The BIG VILD Topic - Part I

You imagine that you perform the reality check and it works.

If I want to fall asleep fast I usually imagine something so in a way I almost do VILD. The past 2 months I’ve been doing this pretty much every night since I’m now working during the days and I need to sleep enough.

I’ve noticed that if I’m not too tired and I do this, other things pop into my mind and distract me :cry: I do realise that whatever popped into my mind isn’t what I was thinking about and I go back to whatever I was thinking on before. But same thing happens after a while and this keeps up until I fall alseep.

Just needed to say that :content:

VILD is my favourite technique but i often have the same problem with controlling thoughts.

Yeah, I lose focus very fast with VILD too and how tired I am doesn’t seem to make a difference. If I’m really sleepy I’ll imagine the scene once or twice, then fall asleep while thinking of other things (and of course not realize that I am thinking about other things or realize that I’m falling asleep). Hmm it’s probably just lack of experience… At least I hope so lol otherwise that would mean I’m totally hopeless.

Anyone have any ideas on how to keep your thoughts only on the scene? I’d do the “put the thought up on a cloud” thing, but most of the time I don’t even realize that I’m thinking other thoughts!

VILD for some reason is more appealing to me than any other technique though, so I guess I’ll keep trying. :smile:

Dream on. // Olesia

I want to try the VILD this night, and some other too. But i created my own dream situation, its easier for me. Im in my room, alone. Nobody. (i often have problems with people while visualizng). The room looks just like that one IRL. On the bed i see my precious guitar. I sit down and try to play the “My Spirit Lives On” solo (manowar fans should know how hard it is :smile: as i play only for 3 months, its impossible to play it for me). I play the whole solo, and say “damn, this has to be a dream!” and then make a RC.

Wish me luck :dream:

well, i waked up few times in the night, after few times i coundt focus on my dream scene. Din’t succed ;/

It’s a little peculiar that for a technique which shows so much promise, and has recieved so much praise - only two people (Wolf and somebody else) have reported a single instance each of a successfull VILD.
I would really like for this technique to be successfull. I’m currently practicing VILD with my WBTB (2 days so far) and while I have definitely had some success with the incubation of a dream character, she hasn’t yet prompted me to do my RC.
Long story short - who has successfully VILD’ed over the past 2 years, since Pedro’s original post? Needless to say I’d probably be a little disappointed if the total count was two. :sadyes:

Is it really that unsuccesfull? It seems to be a really good technique indeed…But only 2/3 people have done it succelfully… Hmmm, maybe I should try another technique then. <=/

Another thing about VILD : If some-one in your made room sais ‘Do an RC!’ It’s not really possible to do when going to sleep. Would you have to imagne you did a RC in your toughts? I don’t fully understand.

Yes, you imagine (visualize) that the DC tells you to perform the RC, then you imagine yourself performing it. It succeeds, then you imagine that you realize you’re dreaming, then you go to the dream door and open it.

If you have fallen asleep without noticing it, the RC sensations will be slightly different and more realistic, what is likely to make you realize you’re dreaming.

I managed to VILD two days ago after a SHORT WBTB, I fell in the dream almost instantly since I had been up for like 5 minutes. It’s a good technique when you can concentrate or after your 5 hours of sleep.

I like your idea! I have to try that one tonight. I normally went to bed around 10 or 11 pm and then changed my sleeping time just becuase my dream book says go to sleep a few hours before. But… still I find myself falling asleep even later. I like to daydream before falling asleep, but I give my thoughts tons of attention and control, the only thing I’ll have to change here is just not paying much attention to my thoughts. I like that form of practicing an intention to evenchually say … “Hey I’m dreaming.” and it all makes sence to me.
Pretty cool.

Not had any luck yet but Pedro himself said he had 18 people emailed him to say it worked for them. That still isn’t a lot but I guess it just works really well for some people. I’m trying to use music right now but I might give VILD a few more attempts.

goodluck! :smile:

I’ve tried this technique a few times, and what’s wierd is, the first 2 times i tried it, i went lucid. But not right away. It made me become lucid later in the night. The bad thing though, is that pretty much as soon as i went lucid both times, i did one thing, and then my dream went away.

I guess when i become lucid i should, first thing, stay where i am for a little bit and try to become more lucid? Maybe. If anyone has any tips for me, please respond. anything will help i’m sure.

I also tried another new technique where I move my fingers repeatedly while falling asleep and do reality checks every once in a while. I became lucid once doing this, but when i realized that i was dreaming because of a reality check, i couldn’t move. I was stuck in bed, so i tried to levitate myself to the cieling, which worked, but as soon as i did this i woke up.

Hi Crohnie and :welcome: to LD4All.
You could try rubbing your hands together, spinning, or anything that involves interaction with your environment. Verbal reminders are quite good to prevent loss of lucidity - I like to say “I’m dreaming” over and over again.

I find VILD works really well with WILD. You picture the scenario and it starts forming with WILD!

Im definately gonna try this tek. and its all thanks to PEDRO. You sweet mother fuckjoiwefj;oiaj =p.

quick questions. If Im readinf this right… Im supposed to start visualizing the scenario the moment I go to sleep… which he says it should be around 11 pm, then while visualizing I will enter a dream. but isnt a person supposed to sleep at least 5 hours to enter REM Stage and be able to dream? because by readin this technique, its saying you can dream and go lucid at the time you first go to sleep…

am I right on this?

I’ve seen this recently on the forum but it’s wrong. You enter a REM sleep stage every 90 minutes. First REM sleep stages are very short, about 5 minutes. Last ones are longer, about 45 minutes. Moreover, you have dreams in n-REM stages too, but they look more like thoughts and are more difficult to remember. Lots of LD’s take place during the REM sleep, but some WILD’s can happen in a sort of modified 1st or 2nd sleep stages. Thus it’s possible to dream and go lucid at the time you first go to sleep, though it’s harder.

By the way, VILD can be used as a DILD or as a WILD method.

Pedro? I heard of him in some wiki of ld! There was saying that he did the VILD but there are no real proffs of it, just testimonials.


That’s normal. The wiki has been mainly initiated by somebody from the forum (R3TR0 if I remember well).