The BIG VILD Topic - Part I

Hey there, this seems like a good technique to start out with, i was woundering, does it matter if i move around much? it can get really uncomfortable for me sometimes so i have to scratch an itch or move the covers so im not so hot, will this have an impact? Do i have to remain fairly still?

I once imagined a whole dream in my head before falling asleep and I saw exactly this dream so I think this technique might work for me, I will try it tonight. :content:

IT WORKS REALLY!!wow…sry i had to get that out of my system :woo: it works good with a sleep induction form! really! :smile:

I do have a lamp now beside my bed. I’ll try this technique again sometime.

If anyone remembers Pedro’s first VILD I’m suprised it’s not the first topic on the list of the archives.

Pedro had 90-110 LDs/month, and only LaBerge was close to that and I believe that 4 lucid dreams EVERY night is pretty much the record. This makes me wonder if Pedro discovered one of the most optimal techniques?

Personally I don’t believe that some techniques work better than others for some people since this Pedro’s VILD combines both MILD and WILD-which Laberge first used.

What do you mean, who is Pedro? Also, VILD never seems to work for me. =/

Perhaps you should try the original version. I had 3 lucid dreams two times after the first time I tried it.

I’m still going strong. Not counting but probably just short of 100 a month. It just kind of happens now. Still VILD but not as much effort required.

I just read Pedro’s VILD post and I’m gonna try it tonight :content:
Almost 100 LD’s a month? I’d be overjoyed if I had 15 a month :woo:

I just took the time to read pedros VILD technique and just like you said pedro right away i made my dream! :wink: im excited to start making this method my daily rutine! :woo:

Pedro, how many times would you say you repeat your scenario before entering it?

I have my dream,
but can someone say how much times to ‘repeat’ it in your mind to have it work?

And when? Like in some situations it’s working better…:razz:

this technique sounds really good because of the dream incubation that pedro created. its very smart and creative. and i have been trying it but ive had a few technical difficulties inside my body at the time. (explicit stuff)

When VILDing I’m supposed to imagine myself doing an RC over and over again right? But am I supposed to imagine the RC failing or succeeding?

A failed RC would mean you were dreaming. If the RC passes, it means you are in RL.

I had a very cool ND the other night. I woke up before the end of the story and started imagining how the dream would have continued. After a while my daydream turned into another dream, the continuation of the first one. So I was just wondering, if I had put a RC or more in my daydream and ended up doing one when it had transformed into a dream… would that have been a VILD? I’ve never done a VILD before, so I’m not sure…

I’m giving this topic a bit of a bump. It’s a really good technique and IMO a tad easier than WILD with similar results. Any new dreamers should really try it out!

i read a post regarding a friend of a friend of pedro`s who apparently had a really detailed book written by Pedro about his VILD tech.
i cant find the post again but it said something along the lines of, not actually performing the RC,

as soon as he would be ready to do a RC he would look around the room and think about his surroundings, but leave the RC part out, so when he entered the dream and did an RC it was in a way a real RC instead of the imagined RC he would have looped over and over again before actually falling asleep, apparently this was according to Pedro (no quote) the biggest reason why some people could not do it.

i think it has something to do with it not being a part of the incubated dream, and more like an original thought, so you could notice it more.

Hmm… see if you can’t track that down. If so it’s a very important step to VILD that needs to be mentioned.

here is the post mentioned above