the BIG Quest Suggestion Topic Part II

Haulucinate. See all kind of things (I.E: Not objects and creatures, but grids, numbers, sizes, numbers, Infra red and ultra violet colors and so on…)

I’m going to repost this suggestion, as it has been about two years since I posted it.

LD4all Quest 25: Meet your dark side.

Exactly what it sounds like. Meet your dark side, as in something that might take your form but be pitch black, or something the opposite of you. Your “evil” side. You can fight it if you want, and if you triumph, you have triumphed over the worst part of yourself. Beat the your dark side into the ground.

Also, since Jack is no longer around to say this, you can make love to your dark side (You could think of it as an Incubus/Succubus). He said it, not me.

melt into the dreamscape , becoming it , controlling it , BEING your dreamscape

What about making your LD last for more than a day long (dream time)? It’s not gonna be easy but it’ll be interesting.

good one , but that could take more than one or even two tries … :neutral:

Find the elusive Iron Temple and investigate the source of the flickering light that comes from inside it’s rusting husk. Don’t worry about retrieving it… identify it. Understand it. And don’t settle for an answer like “torches.”


Ask the dream to manifest itself in the shape of a dream character and see what happens.

I like both of those ideas :tongue:

To me, I would like to see my worst fear come to life. That would be amazing. As my worst fear involves being locked in a coffin and buried alive, I would like to see what my reaction to that is. It would probably be incredibly freaky, regardless of me knowing that it is not reality.

Heres one, become a Hive Mind, basically create clones or even different organisms and mentally link with them so that you see what they see hear what they hear etc etc and it all goes into one collective consicousness with you as the “queen” (or king if you like).

Imagine say you’re in a room and in the centre is a cube with different coloured sides, now imagine you have cloned yourself and instead of them being independant entities you direct them and experience what they do. So say you have one on each side (with one left over for you) so you see the cube from every single angle, would our mind be able to percieve that? if so that would be cool.

good idea … i sayed something along those lines myself somwhere else in this forum …
I think its possible

Ok, First of all dream of a treasure chest, a cabinet, a drawer, a closet,etc… and post what you found inside of it.[/spoiler]

Hey i have an interesting idea… Why not go inside ld4all in your dream? Enter your pc and find yourself in the ld4all world. Try walking from topic to topic, flying or riding from forum to forum and entering topics and quests. For exaple, enter the tree house topic and find yourself in a treehouse with other ld4all members. That would be awesome :grin:

^:lol: that would be cool, see what LD4all is like in ur computer and stuff. If i did that id go straight to The Island (II).

heres my suggestion, how bout you try to become someone else? like a brother or sister or for something really crazy try being your best friend and go through their life to see what its like (sry idk if this has been done or not so sry if it has been done)

endorsed That would so awesome! If you didn’t know what the people looked like they would have name tags of their usernames. :tongue:

How about doing something absolutely repulsing? Like swim in urine, cut off your arm and drink the blood pouring from it, eat something you’d never even think of eating IRL etc. :bored:

why should we do such a think ?
the nearest that was suggested was meeting your "Dark Side " which is i think a quite ice quest to do :happy:

How about traveling to the past and discovering how things really happened. If you decide to do this you will just have to sit back and observe, letting things unfold as they did because even your thoughts could color the events within the dream. In other words, you are going to have to become the ultimate dispassionatly objective observer.


why not create a lucid house?
like, go into a white space an empty space and create a house and an enviorment around it. then revisit it in your dreams.
sorry if this has been said before

Hey, we could combine yours with mine! Gon inside LD4all, find a topic you like and build a house/ base there!

yea :grin:

Gravity based tasks:
Turn gravity off, make it stronger or weaker, make it go in a different direction, change only how it affects you so you can walk up walls, or change only how it affects DCs so they all fly into space.

Mirror based tasks:
Enter a mirror, pull your reflection out of a mirror, switch places with your reflection and see what it does, turn the mirror into a portal, fight your reflection, get your reflection to give you stuff, change your appearance, or grant wishes.