I remember my dreams fairly good so I might not need to do it but I’ll try it tonight.

Would it be considered good training to attempt to induce HI at will? I just did it a few minutes ago without the intention of WILD and was seeing cloud-like waves of color. I was able to change the colors whenever I wanted to but had to be rude to myself to turn them green.

It would be good to Invoke HI at will, the U-WILD actually uses this to get your brain into the right state for lucidity. Since you mentioned this ill put this link, if your interested.

Put in a hyperlink to the U-WILD guide. That would be good.

This is probably going to sound stupid, but whats a hyperlink? The link above should take you to the guide, if not just go to the “pathways to lucidity” part of the forum, and look for “ultimate WILD guide”.

This is a Hyperlink

I read the site on the Lucid-Dreaming-Kit site and it sounds like a total scam is it really that good (Have you tried it yet) because even though I’ll never be able to convince my parents to let me buy it i still want to know because in the future if its still there ill get it :smile:

I just want to ask,
can you create a permanent DC? w/ specific appeareance.

Yup. Check out The BIG CALD topic, or Dreamscapes by Bendrummin58. That’s software, by the way.

I have split a post asking about milk to Warm Milk a topic in Pathways to lucidity. :dragon:

I would like to re-touch upon the “Can LDing have a negative effect on somebody?”

I am prefectly aware that LDing has many possitive things that you can get from it. However, if i decide that in my LD i will go around and punch every DC in the face… Couldn’t that possibly make somebody think that they can do that IRL?

First of all, I’m new on this forum, so I’d like to say hello to everybody there :smile:
I have just one question: generally, is it better to try as many techniques at once as possible (like in the Infinity course, or even more), or stick for some time with 1-2 techniques (for example WBTB + MILD), and then change to something else for next 1-2 weeks? The second idea would help to preform that technique propertly, but probably it would take longer to learn LD this way. Aslo, for the masters, who have LD’s at will - do you always use the same technique to be sure to induce LD?

@ Trophycase: I think, that punching everybody in their faces would be too boring to learn to do it IRL… that might be a risk, but very small one. I think that saying LD is dangerous would be like saying, that going down the stairs is dangerous - you can break your leg, can’t you :wink:

So I was having a lucid dream (I think) last knight, and I was in the army in WWII and we were fighting some Germans or something…but I could feel my real body during the dream. I could hear the fan outside of my bedroom, and I could feel my real-life eyes shut tight. :neutral: If I wanted, I could open my real-life eyes and wake up, but then I would just fall asleep and re-enter my dream, do some reality checks, and become lucid again. This happened three or four times at least. Can you normally feel your real-life body and hear real-life noises while LDing?

It is normal if you are sleeping lightly.

Oh, OK. That would also explain why I kept waking up and could hear real-life sounds, I guess. Thx

:cry: Hello

My Question On Witch I Cant Seem To UnderStand Is hat Am I Suppose To Be Thinking Im New To Lucid Dreaming And I Really Need A Hand Some Times I Get Mad :grrr: Or Angry But Having A Lucid Dream Sounds wonderful Any Help Would Be Great PM Me For The Answer On You Can Use The Website Or If You Want My Email TRanks :content:



Great post, you helped me on my way to becoming lucid.

I’m still new to Lucid Dreaming, but on my 2nd one I was able to fly. I did it just by knowing I could, clearing doubt and letting go. Focus on your intention and know that in your dreams anything is possible. You have no limitations, you’re in control. Picture or say where you want to go and let it happen.

Worked for me, good luck on your journey :wink:

Can someone recommend me an alarm that turns itself off after a minute or so to help me with WBTB + WILD?

Preferably an application for the Android phone, but computer ones are ok too, I guess… that just means I’ll have to lug my laptop from its normal location next to my bed. ^__^;

Hi Guys, I have looked alot everywhere but maybe I have missed it so here are a few of my questions…

How can you make yourself spin around in a NON LD??

And when you RC, do you DO IT or imagine your’e doing it?? I do it quite religiously all day long but never in a Dream.

Cheers Guys, Always feel better gettin my feet back out form under my elbows ! :smile:

Well, if you are in a ND, you can’t willingly spin or do anything else unless you become lucid or you dream for whatever reason that you’re doing it.

You mean in RL? If so, I actually do them. I pinch my nose, I poke my hand, I look at my fingers… Eventually, you will do it in a ND (since you do it so many time in RL, you start dreaming about it) and if it works, it will trigger lucidity.

Hope that helped :peek: