The BIG Remembering Dreams Topic - Part II

Oh please let me know how it went! :smile: It sounds interesting.

I’ll do for sure, really hope it works… lol I should have more patience :tongue:

I have typed this in the morning when I went out of bed, but when I pressed submit I got some kind of database error, luckily I could go back and save my message… so here it is:

Ok here I am again… Just woke up.
Had a very weird night :bored:

Went to bed at 10:45, I didn’t get asleep very easy, I tried things like counting, focusing on remembering dreams… and then I fell asleep, in like 30 or 45 minutes i think.
So far so good…
Then I woke up! I thought it must have been somewhere in the morning, but my phonealarm wasn’t going off, so i checked the time, it was 01:20 :eek: I really had the feeling I was waking up out of a dream, but I cant recall it, even worse than yesterday, I only remember some minimal chunks from the last seconds of the dream, but they make no sense at all and i cant go back from there.
So I recorded that and went back to sleep, no problems with falling asleep at this time :smile:
Then again I woke up… time 03:50. Again no alarm, I had no clue why I was awake, I was tired, when I tried to relax and remember my dream I had the feeling I was going into a new one allready so I had nothing to record and fell asleep again.
The same happened again at about 5:20 :eek:
And then finally it must have been like 7:05 when I woke up agian, because when my alarm went off at 7:10 I allready was awake…
And again I couldn’t recall anything :sad:

So that was about it… I think i’m waaaay to focused on remembering, which causes to wake me up or something.
Normally I never wake up in the midle of the night except if i’m really sick or something, and now like 4 times!! so weird.

Anyway, weekend tomorrow so I can sleep a bit longer in the morning, then I use to remember my dreams so i’ll try again.

I just joined this forum tonight because I have been interested in lucid dreaming for a while, it’s 1:30am about. I’m going to bed now, I am going to go for the WILD approach to lucid dreams, and if i have one I will deffinitly try to remember it and write it down when i awake.

Good luck!
Do you already have a DJ or something? It should be really helpfull to write down all your dreams (even non-LD’s) to get lucid.

Julian’s desperate recalling dreams story continues…

Day 3… as you can see in my last 2 posts I hadn’t recalled much of my dreams at all. Only like the last 2 words.

Today, I still almost can’t believe it… i’ve recalled several dreams :eek: about 4 I think (It also might have been 2 with some missing connections in it) with so many details!!
I went to sleep at about 1:30. Woke up at 7:30 and tried to recall my dreams. Again I remembered about 2 words… just like the other days.
But when I was writing these down, and relaxed a bit, suddenly I recalled a part of a dream (which had nothing to do with the 2 words I remembered) and BAM, there it was! I could go back from there, and forward. Immideatly I started writing it down in my DJ. It was amazing, I filled about 1,5 pages in my DJ with things I could remember, and then tried to place them in a way they would make sense, during that I recalled other parts of a dream, which where so different It must have been another one, and again I could go back and forward from there, filling another 1,5 pages.
Then I went to sleep again, feeling very content :content: :content:
At 10:30 I woke up again, at first couldn’t remember anything… I didn’t really care since I allready had remembered 2 big dreams. But then after some minutes again something came to my head and I could do the same as before…
So from this one night i’ve filled ~4 pages in my DJ! :happy:

almost forgot to mention: something interesting happend in one of the dreams.
I was doing some kind of a summersault superstunt from a huuuuuuge waterslide, jumping in the swimming pool hundereds meters below me.
(When I landed only my legs got wet :grin:
After i’d done this I was telling to a good friend of me what i just did! But I knew I didn’t do that for real, It was a dream!
So I was telling it to my friend, but I wasn’t telling it was a dream…
So it’s like I dreamt I had a dream :smile:

Lucky you Julian - wish I could do the same

I’ve been having bad dream recall in about a month now - naturally hope it will get better

recalled 1 dream today…
if i recall one tomorrow again i’ll be happy :happy: i’m afraid my recall on mondays isn’t good…

nice work Julian good to see youve already made progress
the dreams will get more vivid as long as you keep on writing in that journal :happy:

When you really try, and really have an intention of remembering your dreams (sufficient amount of sleep is also important), you will most likely remember your dreams. A few weeks ago, I was very upset of not having recalled anything for 2 weeks. I decided to end this “dry” period, and on the same night I remembered 6 dreams! That was a record for me :smile:

My main problem is that I get too lazy. Having a true intention is very hard for me! I need to think about it a lot, read a lot here in the forums, and repeat to myself with full concentration (which also is a really hard task for me!) when I go to sleep, that I will remember my dreams.

I have a tendancy to give up on recall a lot of times because of that, because I feel as though I’m trying too hard to do something which seemingly does not help me very much. :confused:

The only way to truly succeed with dream recall, and later on with lucid dreaming, is to practice more and more, and never give up!

Well, I’ve had a DJ for about a month now, and I remember my dreams pretty well. But I don’t really know how much I should remember before I practice inducing LDs seriously. LaBerge says one dream a night, but what does he actually mean with that? Should I remember every little detail in the whole dream or just the plot? I can actually remember a couple of dreams every night, but very seldom in such extreme detail. How much am I supposed to remember, any experinced lucid dreamer out there that can help me? ^^

I think you should start, as long as you remember some details… Most people usually remember lucid dreams easier than normal dreams.
It is not really very often i remeber all the details of a normal dream, unless i wake up right after the dream.
I would say go ahead :smile:

Yeah LaBerge says that If you can remember at least one dream a night for a week you should start trying techniques, so yeah definitely. Go for it.

Hey, guess what? I remembered 6 dreams last night (Four of them I remembered so much that I forgot some while I was writing, and the other two were kind of little snippets of dreams)!! That’s a record for me! (Now if I could only get down that whole lucid thing…)


That’s great. I have had that problem as well where I start to forget dreams as I write them down. I corrected at first by writing the dreams in the order I had them. Your dream recall will continue to improve in time.

This also just takes time, constant practice and don’t give up you will get it in time.

Happy Dreaming

I have a question,

Is it worth writing down fragments of dreams in a DJ? I’m very new to lucid dreaming and I’m in the phase of remembering dreams every night, but right now I can only remember fragments of dreams. Should I write them down or wait until I can remember an entire dream?


In the past when ive had dreams, it has always felt like im accually living them, i never had to serch my mind for lost memories, like id wake up and instantly go “damn! that dream was awsome!”, but it seems like everyone else just remembers there dreams, instead of living them then remembering them(if that makes sence??)

do you learn to have these kinds of dreams in time? or is it jus random?

Writing down a dream can help you remember more of it. Start writing down next morning!

Yes I agree with r3m0t. Write down every single detail you can remember, even if it’s just a vague impression. This way you’re actively working on your dream recall, which may get better as a result.

Actually I don’t understand what you’re saying. What do you mean when you say you live your dreams instead of remembering them?

i mean while im dreaming, i know im gonna wake up and remember it, rather then jus waking up and tryin to peice together the dream from little details i can faintly remember

like everysingle dream ive had before i was tryin to remember, has felt like im living it, these dreams happend very rarely(and randomly)

i can remember most of the dreams ive had in my life, cause theres been so few, and when i wake up its like i jus teleported from my dream to my room, so they are very easy to remember and stick with me for a long time

i hope that explains it a bit better? its a tricky subject

So you know you’re dreaming and are therefore lucid?

You just mean recall which is so good you don’t need to think about dream recall, you just remember it. Right?