The BIG MILD topic - part III

Is developing propective memory that important? I have tried to do prospective memory pratice and am really bad at it, all misses. I’ve never really been successful with MILD, havnt tried it too much though. Is it really that effective of a technique and is developing prospective memory that important?

I think it’s important for MILD as MILD works because you are remembering to do something in the future, recognise that you’re dreaming in this case. Which is why it’s called Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams:

Main Entry: 1mne·mon·ic
Pronunciation: ni-'män-ik
Function: adjective
1 : assisting or intended to assist memory; also : of or relating to mnemonics
2 : of or relating to memory —mne·mon·i·cal·ly /-i-k(&-)lE/ adverb

Main Entry: 2mnemonic
Function: noun
: a mnemonic device or code

The act of telling yourself to remember to recognise that you’re dreaming and visualising it happening is the mnemonic device intended to assist the memory.

So yeah, I think prospective memory is quite important because if we can’t remember to do something later in the day, we probably won’t remember to do it in a dream!

I suck at prospective memory too :tongue:

MILD is very effective for some people, and not for others, like anything really.

I have another question about prospective memory taining. I often get hits, but i think im cheating. Lets say one of the tasks of the day was to do a RC when I see a street light. I will know a street light is comming up when I get in my car, see the stop light and do it. I think its cheating, even though i cant help it, because nothing is being triggered, I just know its comming up and do it when it comes, nothing being triggered.

Good point, I know what you mean. I think in your case the trigger was when you saw your car, which made you think of the street light. So it’s still probably good practice.

It’s more like cheating when you constantly remind yourself of the targets I think because you don’t have that kind of continuity of awareness from sleep onset to dream and dream to dream. So if you ‘forget’ about the target and something else reminds you of it, it seems ok to me.

I think I will try MILD tonight. I can’t believe that after all this time, I have never seriously tried MILD before… :neutral:

Serbitar’s post on prospective memory got me thinking. I think it will work really well. I mean, I KNOW it will work really well :wink: .

MILD is still my favourite and most effective technique :smile:

One key for me is to use a VIVID dream. Previously I would use the most recent dream I had. But I’ve had better success using dreams that are visually very vivid.

So sometimes when I WBTB I may ignore that night’s dreams and use a more vivid dream from earlier in the week.

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I have been attempting to induce LDs with MILD for about a week now without success. I realize that it is not unusual, however I feel like i am not doing everything right.

When I do MILD, I do it with WBTB. When actually doing it, I repeatmy mantra, when I finish with it I try to visualize me realzing im in a dream… My main question is how do you visualize the most effective way. I seem to understand everything else but dont feel im getting much out of my visualization. should I just run through my last dream or try to feel the exact same way as I did in my dream.?

If you remember a previous dream, you should picture yourself in that dream, but what I do is to try to change the dream , realising that I’m dreaming…
It’s useful, believe me

Replay it, but note different things that could have made you lucid. Then imagine that one of those things made you lucid, and then imagine what you would do when you become lucid.

You’re right. Techniques which rely on autosuggestion need generally more than one week in order to work.

Just remember the different episodes from your last dream, then when you reach a passage when you could have realized it was a dream, you picture yourself in that dream, as Nachician said, and you imagine that you suddenly realize you’re dreaming and that you do the thing you planned to do.

Just think about it in your head, maybe if you lie to someone and you’re not sure if they bought it or not, you replay it in your mind, like that. Or if you talk to a girl/boy you really like, afterwards you might wonder if you said the rights things and impressed them or not.

When you walked out of your front door this morning, imagine as clearly as you can walking towards the door. You reach for the door handle, what does it look like? How does it feel? How does it sound when you turn the handle? How does it feel when you open the door? What can you see when you walk outside? What can you hear? Can you feel the sun shining or the cold biting?

You should do both at the same time. Run through your last dream by experiencing it again; see, hear, smell, taste, feel what happened in the dream again.

Edit: Ah, I see I’ve just repeated what others have said :shy:

Thx for tips everyone, I had a bit of success last night.

I found that if I set my WBTB 5 hrs after sleeping as opposed to 4 I get a very vivid dream and awsome dream recall of the previous dream. Previously, when I woke up after 4 hrs, I had no dream recall and couldn’t really do MILD because I didnt have a fresh dream in my head. This allows me to visualize really well because I just go back to sleep with the dream fresh in my head.

I’ve been thinking about this one too. It is kind of cheating when you constantly remind yourself like you say, so you just have to let it go :smile:
And recently I’ve found myself almost “searching” for these dreamsigns so I can perform the RC, and that’s probably not how it was meant :tongue:
I mean you should just do what you usually do and when the event happens it will trigger your memory and you will do the RC… but it’s hard :neutral:

I had my first LD and it was exactly how you described it. My dream began lucid and I was amazed. I also did some RCs later. I’m not sure what induced it. I told myself that I would have a lucid dream that night, and I prayed for one, but I did not spend time focusing or trying to induce it, I just went straight to bed. I believe mine was instinct.

Note: This was not my first dream of the night. It was the second or third.

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During the part where you visualize becoming lucid, should you imagine becoming lucid from a DS or just out of the blue? Should you do a RC or does it matter?

Chesire Cat, I prefer to visualize myself becoming lucid in a dream scene, that is I try to incubate the dream where I saw myself becoming lucid and that combined with my intent produces lucid dreams.

The Science of Lucidity, it is possible to have lucid dreams at will with MILD, as it is with WILD, personally I find it easiest to start the night with MILD and then when I awake from a first lucid dream I use WILD if I want to have more.

I have a problem.
I can’t get any more LD’s, and i do the same thing i did before.
I just gain some enthusiasm before going to sleep, and it worked.
Now i tried it many times. :cry:
It seems that after a short break without LD’s (few weeks), i cant get them again…

It seems to me that a good MILD’er said he had to change sometimes his induction sentence.

I don’t know, I haven’t had to change mine although I typically just have to form the intent to have a lucid dream to have one. I don’t really have any particular mantra per se.

i tried doing mild last night. i repeated the things in my head and imaging myself having a lucid dream. i did not really get any results. is there any thing im doing wrong?