the BIG MILD topic [part II]

The last one, Steve.

Thx xetrov
Ive been trying autosuggestion and MILD the past week.
And I almost had a LD last night

From what I understood, it seems like MILD doesn’t always results in a LD, even if practiced every night. I mean, even if you do MILD every night, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re gonna have an LD every night. Cause I got the impression that it’s like that for most people, correct me if I’m wrong.

My question is, do your chances of getting an LD increase overtime if you’re always doing MILD, or does it stop at some point where you’re limited to a certain amount of LDs per week (only using MILD that is) or something?

Hehe, anyone know what I mean? lol. I’m not very good with explanations… :shrug:

Dream on. // Olesia

I’m practising WBTB and MILD every night. I don’t get LD every night. But this technique does work for me. Since I started in November, I am slowly increasing frequency of LDs.

I am trying to find right level of effort using MILD. If I focus too hard I can’t sleep. If I do it too quick, I just get normal dreams.

Yes indeed, like all the techniques which are based upon autosuggestion, MILD doesn’t give you a LD everytime you practice it. It’s a long term technique. You generally have to practice it every night.

I don’t know how you’ll be limited when you practice MILD. It mainly depends on motivation.

I practice WBTB and MILD as often as I can(I always wake up in the middle of the night). I am seemingly limited to about two LD per week. Though, I have had as many as 4 in the same night(early morning). I came here to learn to induce them at will. I will keep trying! But I think MILD is probably the easiest method for beginners. I haven’t tried WILD yet, because I didn’t know about it, but I will now.

So, if you practice MILD every night for 2 years, it’s eventually going to increase the number of LD’s you have per month/week? Because right now I only get about 1 LD/week with MILD (and I can’t do WILD successfully), so I’m just wondering if the number of LD’s is going to increase overtime or not.

Dream on. // Olesia

Olesia, as I said above, it mainly depends on motivation. Pr Laberge said that, when he had to write his thesis, he made a lot of LD’s, about 5 LD’s/week. When his thesis was over, he just had 1 LD/week. When he started again experiments, he had again many LD’s.

Some people noticed they had to change their autosuggestion sentence when their LD’s amount was falling down in order to have LD’s again.

My experience is that your suggestion sentence has to engage your mind. If its just repetitive words, you ignore the meaning and don’t become lucid.

Asclepius: Good point.

I’ve seen my comment mentioned before but I can’t help but see that MILD is more of an enhancing technique rather than a resultive technique such as WILD or WBTB.

I don’t think it impossible to do but I agree with a post Moog made way back in this thread. MILD’ng on it’s own will produce infrequent LDs but working it with the others makes the probability of LD’ng greater.

The people I’ve talked to, books and materials I’ve read and some of the posters here seem to use MILD along with something, very few on their own.

Every weekend I get tempted to try WILD, and end up spending hours on the edge of sleep, vainly chasing HI. So far 0 WILDs. But quite a few MILDs.

Initially I only had LDs when using WBTB plus MILD. Now I’ve had some LDs during first REM cycle using MILD before I go to sleep. When I recognize the DS and become lucid, I know I’m lucid and don’t have to try RCs.

I am still practicing, but getting better (more LDs, longer LDs). My version of MILD is based on LaBerge’s writing.

I remember a ND with a DS that I missed, I recall the scene and imagine that in the dream I recognized the DS, and become lucid.
I tell myself
“The next time I am dreaming I will Remember to Recognize that I am dreaming.”
Then I rearrange this sentence using different versions.
e.g. “I will remember when I’m dreaming to realize that I’m dreaming.”

Try to emphasize memory (just like telling yourself to wake up a specific time), and recognition (you will think in the dream about DS proving its a dream). Try to keep these thoughts in your head as you fall asleep.

Since my first try the MILD was very very very successfull, i could remember much more hours of dreaming!

I was told that is because my memory!

I had many LD all life, but most times i wasnt really sure about it, and I still have fears of doing a mistake and discover that it wasn’t a dream!

(I can remember dreams for almost every sleep longer than 3 hours, but RCs dont work! They seem real as real life!)

Hey Tggtt, have you ever attempted the nose-plugging RC in a dream? It should work remarkably well, especially if you try it a few times. While sleeping, your breathing becomes totally involuntary, and even while dreaming you can’t control it. So plugging your nose in the dream doesn’t cause you to stop breathing in real life; you can then feel the breathing sensation during the dream. Pretty fool-proof, usually. Make sure you’re expecting to be able to breathe!

So last night I did MILD before going to bed, woke up at 5:30 and did the WBTB method, and did MILD again. I had a really vivid dream, I sort of knew I was dreaming already, and when somebody said “Tomorrow you are going to die.” to me, I realized I was dreaming, I got up from my chair, and yelled, “I’m dreaming”, but I got woken up by my alarm clock.

I really hope I don’t die tomorrow, that would suck. Stupid DC’s, they got me on edge :sad:

Yes, it would suck. :wink: Don’t worry about this dream content, there are tons of dreams like that.

So in the last week, I’ve had a couple of Lucid Dreams using the MILD method. Although they’ve only lasted about a total of 15 seconds, I seem to be making progress. In my last one I was spinning, but I still blacked out. Now, after I blacked out, I felt like I smacked my arm into something. I was still conciouss in the blackness for about 3 seconds, then I lost conciousness again.
Anyways, when it went black, do you think that I smacked something in my dream (DC, pole, some sort of Dream Monkey, etc.) or was it me temporarily awake smacking something in my bathroom?

Yes, I was sleeping on my bathroom floor. Wanna fight about it :wink:

I think you smacked something in the dream, but perhaps this event was inspired by the feeling of the bathroom floor.
I remember I’ve had such a dream: I was in a grey void and I was beginning to lose consciousness when I was bumped by a DC. This made me conscious again.
You should try the rubbing hands technique when you’re in the blackness, or try to feel the floor with your hands, etc. It’s likely to make the images reappear. And if you have no feelings, you often lose consciousness very easily.

The first thing you should do in LD’s is looking at your hands, then stare at them from time to time. It’s a prolonging technique, so your LD’s will last more than 15 seconds. :smile:

…my thread is the official MILD topic? Cool.

Thanks for that tip on feeling the floor, Basilus, because of it, I had my first LD (well, atleast the first one that didn’t end as soon as it started). It was interesting, I realized I was dreaming when my dad saw me through the back of his head, and I blacked out again. But I took your advice, felt the floor, which felt like a wooden floor for some reason, and imagined a new dream setting. I found myself in a very cartoony version of my street, it was great. Although it only lasted 45 seconds, I’m really happy with my progress so far.

Thanks again :smile:

Waw! You had a long LD? And because of my advice? :hurray: I feel so happy! And congrats on your LD! :clap: