the BIG Quest reQuest Topic Part III

Well, when you’re on LD, try to imagine, that you’re in super ultra large castle with no ending. Then, think of the most powerful thing, that it is just behind golden door. A door should appear. And then you open it, see and yadda yadda yadda.

So, umm, well? What do you guys think?

Oh, and I’m not sure if that’s the place to post this :razz:

If you want to suggest a quest, go here to do it, thank you. Youre not the first one :cool_raz: to do this, soone your suggestion is moved to right place :wink:

Its a really good quest though and I hope it comes, maybe not next month, but soon :smile:

for the castle it would be interesting to see what wouuld be behind the door…

im not really sure if pasquele ould go for it but if you can change from being human to dolphin cant you go from being a guy to a girl or vice versa it would be really weird but imagine experianciing life from the other genders perspective
okay i admit it. it would be plain weird but who knows

Oh, and maybe you can go back in time, when the dinosaurs still existed. And you could try stopping the extinction (spelling?), by destroying or just make sure meteor doesn’t hit the ground. Then go to the future, and what will you see?

you guys have some pretty amazing Quest ideas :happy: Everytime it’s a joy to browse through this topic and be inspired. Just wanted to say that :smile:

now, on to making the next Quest :grin:

How about making a quest about seeing people’s auras. These could give information about the dream characters we encounter, for example if they have a red aura they are angry, if a yellow one they are maybe spirit guides (at least that’s what i read on the internet searching about the meaning of the colours)…etc. :cheesy:

This has most likely been suggested, but…

Going back in time and watching Atlantis sink or causing it to sink would be very intriguing.

I think some kewl quests would be:

-pick up mt. everest and drop it somewhere, like into the ocean :happy:

-pillaige a village!!! :tongue:

-go back in time to the titanic when its about to hit the iceburg, move the burg out of the way, and listen to the passengers giving you praise!!

-use magic/spells to amaze people and do things :cool:

have a tourniment between your favorite tv charaters. see who wins. see who gets thier butts kicked.

there are usually some good quest suggestions in lucidity challenges. challenge # 16 is still open for entries… hint hint

I don’t know if this was mentioned before, but I just came up with this:
Create your own imaginary fantasyland in real life and fly there in a lucid dream.

I have a reQuest, I would be very happy if someone could update the list in the first post, so I can properly credit everyone with the same idea - and it also makes it easier to see all suggestions in one page. The list has to be updated from here: [the BIG Quest Suggestion Topic Part II) If you are willing to do this, please post here :smile: The list can also be posted here, so it can be edited in the first post. Many thanks for the one who will do this task :smile: And lots of cookies as well :grin:

there should be a quest on entering cyberspace, like what people saw, and what people did.
would be intresting

well first of all aliens are real. there has been over thousands of reports of ufo sightings a year and government denies so much. well i suggest you look up the alien races the most i would like you so look up the pleiadians and the greys found out where there planet is because it says it on google but i dont remember.

QUEST: get a sp to help you or fly through the universe to get there or teleport there just some way to get to there planets and ask them a couple questions like what is there language called or what there aircrafts are called you make up some at see if mutiple people get the same answer to a question that would be cool

Go up to a mirror and talk to the reflection.

Explore the dreamnature (how the environment looks in dreams), the point is to see how dreamscapes differ from RL.

Spawn objects :tongue: do I really have to explain more? :razz:

Here is my suggestion for August’s Quest, and also one of my personal lucid dream goals:
-Meet up with someone else, maybe a DC/SG in a lucid dream, and fly with them!!!
-Sing your favorite song, and ask DC’s if they liked your performance!

how about being a movie character you allways wanted to be for ex. i allways wanted to be scarface lol