The BIG "Was this a LD?" topic - Part VI

I think I may have had a low-level LD but I’m not sure. It went away too fast, it seems like. And I’m not sure I was aware of the implications of this.

Anyhow, it was all dark, and I sorta felt a tug, and I was scared, but then I was like “HOMGZ I’M DREAMIN’. HEY, I KNOW I’M DREAMING.”
Then I got to… somewhere, I think it was supposed to be my house, and then I got us to this restaurant where I took this little girl to the bathroom, only it was like this weird tent thing and some guys were trying to break in and I was like “drek”( xD I used shadowrun slang in my sleep.) and I knocked it over so we were close to the tables and I was like “OMG HELP US”. And (this part is vague) I got out eventually. The little girl had gone though, I think.

Okay, you realized you were dreaming. Technically that means you were lucid. But were you actually concious in it? If your thoughts were just as clear and in-depth in your dream as they are IRL, then you were lucid. But if the dream still felt as if it was controlling your reactions to its events, I wouldn’t concider it a LD. It depends on what you classify a LD as. Some people think a LD is any dream, whether having concious thought or not, in which you realize you’re dreaming. Others, like myself, believe you must be fully aware in the dream to consider it a LD. It depends. To me, it seems like you had a brief moment of lucidity and then it faded into a ND.

Hope I helped, sorry if I rambled! :roll:

Okay I have just remembered something from last night and its really bugging me. I definately dreamt something to do wih an LD but I’m not sure if I actually LD’d or not. I remember thinking ‘lets see if I can walk through a wall’ and I did. I then tried again but couldn’t. But I’ve a feeling I dreamt about having and LD :sad:

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since you don’t remember experiencing any awareness it was probably a dream about LDing. But the good news is that lucid dreaming is on your mind so you will very likely have a real LD soon :happy:

Okay well thanks :smile: At least there’s a good sign

This may have possibly been my first LD:
I dreamt that I woke up in my room, immediatley out of an almost-reflex, I plugged my nose, and found I was still able to breathe. I went through a cycle of other tests, like looking at an alarm clock and flipping my light switch on and off, and all pointed to the fact that I was dreaming. The only thing that makes me doubt that this was a LD was the fact that I had limited control, in fact, the only time I actually remember having control was when I closed my door by thrusting my hand in its direction, kinda like some Star Wars force-thing. It was kinda boring, but if it was a lucid dream, then I’m happy!

if that is the only thing making you doubt, then it would have been your first LD :yay:

lucidity is about awareness not control, but control often follows due to the awareness. sometimes to give yourself a power or control you have to think of ways to do it. Commands are good for this … or lateral thinking. just experiment and have fun :happy:

First of all, Hello to everyone! It’s great to meet people who doesn’t think you’re insane or believe you’re are going to go crazy for practicing LDing.

I also want to apologise for my English since I speak Spanish.

I’ve always experienced SP and HH usually when I’m laying face up. I get so scared that I suddenly wake up and sometimes I feel forced to open my eyes. That’s why I find WILDing so hard.

Last night, after having a day almost off of RC’s (made 3 or 4 in all day) and hadn’t used any tecnique at all I had another LD.
I woke up around 2, I always wake up a few times during the night bacause I usually have bad dreams, not nightmares but really scary dreams. I realized I couldn’t recall any dream yet, so I went to the bathroom and continue my sleep. Then I remember be doing a RC (the nose one)and be amazed because I was able to breath. So I went like “I’m dreaming!”. I’m not sure if it was a real LD because I thought I was dreaming of having a LD in my dream (do you get it?). So I told my mum it was a LD, made another RC (one of mysef that is watching my nails which are (most of the time) painted with the word “s u e ñ o” (dream in Spanish) in WL) and I noticed it changed somehow. Then after exploring a bit of my old house I said to myself that this was a long dream since I could feel every passing second. I also remember having rubbed my hands a couple of times. Then I decided I’d give flying a try. It took me a lot of effort and I had to go through some kind of awning. Last thing I remember is seeing landscapes.

The funny thing is that after waking up from that dream and going back to sleep I dreamt about telling my mother of having had a LD.

My question is; if I knew that I was dreaming it was a LD right? even though I thought I was dreaming in a dream? :eh:

welcome zoethedreamer! :welcome:

:yes: you have had a real LD. As soon as you realize you are dreaming, you have a lucid dream. It doesn’t really matter if you think you dreamt it in a dream, it is a lucid dream nonetheless :smile: We have even a definition for those kind of LD’s, lucid meta dream, or nested lucid dream :smile: Congratulations! And I like that idea you have, of painting “dream” on your fingernails and use that as a reality check :happy:

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Thank you so much!!

