The BIG sleep paralysis and old hag topic

“The old hag” seems to be an uncanny common occurance for many people, but I wouldn’t associate it with the WILD attempt. Don’t worry about it :smile:

Lucid dreams are your best defense against “out of control chaos” that is nightmares.

ok… Im gonna try again tonight… :confused:

If your scared of the old hag your probably new to this :razz:

If you read something scary or you get some info on it from experience, it usually takes a few days before your mind gets used to it. So maybe give it another shot in a few days will help… you’ll probably lose your fear by then :smile:

I hope for you
the best, Ahmad

Daita, the best way to conquer this old hag is to realise, that whatever it might be, it has not yet done anymore harm to anyone then scaring them! So if you arent scared, then it will go away automatically :smile:

Its nothing to do with WILD its just that sometimes people wake up in their sleep, cant move and are pretty sure something is with em. It has happened to me once…

Just be glad shadow people arent stalking your family, thats a problem me best mate has.

I’ve had SP once, and I wasn’t trying WILD or anything, it just happened. Basically I was lying there as I big ol’ werewolf monster thing came into my room. He bent over right in my face, and I was like, “OMG.” PRETTY SCARY.

Shadow people huh? I guess you could say ive seen them a few times my self… one actually crawled up my leg once :eek: but they dont bother me no more. but I guess you wouldnt want to hear how I got rid of them seeing as many of you are atheist and such.

I assume that would imply your christian.

In which case you exorcised it…?

Old Hag isn’t a real thing, there isn’t actually a demon sitting on your bed. What is happening is that for one reason or another you woke up in the middle of a dream and are still in SP. When you wake up you are sort of half way between awake and dreaming. So you have hallucinations and because you’re scared becuase you can’t move you tend to imagine evil things. Then the fact that you can’t move only adds to your fear.

Also, if you ever have Old Hag since you are really close to the dream state it is a great opportunity for an LD. Just stop freaking out, relax and wait for your dream to come back.

There is a guy on another forum I visit (that has nothing to do with LD or ND) but the subject came up. Seems he practices WILD and he has the same problem. He even sees this “shadow creature” in his dreams. Could it be something physical or meta physical?

Ah yes, the old had. When I first started to WILD she scared the hell out of me. Only because I read a topic here and was DAMN sure I was going to experience it.

Well, here’s what happened to me.

I woke up in SP and I could have sworn there was a hag on my chest. I kept closing my eyes and repeated to my self something like “the hag isn’t real, the hag isn’t real”

Well I open my eyes and I see my dad crying… I wrote this down but I don’t have my DJ on me. I’ve never feared the hag again.

The old hag is what ever you want it to be. But trust me, you are over hyping it. I can assure you 100% that you will not experience the old hag, just tell your self it isn’t real and if you do see it then go Jeffery Dhamer and eat her. She’d be so scared of you she better not come back.

At least that was my plan when I saw the hag… but unfortunatly I never got to encounter her.

Well, old hag is not exactly like that, having SP it is well paralysis, and second presence of entity in the room, this presence is not always on your chest, and it hasn’t always visual form.
I had some expirience with it and it is real in that moment, many people had this too, it is connected with sleeping on the back.
Hint: if you think that was a ghost try feel the bed beside you if its warm that you had an hag encounter if it is noram ltemperature that you were halucinating.(this with a grain of salt it is just belief, me personaly hasn’t check this)

Yea… I’ve heard about Old Hag being connected with sleeping on your back. If you normally do that and are truly worried about Old Hag try sleeping on your back.

I’ve had the old hag both when sleeping on my back and on my stomach :grin: Guess she really likes me no matter what position I’m sleeping in :tongue:

I didnt know untill recently “It” had a name. I had a experiance about three mouths ago with old hag. I was lying on my stomack, and I woke up feeling this pressure on my back, and it was hard to breath. I was so scared I didnt want to look at what was on my back. Im looking forward to old hags next visit. What causes old hag?

that depends of the approach you like most, scientific, thay are trying to tell you feel yourself as somebody else.
If you want unofficially, well, all sort of incubi sucubi, wicca, demons, night terror, plaenty of them.
I had some SP problems with feeling of entity in the room, and that entity not human, it was very unique expirience, my brother too had exactly same about the same time. I am not sure if it was the exact night but within month or less, we were in different towns during that year.

It’s just an unfortunate (but fairly rare) side effect of SP. Like HH, or the tingly feeling, or the feeling of falling etc.

I had many experiences, some of them just plain freaky and funny. I was sleeping in my bed, face up, and then 5 minutes after I fell asleep I woke up and saw a black figure walk past my room. I knew it couldn’t be anyone because I was home alone. Another encounter was a while ago. I was snoozing on the couch and woke up with SP, to my surprise there was a little light in the room and I saw someone crawling from the ceiling fan to the wall. I was terrified. Now that I think about it, am I subconsciously afraid of Spiderman? I really enjoyed Spiderman 2 however…

I’ve had the old hag hold me down by the head and on several occasions i seem them crawling on windows and on the roof. I even see them walk by my room and even try to come in (i can see their darkness).

You make it sound very creepy… There coming to get you batosan, there allways watching, there getting closer, and closer.