the BIG Quest Suggestion Topic Part II

O_o if you went back in time the deceased person would be alive, thus wouldn’t know how the afterlife is, I suppose…

good idea.
I had one lucid like this once. not my head but i was staring at my hands to try and stabalize my dream and as i was moving my hands i realized that my right hand was not attached to my body. in fact i was holding this hand with my actual right dream hand, but untill that point i had been thinking that it was my actual dream hand. it was pretty suprizing and i dropped it. as it was laying on the floor i still had complete control of it and could feel with it as well as my other 2 hands that were where they were supposed to be. so try removing some body parts painlessly or growing some extra limbs.

Find out more about your inner self?

I have a hard one.

Build your own dreamworld, and re-enter it every dream. This would also be helpful for lucidity in general.

I have a dreamworld on paper, and I have been trying to create it in a dream.

Beat the heck out of yourself. I mean, clone you, then see what you don’t like about yourself and beat the heck out of your clone :happy:

Or just beat yourself, it’d be interesting to see the results of a LD beating :smile:

Another one! Non-orthodoxal ways of doing things! Why fly like superman when you can float yourself like a baloon?

This could be better explained as a quest to use creativity to change things you do normally :happy: Why walk thru walls? You can make them open for you! Etc etc etc

You mean, like, advanced manipulation, Rodrigo?

Making a new world is best. For example magic world and hogwarts school…

Have I ever suggested just walking up to DCs and asking them to tell you something? You know, like just walk up to someone on the street and say, “Sing me a song” or “Tell me a story.” I’ve always wanted to do that, just to see what I get.

How about asking someone who will win the world cup and by how much? How freaky would it be if your DC was correct :eek:

Record a song inside a personal studio?

Go on a killing spree in a fantasy land, and try not to let the dream turn into a nightmare.
(I did this once, but not in a ludic dream, ended waking up annoyed and slightly scared)

Bonus Quest: Kill your biggest fear (e.g. spider, ghost)

Direct a movie-like scenario?

Maybe a quest about exploring a dungeon and claiming the treasure would be good. It would test your fear resistence too. :grin:

Achieve great pleasure?

I think that might bring a lot of R rated dreams. :tongue:
Well, I know for me it would.

Er, seeing how high you can fly?

Oh wait, how far you can drop without waking up. This is pretty hard.

How about seeing if you can stop time? (That’s one of my dream goals :tongue:).

I stopped time once in a dream! (though it was semi-lucid)
And I could command time! If in an exam I needed more time to finish some questions I could command time to stop!

Nice! Even better if you could do that IRL, though :tongue:

I should like to be a tree, either by melding with an existing one or morphing into one. I suppose it would also be fun to be other plants.

Imagine the new perspective it would bring. How nice to spread my roots, soak up the sun, and bloom…

How about just check what’s in your pockets?