The BIG Suneye Topic - part II

Ooh the so far only night I tried the suneye method, I had an LD! Although, I don’t know if it’s all thanks to this method or not, it’s been kind of a long time since my last LD, so I was due to have one sooner or later.

I didn’t wake up or anything, or even WILD, I just “accidentally” somehow realized that I must be dreaming in my dream. Unfortunately, my memory of this LD is fuzzy >_< so I don’t really know HOW I noticed the dreaming part. Either way, the power kinda went to my head once I realized it was a dream, I was kinda mean to everyone (something that’s reoccurring for me… I seem to be mean to all my DCs.) but it was funny. I kept poking this lady, who kept talking about this concert all the time, and I yelled at her that there is no concert, she’s in my dream. She just kept going on and on about the concert lol. Then I finally (finally!) made a person enter my dreams! Although, I noticed, before I was just trying to “create” them out of thin air and it never worked, and this time I willed them to walk in through a door and called for them out loud, and it worked! :happy:

I’m hoping that the Suneye method IS responsible for this LD, it would mean that I found the right method for me, but otherwise I’ll just be happy that I finally had another LD lol.

Dream on. // Olesia

I’ve got myself an alarm now so I can practice suneye. I already tried it a few nights ago, but it didn’t work completely.
After waking up with WBTB and staying awake for an hour I tried concentrating on my third eye, but gave up after I couldn’t fall asleep :sleep: . I did lay there for a while without using suneye and did eventually fall asleep and have a few vivid dreams and a short lucid dream, but I didn’t do the technique properly so it was more WBTB than Suneye.

Great, I downloaded it from that new link and I’m impressed, I will try it tonight. I read Method 1, but I’m not sure I know where the third eye is and how I notice that I’m looking at it. Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance, very much.

Suneye method 1 - my first try!

Well, like I expected I haven’t had a LD. But I was in a state of numbness of the body, that I never reached. I slept from about 1:30 to 7:30 (ND) and read a bit here, ate cheese, drank self-made orange juice and washed my face with cold water three times. Then I went back to bed. I tried WILD. My imagination was as clear as never. I don’t know if I found the third eye, I didn’t always look at it, but sometimes I saw a lot of red dots. I talked to dream characters and had a little journey just in my imagination - without even LDing. My body felt very numb. I guess only my fear stopped my from LDing, but I’ll try it again tonight and maybe it works! I’ve lain there for 2 hours with no mentionable success and again for about 1 hour trying to sleep normal. It didn’t work, so I went up.

Hey! I thought about what somebody said, that the third eye is like looking through a window. Then I thought of how that would look like with eyes closed and a cover artwork came in mind from a band which I got into lately - Tool.

And guess how the last song is called… :cool_laugh:

A few days ago, I tried the Suneye method. Believe it or not, it worked!
I’m not sure if I got a LD by thinking that I would manage to do so, or by actually performing a LD.

I only did it for 5 minutes or so.

I’m really curious about trying Suneye method cause it seems to work for a considerable number of people. There is a possibility it might work for me too. I have been unsuccesful in my efforts to LD so far. :sad:

But I am unable to locate the Suneye method files on the internet that work, and all the links I tried posted on this forum fail for one reason or another. (I don’t have the Acrobat Reader either)

Can someone pm the Suneye methods files to me please or post a working link? :smile:

All help will be appreciated

Thx …

I posted the link 1 on page 9 and people still seem to not see it :eh: And you need to download acrobat reader to read the documents.

Suneye has worked for me three times before, but one question, in the second phase of sleep after the one hour waking period are you supposed to do the third eye focus for five minutes and turn over for sleep or do it till you feel the vibrations?

I think you have to do it until you enter a LD, like all the WILD methods.

I’ll try tonight, the only thing is I’m only 15, my mum might wake up and tell me to go back to bed or something. Shes also really crummy about when I have to get up and stuff.

After two days of using this technique I had na LD! I didn’t WILD but I did the eye focusy thing, then rolled onto my side because that’s the only position i can sleep in and kept doing it and repeating the suggestion, later that night I had a really long clear LD. I’m about to go back to bed cos my hour is up.

