the BIG Quest Suggestion Topic Part II

I have an idea. Would it be possible to have such a stable lucid dream, to calmly fall asleep, and try to have a lucid dream? Like, a lucid dream within a lucid dream? I think if trying to fall asleep in your dream didn’t mess things up, it would be really interesting to see what happens.

Become a Dragon Rider. Get your own dragon, fly on it, and keep the peace. :content: (I think I’ve been reading too many fantasy books :help: )

This is a big idea in Carlos Castaneda’s books. It might also work as a skill to be practiced during this month’s moon quest. (click here).

As for substances in a dream, I’ve drank beer. I also assure you all that I am indeed 19 years of age (legal drinking age here in Canada) … also over 21, since this is international. :smile:

You get what you expect to get in dreams, so I’d say that you would absolutely feel the effects. I imagine that someone who hasn’t experienced the true effect of something may have the SC make something up for them. To tell you the truth, I didn’t like being drunk in my LD, it sorta defeated the purpose and felt like low-lucidity.

Click here to read my Drunk Dream.

Try to be a Synaesthete; mix senses.


Yaay! :yay:

Try eating something that tastes blue! Preferably if it’s also salty! Blue tastes fantastic! :tongue:

Dismember yourself and move your parts independently :happy: Imagine, seeing your body with your severed head!

What if in our lucid dreams we go to the future and see if theres a cure for cancer or something. You never know :happy:

Or perhaps we could go back in time and have a conversation with our favourite deceased person and discuss what the afterlife is like.

O_o if you went back in time the deceased person would be alive, thus wouldn’t know how the afterlife is, I suppose…

good idea.
I had one lucid like this once. not my head but i was staring at my hands to try and stabalize my dream and as i was moving my hands i realized that my right hand was not attached to my body. in fact i was holding this hand with my actual right dream hand, but untill that point i had been thinking that it was my actual dream hand. it was pretty suprizing and i dropped it. as it was laying on the floor i still had complete control of it and could feel with it as well as my other 2 hands that were where they were supposed to be. so try removing some body parts painlessly or growing some extra limbs.

Find out more about your inner self?

I have a hard one.

Build your own dreamworld, and re-enter it every dream. This would also be helpful for lucidity in general.

I have a dreamworld on paper, and I have been trying to create it in a dream.

Beat the heck out of yourself. I mean, clone you, then see what you don’t like about yourself and beat the heck out of your clone :happy:

Or just beat yourself, it’d be interesting to see the results of a LD beating :smile:

Another one! Non-orthodoxal ways of doing things! Why fly like superman when you can float yourself like a baloon?

This could be better explained as a quest to use creativity to change things you do normally :happy: Why walk thru walls? You can make them open for you! Etc etc etc

You mean, like, advanced manipulation, Rodrigo?

Making a new world is best. For example magic world and hogwarts school…

Have I ever suggested just walking up to DCs and asking them to tell you something? You know, like just walk up to someone on the street and say, “Sing me a song” or “Tell me a story.” I’ve always wanted to do that, just to see what I get.

How about asking someone who will win the world cup and by how much? How freaky would it be if your DC was correct :eek:

Record a song inside a personal studio?

Go on a killing spree in a fantasy land, and try not to let the dream turn into a nightmare.
(I did this once, but not in a ludic dream, ended waking up annoyed and slightly scared)

Bonus Quest: Kill your biggest fear (e.g. spider, ghost)

Direct a movie-like scenario?

Maybe a quest about exploring a dungeon and claiming the treasure would be good. It would test your fear resistence too. :grin: