the BIG Quest Suggestion Topic Part II

I don’t have any idea what ideas have been posted – I’m new here. But I think getting a special resort, a dream house, which one could return to would be funny and interesting. I’d try to get a underwater home <OMG! I just had a dream recall! I just love this site!!!>.

Coming to think of it, I think that “house” collapsed due to too high water pressure, and it turned into a nightmare. But still, something like that :smile:

look at a books all pages without reading and then see if you can remember anything from the story in the book in the dream,

for example ask a DC what the first line on page 57 was.
And when you wake up you can see if you were correct or not.

Access the Akashic records! They’re the unconcious records of every living creature who has, does or will exist. All the knowledge of the universe MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

Ok I might seem a bit mad but it’s a serious suggestion here’s a Wiki article on it

Take a dream you read in a DC on the forum, and then try to dream of it ! “dream the dream of someone else”

Try to be a mage and find your element. I think my is lightning :grin:

Ask a DC about his/hers latest dream.

Like for example “What did you dream today?”

I have a hard one. Make a Stargate, with which you can go to other worlds, put it on a space station, and return there every night!

How about killing yourself in a dream? Has anyone tried it? Wonder what it would feel like…

I guess you would wake up with a racing heart. happens to me everytime I die…
How bout imagining that all u see around you is like a curtain or a screen. Then rip it apart and look whats behind it.

Searching our LD 's for lost things of this world. Where is Atlantis and what does it look like? What was the Library of Alexandria like? Who made the statues of Easter Island and how did they live? These questions and many others we will seek the answers to and hopefully receive them (at least the dream world version of them). Lets get digging!

Meet a god/goddess, like Zeus, Oden, Tor, Hermes,Ares, Ra, Anubis or Afrodite and so on.
Or any other Mytholgical creature/person, maybe try to meet some that has something to do with dreams.

I want to see how the gods live :wink:

How about creating a tree fort? We could first make the tree and then the fort… however big and elaborate we wanted!

One of the things that I’ve been developing for when I actually have a lucid dream is the Information Center. For me this takes the form of a kiosk run by a balding man with glasses. It will appear anywhere I am (even flying) and is capable of giving me just about everything. Others can try it out and see what they get from it. =0) I’m going to use it mainly for directions, teleportation cookies, and reading material. =0)

Disintergrate yourself or other people.

Hmmm… if it should be a quest… how about complete body reconfiguration? Your head at your foot, your arms as legs, your legs as arms, etc.

I think I read someone mentioning something about a storyteller of dreams in QFL. So my suggestion is,

Find the Storyteller of your dreams,

or maybe more interesting

Find the Storyteller of your life

Sit back and watch a movie entitled, “All about Me”

some new quest suggestions from me

evolve a new sense
for example try to shout out “give me a new sense” and see what happens

Meet your Subconsious(Not SG)

find a dream friend(like the dream pet quest but find a friend instead of a pet)

jump into a book, (like LOTR for example) and see where you end up

find a magician and ask him to show his best trick

Try having two bodies but only one mind to control them of course, of course you could try with more bodies :tongue:

meet your favorit person from a movie/book / game

Ask a DC what you should do in the dream (alternatively ask DC what he/she thinks next quest should be)

ask a DC to take you to his/her favorite place

try to find the world’s best book/ game / movie and see what it is about

–Ask a DC what you could do to improve yourself. (sorta like getting criticism, but in a self-help sorta way :tongue:)

–Ask a DC to introduce you to other DCs till you have a whole motley crew of dream buddies. :content:

Create a ‘Dream Bank’ and see what you can withdraw.

fight against your subconsious, and try to kill her/him/it :truit: … if you dare :cool:

Very nice suggestions! Now for my own;

Find the machine / tool that controls your dream body. This being said, you find some machine or tool that has the ability to override and control your dream body.