the BIG remembering dreams topic part VI

Hey everyone! I just joined the site today :smile: I recently got into the idea of having a lucid dream. I think it would be very cool, like an art. I’ve been reading stuff about it, but as I’m thinking to myself-I can never remember my dreams in the first place. I try to tell myself to remember my dream before I go to sleep, but my mind always ends up wandering off.

I will tell you of a dream I had about 4 years ago when I was 12. Could this be a Lucid dream?
Ok, so I don’t remember much of it, but I was running from some guy and I was in a warehouse. I remember being able to choose which hallway I would run down and stuff. Sorry, that’s all I remember. Is that a lucid dream? Being able to choose what you do?

Ok, so, wrapping this all up-is there a way I can remember my dreams? Was my dream a lucid dream?

Thanks everyone!! I hope to have my first Lucid dream sometime soon!

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Well if you look through this site you’ll see that remembering your dreams is a big part of the guide so just read that.

And no, it wasn’t really a lucid dream. In a lucid dream you would be like “I know I’m dreaming so why am I running from this guy? I feel like flying into my tv now so I can be on my favorite tv show…” or something like that. point is you would know your dreaming and be able to do whatever you want.

Ok, I’ll search the site more. I guess I’m kind of lazy in that way :wink:

Ok, so if I were lucid dreaming, I could’ve done whatever I felt like instead of just choosing where I ran, right?

Right. A lucid dream is when you know that you are dreaming, and you have control over yourself, and sometimes your environment. If you were lucid, you would have not run, but probably either ignore him, or come up with some entertaining way to dispatch him.

Awesome! Thanks everyone!! Sorry I didn’t look around the site more before I asked this! I’m lazy :wink:

I hate it when this happens!!!

Pretty much this week. What I do is use my cell phone to record my dreams the second I wake up. Then I write down the dream just before I go to bed, that way the dream is still fresh ion my mind and I don’t have to waste morning time remembering and writing down my dreams.

doesnt it depend on the person dreaming? Mine are much brighter than real life but there are times when I cant make out whats happening, I always feature as myself though and see the dream as I would if I was really there. LD is completely different for me, too like NL sometimes, it can get very confusing.

Yes, I’m asking it :tongue:

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It’s just like any other dreams. Keep a dream journal, and try to focus on your dreams first thing when you wake up.

I do that and sometimes it’s extremely frustrating. You wake up in the worning and find on your piece of paper some insignificant words. Then you keep thinking and trying to remember. You’re like ‘did i write that?’
Or when I have a vague flashback of the part when I told myself, ‘I’m sure I won’t forget. I’ll remember. I’m sure of it.’ just after I wrote the keywords. Then I wake up trying desperatly to remember :cry:

I’ll have to try that sometimes. Honestly the only frustration I experience is attempting to decipher my morning voice on the crappy phone mic.

Hehe, I find that recording a dream through voice takes so much longer than just jotting down some notes. I just make sure that they’re detailed enough to make sense of them.

Thanks, tiantian, for quoting that old post of mine. Had to laugh at reading my own stuff.

Hi, I’ve been trying to lucid dream for a while now, and right now I’m trying to work on my recall. Some days I can remember a dream because I wake up from it, but if I don’t, I can’t remember any dreams usually. I usually remember alot of dreams on the weekend, but only because I wake up after each dream, more towards the morning. Sometimes I can remember more dreams by thinking what happened before that. How do I remember dreams if I don’t wake up from them? Any advice would really be appreciated! Thanks!

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well one think that i know that is essential to dream recall is a Dream journals o if you don’t have one get one as soon as possible. it seems to be the key to more vivid dreams and remembering them too.

I already have a dream journal.

One technique that works for me is to just lie very still with my eyes closed for a minute directly after waking up in the morning (this may take some practice), and try to remember your dreams.
I often find that I remember not only the dream I just woke up from, but at least some fragments of previous dreams as well. It’s not 100% foolproof, but it works most of the time :wink:.

Since you mentioned that you can sometimes remember other dreams by thinking about what happened before the events you do remember, this might enhance whatever you do currently.

I noticed that when I do this, I remember a LOT of dreams, dream fragments or even little reminiscents, but just as I reach for my DJ I forget some of them as a whole (especially when I chain). The process happens like this:

‘Okay, so I remember 2 dreams and 4 fragments.’ I get my DJ and pen. I write what I remember. ‘Hmm, 1 dream and 2 fragments written down. What were the rest of them? Remember, remember, remember!’ :angry:

Does this happen to anyone else? What would you suggest?

Sometimes, I have a hard time, remembering my dreams, but from time to time, I remember my dream in the middle of the day, out of noting. Happened to me today, I was having breakfast and bam, two dreams got back to me. :happy:

Unfortunately this happens to me all the time. I agree, it’s really frustrating :grrr:.
I wake up and have a lot of great stuff to write down, and by the time I get to my DJ all I end up with are maybe a song title and a random fragment like “LEGO cheeseburger” that isn’t too useful.

The best solution I’ve come up with is to try and quickly solidify the list of what you remember before reaching for your DJ. For example, if you remember two dreams and four fragments, list some defining feature (an important DC, song, location, feeling, etc) of each in your head, going through them all a couple of times. Repetition is sometimes useful.

For me, this usually makes the memory stick a little longer and helps me recall some of what I would normally forget. I’m hoping it gets easier over time with practice :smile:.

Hey guys,
I’m new to the LD4all forum, and new to the prospect of lucid dreaming. I have had this problem for a long time. I just cannot remember my dreams, i remembered a fragment of the ending of one about a week and a half ago, but this was before i started consciously wanting to remember my dreams. I have post-it notes on my home and work computer, saying “I will remember my dreams”, as well as the greeting on my phone says “recall dream”, as well as consciously telling myself throughout the day and before bed. And when i get up in the morning (even if i wake up during the night), i draw a complete blank. No images, no feelings, no sounds. I can remember dreams of my past, ones that have stuck with me since i was younger(about 11 or 12). I wrote the date preemptively in the dream journal i keep beside my bed (which remains empty, its disheartening =( ). I miss my dreams. Any other ideas as to what could help me?

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