the BIG remembering dreams topic part IV

I feel your frusturation, I am starting from scratch pretty much with my Dream Recall. Melissa and Viking are right in what they say you just have to write down everything.

For example, last night I had three dreams, but I could only remember a fragment of the last dream I had, I remembered legend of zelda, as I was writing down the experience, the room I was playing it in for example, I remembered people in the room, I wrote down what they were doing, something they did reminded me of a dream I had before that, I wrote that down about a flood and whatnot, I then remembered more of the 3rd dream. eventually I remembered the first dream right before I did my WBTB.

Its a tricky process expecially when your starting out, definatly see what works best for you, I usually have the best luck, as soon as I wake up, lay there and try to remember as much as I can (dont focus to hard) then after about a minute or so, go and start writing, explaining every detail, I usually remember more this way.

one time i had a dream that my school was a mall/factory, and my friend accadentally broke a small rule, so the security gaurds put a $2 billion bounty on his and my head because i knew him, so we ran from them, it was fun

I made few days off LDing, and now when im back in it, i lost my recall. And at morning i have to get up to school, im not thinking about dream.

If i even think about it, it’s like i recall thinking “ow , that dream was interesting/awesome/weird”, and nothing more. That’s freighteining.

Anyways, few days ago i had big, round 0 in my head. Now i have LITTLE recall, so there isnt so bad.

Week or one and half, and everything will be like in good old days.

I generaly have good dream recall (about 3-4 dreams on a good night and 1-2 on a bad one) but yesterday I couldn’t even remember 1… :sad:
Oh well, today was one of my best days, I recalled more than 5 dreams!! :content:

Errr… how mant dreams do we have each night?
Because I just woke up and I remember 8!!! :eek:

Shem: association and recurring dream “signs” often help me a lot when trying to recall dreams. I usually have pretty good recall already (it’s rare when I don’t remember at least one dream every day), but sometimes it takes a few minutes.

The thing is more or less to simply think about things you might have dreamt about. In my case, I really often dream about people I know in real life, so when I wake up, I think of them (friends, family, colleagues, etc.), and if did I dream about one of them, a tiny piece of the dream comes back.

By association (I often see my friends at university or work, so perhaps I dreamt I was at university/work) you can then remember other things, until you (hopefully) can reconstruct the entire dream :smile:

SD: I heard that you have about 10/11 dreams a night, but then again, 8 is really a lot :smile: My personal record is 7, after WBTB and a lot of exercises…

I think my dream recall is getting better already, and I’ve only been trying for a few days. At first I would only be able to write maybe one word in my DJ. This morning I filled up almost 2 pages with 2 dreams that I recalled. One was fragmented, the other I remembered pretty good. So it’s getting better and hopefully I can LD soon.

What exactly do you think was contributing to my inability to find my ‘big dream’?

Hey everyone,

Well two nights ago I woke up without a single flicker of recall. I thought it was just a coinsidence but today when I woke up; same thing. No recall; at all. Nothing, no fragments, nothing. I thought and really told myself I would have a dream and be lucid in it, I might have been but I do not remember anything. I went to bed later than usual too. Can it be this? Because this sudden lack of direct recall is really scaring me that I might not be able to get a lucid dream again for a while. Please help. :help: I’ve had excellent recall just three nights ago but now… :sigh: :help: :sad:

At one stage I went through a time of no recall for around 2 weeks. It was…terrible, thats the only way I can put it.
Sometimes no recall comes from both internal and external factors. Think about your life now. Are you stressed, tired, agitated…any lifestyle changes? Changing diet and exercise can also change dream recall, believe it or not. From what I’ve gathered, you’re not trying too hard to LD, so that really isnt a factor. It could just be one of those natural one-offs, you know, your bain needs a break once in awhile! lol :content:

Good luck!

Thanks MissEvil, I hope I get another dream recall tonight or I’ll get really unhappy… it was going so fine until… :sigh: well, once I get the dream and remember it I will not have trouble LD:ing again though :content:

Weird, I’m having a problem like that too! Ok, I’ve been having LD’s almost every night for a little while now but my recall has gone down the tubes, :cry: I’ve only been remembering 1-2 dreams a night when it was 4-5. It’s like I’ve traded good recall for LD’s it’s very weird… :confused: will I get it back? :help:

DarkRaven, recalling 1-2 dream a night is very good and many people would be happy with that. Recalling about 1 dream a night is largely enough to remember LD’s. Hence I think you don’t really have any problem. :tongue:

Congrats on your good Dr though! :happy:

Temporally losing dream recall abilities is very common. It has even been called by some people a “dryspell”. It may come with stress, for instance when you go to school again after the holydays, etc. Just wait a little, don’t worry and your dream recall will come again.

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Really? That makes me feel better, I just got a little scared that’s all. I’ve been in a constant good, (and very random,) almost blissful :cloud9: mood ever since this started so maybe that has something to do with it, I don’t know. I’ve just had urges, (more then usual, :happy: ) to do weird things, like yesterday I was walking around the house in reigndeer pajama pants, one of my dad’s oversized shirts, this weird blond wig, (my hair is dark brown so it looked weird,) with a bandanna on and a vampire cape and a stick going around telling my siblings I was “Buffy the the Vampire Slayer”. laughs :lol: and I keep doing stuff like that, I mean, I always do weird stuff but there’s been an increase in it lately, and the weird thing is my dreams have started being MORE rational! :crazy: They’ve been less wacked out then they usually are but still a little wonky…thanks for helping! :hugs:

I’ve been getting better at dream recalling more and more ever since I got into a steady relationship. Reason why?

Everytime when I wake up during the night I’ve got this auto function to start telling him what I dreamt :razz: Therefore, my mind starts linking remembering dreams to something that needs to be done. Ergo, the subcon tries a little harder to help me.

Now I need to really bring it up to 1, or 2 full dreams per night.


My LD/ND has totally gone away atm, i dont know what happened but suddenly it all stopped and I cant remember my dreams well anymore, i try to make a DJ but forget every thing after 5min, i have clear and vivid dreams, but the memory isnt really good, i’ve had 2 LD’s so far. That was a DILD.

I do WILD every night i go to sleep, or atleast try to do WILD, but it doesnt really work out for me, so any suggestions for what to do?

Stop doing the WILD.

I find that even in my case I can sometimes inhibit my lucid dreams by concentrating too much on them, even if it’s before 9:45 ish.

The point is, take a few days off, and just try not to think about lucid dreaming for a bit.

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Hey, a question, people!

How much time do you need after waking up to remember your dreams?? And what method do you use?

I use to look at a random object in my room… So with a little effort, the dreams come to me! :cool_laugh:

Usually when i wake up my mind is blank, so i just close my eyes and dig deep! after a minute or so i’ll get a few pictures which give me clues, and then once i start writing it jogs my memory and everything that i can remember usually comes out into my DJ

I usually just remember a few fragments and try to elaborate on them. I need to start with something however, or else I usually won’t remember anything.