Qapla :smile:

Suneye seems to only work for a limited time for me, the first time I tried it I had lots of LDs for 2 months and then it stopped working for me :cry: I then didn’t use it for almost a year and it worked again for a few days before it stopped working :bored: I will try to get it working consistently since it’s the only tech where I have more than 20% chance of actually succeeding in getting a LD. The first time I tried it I probably had a 50%+ chance of getting a LD with it :grin: and if I didn’t get a LD I’d atleast get increased dream recall.

If I rememeber corectly I had 7 LDs the first 7 days I tried suneye :eek: but some of the nights had none and others I had several LDs. And I can do this tech when going to sleep at night and it’s the only way I have a chance of getting an LD early in the night.

<rambling_mode: off>

Nevermind… Lack of intelligence on my part!

Can you download that?

So I was browsing through some topic and came across the SunEye Technique for LD, which is basically focusing on the space between your eyebrows in addition to WILDing (there’s a sticky about it right above I think)

That’s just the reason why I merged your interesting account about this method in it. :wink:

Here’s how it went:

I was practically terrified of sleeping since I’d been reading up on Old Hag experiences and did NOT want to experience one again (my last one was disturbing to say the least). So I kinda stayed up until I felt really tired, then fell asleep with the lights on (this is embarassing, i know!) I fell asleep for about 5 hours, upon which I got up, read a little more about the SunEye (for about 30 minutes), then went to sleep on a different bed (I have a futon and a bed in my room.)

This time, however, as I was sleeping, I started doing the technique. I tried sleeping on my back, but apparently I can never fall asleep on my back at all so I laid there for about an hour and half doing SunEye. Strangely, I didn’t feel the time pass at all, and I did have several vibrations/HI, but no sleep. I tried relaxing, but still no sleep.

So finally, I shifted to my side and tried to find my chakra that way also (it’s a little more difficult, but definitely doable.) I fell asleep within about 4 minutes and had this dream where my parents came over to my room that exact day. See, I’m graduating in May and one of my biggest worries is that my parents will suddenly decide to drop by and notice my incredibly messy room and my fridge full of alcohol. In the dream itself, I noticed that I checked the date on my watch, and wierdly enough, it said April 24th, which was yesterday’s date. Should’ve been a perfect segway for an RC, but alas. Anyway, about 3 minutes into the dream, I wake up and kick myself for not doing an RC or realizing that it’s impossible for my parents to drop by since it’s not May yet.

I resolve to repeat the mantra ‘This is a dream’ as I’m falling asleep again, and as I doze off again, I focus on the chakra. Now, this is where it gets a little wierd and I cant tell if I was having a OBE or an LD. I’m sleeping and repeating, ‘This is a dream’ when I have another random thought about my family (another thing I found was that I could induce specific dreams MUCH easier with the SunEye method). But then I tell myself ‘This is a dream’, and … I dont know how to describe it, it’s like my eyes opened, except they were still closed (I know they were closed because a split second later I really did open my eyes and snap out of … whatever it was). Anyway, when my eyes “opened”, I was still lying on my bed, but everything looked hazy and blurry. I looked briefly around my room, but was a little scared as to what was going on. I remember opening my eyes, and suddenly having this feeling of fear of the unknown. Throughout this entire episode (which was pretty brief…about 5 seconds), I was completely aware of everything around me, but I was definitely not awake. Anyway, as I said, I opened my real eyes a split second later and everything was back to normal.

So, I think this is the method for me. If anything, I want more practice on learning to induce specific dreams.

Updates on suneye:

Tried it again last night, except my body wasn’t completely tired as it should be, so I didn’t experience LD at all.

However, again, I was able to induce dreams quite easily, and can even recall well dreams that aren’t so vivid (usually I only remember very vivid dreams).

Seems like the whole Suneye method is just renamed LaBerge strategies. I would have been frustrated if I had paid money to get the system.

Spinning to 360,
MILD or Chakras to Third Eye Meditation,
WBTB to 6 Hour Asleep /One Hour Awake,

But, it does make a nice summary for someone who is new to LD’s.

Could someone email this to me, me email is

Cheers :happy:

i sent you the individual files and the zip file. have fun :content: