The BIG sleep paralysis and old hag topic Part II

I disagree with the current thinking on “old hag”. As I said before, I believe that experiencing strange phenomenon in your bedroom can be simply proven to be a lucid dream by means of a reality check. The next time you experience this pinch your nose shut. If you can still breathe through your pinched nose you are dreaming.

Sleep paralysis usually begins with vibrations. When you are totaly relaxed you may begin to feel a vibration state creeping up on you. If you feel this, don’t fight it, go with the flow and let it intensify. It can become almost unbearbly intense - this is good and will lead to a lucid dream if you go with the flow.
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There was one time when I felt a presence in my room. I was in sleep paralysis: I could distinctly remember not being able to move; and there was this white-valed entity walking back and forth behind me - and me unable to turn around and look. It was very paranormal!

I forgot about this topic. Oh well, i understand what old hag is now, and should this be combined with The big old hag and sleep paralysis topic?

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I don’t know why there is so much myth surrounding “Old Hag”
If you experience this state you ARE lucid dreaming. The experience of being in your bedroom is a dream experience, no matter how real it may feel - a simple reality check will prove it.

People, there is no such thing as the “Old Hag”. It’s just me. I like to dress up in ladies’ clothing and sit on your bed. Is that such a crime?

I’m not going to read this topic, hell, I never read stickies… especially on this site.

But I can say that the Hag is real, and frightening. You have to experience it to truely understand it… wow.

I had it last night.

I had what I believe was the worst case of “Old Hag” syndrome ever to hit a human being. :bambi: :scared:

It happened a little over a month ago, btw…

Also, about my room: The head of my bed is against a wall, the other three sides are open. Neither of the sides are against a wall. Therefore, there is space all around me. My room is the (furnished) attic, so it’s quite large. My bed is off to the left of the steps, on the opposite wall. In the middle, on the wall opposite my bed, are steps coming from downstairs.

I was sleeping normally and I woke up a little. I had SP, and I wasn’t too worried about it since I’d had it a few times before. But then… things went REALLY BAD :cry:

I think some parts happened when I was semi-awake and had real SP, and some happened purely in dreams. I’ll post parts that were almost positively dreams in green, parts that MAY have been dreams in blue, and parts that were possibly real in normal black.

First, I became aware of a presence behind me. (Old hag perhaps?) I didn’t see it, but I “knew” it was there and what it looked like, sort of. It was female, tall, semi-figureless, and EXTREMELY CREEPY >.<; This figure remained there the rest of the night, while the following happened:

[color=darkblue](I think I may have fallen asleep here.)

Shortly after I became aware of “the presence,” I began feeling INTENSE pains, jerks, and spasms coming from what felt like my brain and the nerves in the back of my head. This also happened in my arms. It was REALLY painful… After what felt like hours, I managed to move and jump off my bed. I don’t remember too well, but I might have caught a glimpse of the “presence” when I jumped. I landed on my head and it felt like I snapped my neck. I “blacked out.”[/color]

The next thing I know, I’m back in bed. (FA?) I think “Oh, man. It’s over… :content:” I walk to the middle of my floor to get a box of tissues there, and I see my dad start to come up the steps. (I had forgotten, he was on a week-long hunting trip 16 hours away!) I noticed that he had a HUGE, just barely wider than would be possible by a human, smile. I was back in my bed before he got to the top, and when I looked up from my bed he was walking over to me. Suddenly, he sort of “re-wound” back down the steps just barely to the point where I couldn’t see him. What came up next scared the HELL out of me. It wasn’t my dad, and it definitely wasn’t human. It was a semi-tall, extremely thin white humanoid creature. It had long figures, and its limbs were just as thin as its body. Its head was a pale, bloody stump. I clench my eyes tight, as both the creature and the presence close in on me…

The next thing I know I’m REALLY awake. It’s morning. I haven’t told anyone about the dream/Old hag encounter until now.

The spasms, pains, jerks etc, sound like they were just an extremly violent entry into REM sleep, alot of times people will experience this though it sounds like you had them real bad.

Either way it is a natural thing and isn’t something you should be concerned about unless it becomes a very frequent issue.

Also if you have problems with Old Hag try changing your sleep position especially if you sleep on your back.

Holy macaroni…that sounds horrible. I don’t wish anything like that to anyone! :scared:

I had two encouters with the hag. Once when I was about 15. I was laying in bed, and my bedroom door flew open. This nasty old woman burst in and charged right at me. I couldnt move or yell. She bent down and screamed right in my face a long line of profanity. :eek: She then started to beat the hell out of me. That was the worst night of my life. The next day I realized it had to of been some sort of nightmare. After that I researched related things on the internet. I stumbled upon this site all about the old hag syndom. I read every story in the site, some were just like mine! :bored:

A few months passed by untill the next encounter. This time I was ready. Armed with my new knowledge, I knew what I had to do, though I was’nt looking forward to it. :wam:

She came up from the foot of the bed. I was half asleep, but when I seen her I felt wide awake. I tried to stay as calm as I could, I kept in mind that it was’nt real, and most of all I did’nt panic. Once again she charged at me :devil: She came within an inch from my face and started screaming.

Now was the time I would use my secret weapon. I looked at her, then…I KISSED HER. Its been 9 years since I’ve seen her since. :wink: I…I…kinda miss her :rofl: Hey, whatever works right.

Now be warned, if you do kiss her, dont kiss her too good or else she might come back for more :love:

Are guys sure those weren’t nightmares (aka dreams)? I’ve heard of this kissing thing as a cure for nightmares.

Hey ya’ll!
I’ve been reading A LOT about the “old hag syndrome” on here and I wanted to share my story…there are scary similarities. :eek: I haven’t told anyone this story until now.
The Old hag came to me about a month ago. I became concious of my HI and all of a sudden I was in my bed at night on my OTHER side. The covers were just below my eyes and all of a sudden, I just KNEW there was an eerie, ominous presense. All of a sudden, I saw a transparent skinny ghostly figure flying around my room real fast. :bored: Then, she came up to my face and screamed for about 5-10 seconds. It was shrill, ear-piercing…just plain horrible. It echoed and rang in my ears until I entered my dream. Weird, huh? I knew, though that it was NOT real. It still scared the daylights out of me though. Does this happen to EVERYONE? I thought this was just a weeeeird experience that I would only have. Has this happened to any of you guys too?

LDgirl :wave:
I’ve merged your topic into the big Sleep Paralysis and Old Hag topic… and as you can see there are lots of personal experiences to read here :smile:

LDGirl, I don’t think it was really the Old Hag syndrome, because you didn’t feel you were paralyzed. But during LD’s, it may happen that we experience some states near to SP. Lots of LD’ers told me that when they had a FA, they felt an eerie atmosphere and even sometimes a presence. By the way, about half a dozen of my LD’s began like that: I’m in my bed and there is a ghostly presence in my bedroom.

Indeed, it’s not so different from a nightmare, it’s a lucid nightmare. It must be rather common, cause astralists explain it by saying it’s just the feeling of the astral body. Other people say it’s a kind of protective presence, but our fear transforms it into a eerie presence. I don’t know if there are scientific or psychologic explanations.

I had such a dream few months ago. There was a ghost girl in my bedroom, at the beggining it was frightening but I ask her if she wanted to go with me to the swimming pool and there we had great fun! :smile:

my worst experience with this was during sleep paralysis upon attempted AP , at first i felt the bed depress as if giving to some weight which was impossible for it to be mine as there was not enough weight on that area to make it depress the way it was then this feeling of a cold claw like hand wrapping around my arm there was a mild pain from it. At this point I was somewhat worried but in no way utterly scared i then open my eyes and see this shadowy figure in torn shadowy robes gripping my arm then horrible pain shot through my whole arm increasing in intensity till i could break out of the SP quasi dream state.

I didn’t sleep well that night…the only other time i’ve been scared witless while paralysed was after i spiraled out of a nightmare where my arm was cut off and blood was spurting uncontrollably with no way to stop it i woke up with a shout and wanted nothing more then to get the hell up but alas…the paralysis takes a while to wear off, it is quite a scary feeling really REALLY wanting to get up with all your effort and strength and all that amounting to you not even moving an inch.

Sleep paralysis is not funny. I had it often earlier and it’s like your stuck in a tunnel and can’t move forward or backward. I had my eyes closed but i could move a little. I felt like if i open the eyes now, I would go even “deeper”. It scares me to hell.

I’ve had SP a number of times. I usually get it when I’m stressed. Up until 3 years ago I used to sleep walk when I was stressed but now I just about always experience SP. It happens as I’m just drifting off to sleep. I start to feel vibrations throughout my body (especially my head) and I can’t move. I also hear a buzzing sound in my ears that gets louder and louder. I’ve never tried to scream or speak. I always have my eyes closed and can’t open them which is probably why I’ve never had hullicinations. I did have audio hullicinations once though. A woman was trying to tell me to wake up and a man kept telling her to shut up. :confused: The first time it happened I was terrified and didn’t know what was happening, even after I woke up. I thought for sure I was dying. (You hear all these stories of people dyin in their sleep) I’ve never felt anything pushing down on my chest, but I usually get SP while sleeping on my left side.

I read somewhere that if you try rolling out of your body during SP you can experience OBE, so I tried it and it worked. I ended up on my hands and knees on the “floor” only it felt like there was something pushing up on my hands and knees and I was floating. I then proceeded to fall through the floor and ended up in a lucid dream. I didn’t really know what to do, so I just kept walking around until I ended up back in my room and suddenly woke up back in my bed. It’s a bizzare feeling cause you think you’re already awake but then you wake up.

The second time I tried it it worked again only this time I got scared and panicked and started flailing around and ended up falling through the floor and waking up. I went right back to sleep and had SP again. This time I didn’t panic and when I “came out of my body” I managed to stay there for a few minutes before falling through the floor and waking up.

I can’t really control when it happens and I don’t know why it happens to me, but I sleep walk, I talk in my sleep, I’ve had night terrors twice, you name it, I’ve had it. I also remember my dreams really clearly. I’d rather have SP though than sleep walking cause at least I can’t hurt myself.

I find though, if I concentrate on moving my toes while having SP I’ll wake up. If I don’t do anything and let it pass, it’ll keep happening over and over again.

:wave: Robin, but being aware of what sleep paralysis is … is the key to overcoming this fear
anything is more frightening if you don’t know what it is and why it is happening.

I always had SP at the end of dreams.