’d like some help on this area as well. Try with WILD or MILD, or perhaps use an mp3 with some binaural beats.

2: Pay attention to your breathing, in, and out, in, and out. And while breathing in, tense the muscles in your face and relax as you breath out. Again, breath in and tense the muscles in your neck and relax as you breath out. Do this all the way down to your feet.

Keep an online DJ, that’s a little easier to keep private. The Dream Diary forums are for members only. Or if you can, make it private on your computer with a password protection (a little harder to do).

Also, if you can’t use an alarm, try to autosuggest when to WBTB. I do this from time to time, and it actualy does work.

Good luck. :smile:

Thanks, MovieMe. Ysim, I get the feeling that by the time I’ve woken up, turned on my laptop, waited for it to load, got onto the forums and clicked ‘create topic’, I’ll have already forgotten my dream. =/

And I’ve heard about autosuggestion, but again I don’t know what it is >_>;

Ok heres what I do, Just grab a piece of paper and pencil (set some up before you go to bed). Let’s say you had a dream with a guy sticking his head out of the window of an airplane. You would just write guy;window;airplane. Or just saying them aloud to yourself when you wake up might work too.

Autosuggestion is basicly when you try to “send a message to your subconscious” or something like that. This you can do by subliminal messages, brain wave generator, meditation or simply relax and say something like “I am going to wake up at 5 AM tonight”, “I am going to have a lucid dream tonight” or “I will remember my dreams fully when I wake up”.

Oh, have you tried my tip yet? Saying them aloud always work (Not for the whole day but atleast one or two hours).

That makes sense. THanks for the help guys, it’s 11:40 pm so I’ll have another crack at it.

I remember my dreams fairly good so I might not need to do it but I’ll try it tonight.

Would it be considered good training to attempt to induce HI at will? I just did it a few minutes ago without the intention of WILD and was seeing cloud-like waves of color. I was able to change the colors whenever I wanted to but had to be rude to myself to turn them green.

It would be good to Invoke HI at will, the U-WILD actually uses this to get your brain into the right state for lucidity. Since you mentioned this ill put this link, if your interested.

Put in a hyperlink to the U-WILD guide. That would be good.

This is probably going to sound stupid, but whats a hyperlink? The link above should take you to the guide, if not just go to the “pathways to lucidity” part of the forum, and look for “ultimate WILD guide”.

This is a Hyperlink

I read the site on the Lucid-Dreaming-Kit site and it sounds like a total scam is it really that good (Have you tried it yet) because even though I’ll never be able to convince my parents to let me buy it i still want to know because in the future if its still there ill get it :smile:

I just want to ask,
can you create a permanent DC? w/ specific appeareance.