The BIG Transformation topic

Oh, yes. You finally did it. This will be very useful for my LD’s in the future. The exception, being, of course, that I also continuously search for you so that you can give me personal instruction. :tongue:

Ill try that in my next LD. Ive always wanted to transform!

Wow, this post is amazing!
I am a French LD4all reader and I was wondering if you would agree if I translate it into my mother tongue (in the French forum, of course). It could be very helpful, we recently had a conversation about it. My English looks pretty accurate like that, but I easily can translate it into a good French :wink:
Anyway, I will be glad to see what’s next!

P.S.:confused:orry for not sending you a PM, it’s still disabled for me…

Oh, for the French LD4all? That would be great. The more people this can help, the better. :cool:

Awesome Wyvern! :smile: I’ve always been increadibly curious to see if it’s actually possible to feel body parts we don’t have IWL (or don’t have anything to compare) like tails or wings. Now I know! :happy:

I’ll come back here when I’m ready to practice my transformations. I’m trying to have longer LD’s first :shy: Hope that doesn’t take too long…

I’ve “practiced” for about 3 years now, with no major success. :neutral: Of course, if I hadn’t gotten advice from Wyvern, I probably would have had no success at all. … 1521#31521

I’m done! Thank you very much Wyvern.

Hooray! I’m glad you made this topic.

I recently did the tail and wings things mattias mentioned… it’s awesome and very surprising that you can actually feel these things… :content: I’m gonna have to start practising to get better at it though, as though the tail was really stable… the wings did take a few times to get it right.

Im’ curious though :tongue: not that this thread isn’t great! but how about transforming into… other things? like clouds? the ocean, the wind, a donut? :grin: Anyone done that? I think I recall once reading a guy transforming into a computer, all of this sounds like fun

Transforming is what I’ve always wanted to do most in a lucid dream, only if I could get them more often. Thanks Wyvern for posting this, it should help me as soon as I could get a grasp on how to have thorough and regular lucid dreams.

P.S. I also would like to explore a past life or access memories with lucid dreams, but physically transforming from human to another creature particularly a dragon, the very idea of it is exhilerating.

That’s definitely more advanced stuff. I’ve once transformed into mist and the experience was indescribable. Maybe for that type of stuff you’d practice in steps. Example: learn to change your clothes - change your appearance - grow extra parts - shapeshift - shapeshift into an object (which involves the skill of losing limbs)- then turning into another substance altogether.
Probably best to master the stuff before. The more you transform, the easier it gets. You get used to the feeling of transformation and can apply it in more advanced ways.

wow, fantastic. :content:

Yeah, I was just wondering. Now I’ll throw that idea in the big pile of cool advanced stuff to do when I’m ready :wink:

I’m planning to try and change clothes or even play around with the idea of growing a tail in one of my next LD’s.


Still more helpful. Thanks, Wyv!

Thanks a ton, i’ve always had trouble transforming into things not imaginable in real life, for instance i could turn into a merman if i wanted to pretty easily but not something ttotally different

Thank you for this post I’ve always wanted try to transform in a LD but didn’t know how to go about doing it, thanks for the tips! :content:

On the stablizing note… I often find that feeling something (textures, objects, those extra limbs) can often help stablize it.

Bump, because i can’t quite get how this guide isn’t in knowledge base yet. :happy:
It’s really too good. Once i get a pair of wings (that is, complete a quest), you can be pretty effin sure i’ll start precticing these techs to no end! Thanks Wyvern. :wink:

Ah, thanks!
It’s not in the knowledge base yet because it’s not finished yet. (I’m doing midterms right now.) I’ll get back to it soon enough. :cool:

I hope you edit it soonm i’m having trouble with things that arn’t there. I mean transforming into sometihng that doesn’t have arms or something, i can’t get rid of my limbs :tongue: