the BIG MILD topic [part II]

It is very important to put effort in every day if you ever want to be a Lucid Dream Master. I wish i could go back to the days when i could have a LD every night if i put enough effort into it, but then life got in the way.

I have a problem I hope MILD can solve…

Each night I have an average of 3-5 pretty complete dream recalls. I cannot rememeber the last time I had no recall… probably the last time I was sick. It seems I have (with a couple recent exceptions) lost my ability to LD, but I am having the best recall of my life. I had always thought that recall and LD’s went hand-in-hand, meaning the better recall, the better the chance of having a LD. This is where MILD comes in. Has anyone with good, consistent dream recall ever had great success with MILD? I’m wondering if introducing mental suggestion with MILD could turn things around? I hope I’m not too far off subject. I’ll post any success in my journal.

By the way, Ed Case,

I really agree with your side note you made on dreams being a whole different world. I think that has been the lure of dreams for me. I can relate to feeling certain sentiments and memories attached to places I visit in my dreams, as I know other people can too. I’ll often wake up in the morning thinking “Wow, am I glad I was able to visit that meadow with the big tree again! I love it there! what a place…”. Then it occurs to me how strange it is that I have this kind of attachment to a place that is supposed to not actualy exist.


About the special dream places:
Isn’t it also funny how simple places and situations can have so much more meanings in dreams that in real life. Just the simple act of walking through some woods to an old railway station and then get a ride out into the countryside, but it all means a great deal in the dream.


Everything’s more special if you make it yourself. :cool:

I have excellent dream recall and have learned to induce lucid dreams at will with MILD.

Sorry, accidental double post!

I think that’s because our state of mind ignores fear when dreaming. You know its a dream, and you have control, so you can absorb the moment entirely, which is what LD’ing is all about.

Yeah I think that’s been my pronlem all I do when I wake up is I go to the bathroom then back to bed. I cant focus my thought very well either. How long do you guys recommend I stay up?


I have heard that it’s best to stay up for at least a half hour. At least for the WBTB technique, that’s what is recommended. If you use MILD in conjunction with WBTB, I bet you would be able to focus better on your mantras. I’m no professional, but that’s what has worked for me the best. I also have trouble focusing in the wee hours of the morn. It’s also supposed to work better if you do something active with your mind, like read. Sorry I cant offer more info. Good luck, good dreaming…

This technique is my best way to get lucid dreams, I used to do it before I slept and it worked sometimes but now I wake up 6 hours afterwards and do the technique, it is quite good.

Hey Lucidity_Master I know that this is an old post of yours, but I was just wondering how you perform the MILD technique?

It has been the most successful technique for me so far, but I only get about 3 lucid dreams a month, so it’s not all that successful. So I was thinking that since you can do it at will, perhaps you have some techniques that might be helpful.


The first thing I do is use the 61 piont relaxation to get my mind and body relaxed.

Then I pretty much go to sleep and say "The next time I am dreaming I want to remember to recognizethat I’m dreaming. From my personal experienbce and everything I have read it is the remembering to recognize that really seems to help the technique.

The same time I’m saying the mantra I imagine myself finding a dreamsign and becoming lucid. Then I continue as if I am Lucid and after a while start the visualization over with the SAME dreamsign (usually flying).

It took my about two months of HARD work before my mind got used to it but after that getting Lucid become quite easy.

Hope this helps , persevere and good luck!!! :tongue:

Hye Lucidity_Master,

I will be sure to try that since you have had such positive results, thanks for the post.

I will be sure to post my results on this forum.

Just another quick question (and hopefully not too off topic) have you noticed any increased familiarity in recognizing the dream state? Do you still need to perform this technique or is it more nature now.


That’s a very good question. I’d like to know that too!

I’ve been trying to LD for a month & 1/2 now. I have been using MILD as much as possible without luck…I’m hoping at the two month mark I’ll start to see results too :smile:

I’ve only ever tried MILD a few times, I’m not a very patient person…I prefer to just wait for my LD 's to come naturally…but this morning I woke up naturally after about seven hours sleep, I was completely awake, but I knew that if I got up straight away after only that amount of sleep I’d be really tired later in the day, so I stayed awake for half an hour (trying to stay awake is the best way to fall asleep lol) and then I thought well why not try WILD again…I layed completely still for about half an hour, nothing happening, except the occasional kind of…I don’t know memory? Vision? Of me moving my arms and thinking damn, now I have to start again (I could actually feel my arms moving, but I never had), so anyway, I thought, I might as well think “The next time I dream I will know that I’m dreaming” a few times while I’m falling asleep, It can’t hurt. Whenever I’ve done MILD before, I’ve either done it as I’m first going to sleep, or when I’ve set my alarm after 6 hours and gone back to sleep as I’ve been told to by this site lol…they didn’t work. But this morning, I had a series of LD 's and FA 's, it was really cool, it was also the first time I’ve ever remembered to do a RC in a dream and have it work (the only other time, I wasn’t at all lucid, it was just part of the dream so it didn’t work). I’m gonna do this again tommorrow morning!

3 months with MILD and nothing to show for it yet. Is MILD over hyped as a method of LD induction or are some of us just LD deficient? :tongue:

How long do you MILD every attempt? What is your mantra?


My mantra is “Next time I’m dreaming I’ll realize I’m dreaming.” If I ahve woken up and remember my dream I try to think of a dreamsign in the dream and imagine myself becoming lucid. I do this until my intention is set and then try to fall asleep - if a stray thought enters my mind I repeat my intention. This has never worked for me.

I have also tried to use the MILD effect when performing WILD so as to have a failsafe but no results.

shrug MILD is dead wood to you. Use something else.