The BIG VILD Topic - Part I

Pedro? I heard of him in some wiki of ld! There was saying that he did the VILD but there are no real proffs of it, just testimonials.


That’s normal. The wiki has been mainly initiated by somebody from the forum (R3TR0 if I remember well).

This is really helpful for me cuz usually when i wake up in the middle of the night, i try to WILD and i think of myself walking up stairs or something and i start dreaming of walking up stairs. but i dont realize im actually dreaming, i just believe that im thinking about walking up the stairs. Then i get frustrated and open my eyes and realize that i really WAS dreaming that whole time. Buuut if i think about myself doing reality checks then i’ll have to realize that im dreaming and…have a ld! awesome.

i have a lot of trouble visualizing anything, any time of day or night. is there a technique i can practice to improve my visualization skills?

I’m really intruiged by this, the last few nights I’ve been doing this. I’ve managed to get a friend in my dream twice, but thats as far. I have a little bit of trouble at night, cause I find that after 20 minutes of thinking of the dream scenario over and over, I have trouble replaying it. I’m still imagining this scene, however all the actions the characters make are much slower than to what they were before. I’m not too worried, it seems to me that I have a knack for focusing on the dream scene, so if nothing else works, I could end up using VILD to WILD into a dream :smile:

Amused Himself, I think it’s just like when you practice WILD with counting and after a while you start to confuse numbers. Probably, this slow down it means that you’re falling asleep.

So I should probably just continue visualizing all of this until I fall alseep. It could work.

I think this technique is very good, I’ll try this tonight.

I usually have this effect in the last period of sleep, about 6.00am, because I am almost awake but dreams start in a very short period of time. Let’s hope…

Compliments to Pedro! :smile:

Hmmm, i tried this last night, and I spent an hour doing the repetiton of the dream, and when I did go to sleep it didn’t work. Is anyone else having a similar problem with this technique? I did all the instructions correctly, I think.

lol, I don’t think many people have much success with this. All of these techniques appear to take to get good at, so I wouldn’t wite it off without putting in one or two weeks into it. When I have time, I may work on it some, but MILD appears to be a much more consistent approach, and altogether, a better one at that.

To each their own.

yea, i think its a unique few that can incubate dreams at all. when i first read about VILD i thought it was a perfect technique for me because repeating a certain scene over and over until i fell asleep was something i had been doing for years just because it brought me comfort. then i realized that i never had dreams of my scene. i still think its an awesome tech though :content:

For those of you out there who were asking questions like “how will i know when i am actually dreaming” well… i’ve got a very simple way that will hopefully work.

In the dream i try to incubate, i have my friend inside the room and he starts talkin to me… probly what alot of you have chosen to do… he asks me “So , when are we goin to start our band”, i tell him “RIGHT NOW… Do you have any ideas for a band name” and he says “Yes…(blank)”

now hopefully if all goes to plan in my dream, my subconcious should shoot a band name out at my through my friend without me having to think or know anything about it. This for sure will let me know that i’m dreaming because in my incubation i never fill that blank space, but prompt him to answer me with a positive response.

Well thats all i have, i really hope this helps some of you, cause i think its a great idea. so try and be inventive and think up a great question that u will get some interesting answers from. :cool_laugh:

I tried it yesterday and failed. First, I was kind of very relaxed, but it didn’t go further, because it was too hot and when I breathed, it felt like I wasn’t relaxed at all, it felt like I was completely awake and that was really annoying. And second, the imagination thing didn’t work at all. I wanted to imagine myself standing in an empty white room with a door in front of me and someone sitting at a desk before that door (my brothers idea). But I can’t visualize that and I can’t even walk in my imagination. I just don’t know how to do that. I guess I’m very bad at that.

I’ve just gotten around to reading this and it sounds like a brilliant technique that ought to work.

I’ve never tried picturing a scene before going to sleep, so I have no idea wether I’d dream of such a scene. But it does seem likely that my subconcious will pick up on the desire to dream that scenario.

For those of you who said that the method isn’t working, you should definately try it again and again, because it may take time for your subconcious to pick up on the fact you want that scenario.
Of course, if you’re already using a different method that works, that’s probably better for you, but for myself I can see this method really working.

This sounds like a GREAT technique, Pedro. I’ll be trying this out tonight for sure! :smile:

If MILD fails tonight/tomorrow morning I’ll this one out tomorrow. or if it also fails, I’ll do both! It sounds like a wonderful technique. Although I’m still sort of figuring out what will work for me.

Though you can’t copyright VILD, you can copyright your description of it. Anyway…

Can I imagine one infinite repeating scene (e.g. playing the guitar while watching the door lock and unlock itself) instead of imagining a short one over and over again?

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He invented it.

It’s quite the same thing cause both loop. Now I think it’s interesting to imagine you have to perform a RC.

That doesn’t mean he can copyright it. Copyright only applies to data, not information–that is, it only applies to numbers, text, pictures, sounds, etc. A method of obtaining lucid dreams cannot be copyrighted, though a description of that method can. However, a different description of the same method is considered different under copyright law: copyright of one does not necessarily apply to the other.

Patent, however, is different: patent can be applied to certain devices, methods, and substances. Though it may have been possible to patent VILD in the United States, it definitely is (and was) impossible to patent in Europe, as it is not applicable in industry. U.S. patent law merely needs something to be new, inventive, and useful.

VILD can probably no longer be patented anywhere, as it is too old for even the less restrictive U.S. law, which usually requires something to be patented within a year of publication.