Yeah, that RC really works for me. In fact, the 1st time I realized I was dreaming was while watching at one letter of my fingernails it started to changed into dots. I guess it can be usefull for people who doesn’t come out of home frequently otherwhise you will have to explain everyone why you have that word written in your fingernails and it gets really anoying.

Btw, sorry for having post where I shouldn’t…

Zoe! gasp If you just started, that was a great LD!!! Mine only last a few seconds:-D
Well, I had a dream where I was running up and down the stairs of my house, getting honey and grahm crackers. Then the dream started fading, and i was like, “Noo I am in a dream but now its ending and when I close my eyes again I will open them and be in my bed!!!” And exactly that happened.
So was this an LD? If it was, it probably wasn’t 100% b/c I didn’t think of spinning. I’m just not sure if this was me partially awake of me LDing (second, second, second!!!)

AsiAsi I know exactly what you mean! The same thing happens to me all the time, the whole dream is a ND, and then I start to wake up and I say “Noo! This is a dream, let me stay!” lol. Also if in a ND things get really bad, I think “This must be a dream…” but then I wake up. I’m not entirely sure, but I would say what you described is a lucid dream, because as soon as you realize that you are dreaming in the dream, it is a lucid dream.

Also, well done Zoe! Great first LD :happy:

Yay thanks!!!

In my last LD I realised I was dreaming by questioning too much the fact that if I was dreaming or not. Then I went like “if I doubt it that much this must be a dream!” Then when I was trying to fly the scene was too dark so i said “increase visibility” a few times and everything went to light, I was walking in the streets and I could even see the faces of the people who was driving in the cars!! Amazing, cause I usually see things blurry in my dreams.

Oaky, last night was (if is was,) my longest LD ever. I twas like 1 or 2 minutes long. I remember telling all these people to disappear, and I did, leaving me in a blank landscape. I was worried that I would wake up, so I decided to eat some warm bread (long time since I had homemade bread; I just wanted to have some). It looked all doughy in my hand, but it tasted good and very warm!^^ For most of the rest of the dream I sort of wandered around wondering what to do, and then I started to lose a little lucidity.
If I was even lucid. See, for a lot of the dream I didn;t really think “I’m dreaming”. I did think “I can do whatever I want”, and maybe subconciously knew I was dreaming, but it still felt weird.
Or this could also be because I woke up from that dream in the middle of the night and went back to sleep, losing some of the lucidity feeling. I always say I will write it down anytime of night, but it was a weeknight, so…
Could someone tell me if I did? IF it was this means I made awesome progress and I will be overjoyed. Either way I woul dmake progress, but having a real LD is just better, you know?

If at any point you realised that you were dreaming, at the very least that part of the dream was lucid :smile: As for the rest of the dream being lucid It is hard for me to say. If you compare how those parts of the dream felt, to how it felt when you realised that you were dreaming. You should be able to tell if you were still lucid or not. :wink: congratulations :happy:

This dream scared the hell out of me. I had just done a bunch of yard work and I was really tired, so i fell right to sleep. To skip all of the boring stuff that occurred before possible lucidity and get right to the good stuff: I was piloting a small helicopter type aircraft over a grand canyon type landscape. I suddenly realized that I was dreaming and I have no idea how my train of thought went this way but, I figured it didn’t matter if i flew perfectly or crashed. I let off of the throttle and began to free fall towards the earth. at the last moment I became unsure whether I was dreaming or not and tried regain control of the helicopter, but failed. It was quite possible the scariest moment of my life not knowing whether I was going to die or not. I woke up the most scared I’ve ever been, and eventually realized I was alive. I’m not sure if I was lucid, because why would I have chosen to crash?


If you were really aware that you were dreaming, it is possible that you lost your lucidity during the excitement of flying since when lucid you would know that you couldn’t die or get hurt in the dream.

Im so confused :confused: …idk if this was ld i just…omg idk…anyway heres how it went:
well…if u all can remember, that turner beast in maine that was hit by that car?
well the dream wass full of them, they were chasing the car, and then they like, broke out one of the tires, so me and my step dad get out of the car, and we run, and we see this van infront of us dumping out the turner beasts, :eek:
i still remeber the liscene plate because i was focusing so hard on it, it was: NGJN14
so anyway, i run into this church to hide and decide to pray, and i felt really peaceful, but then, they broke down the door so i run into this school, when i see my sister plugging her nose, that’s when i think i became lucid, i did a RC and i could breath through my nose!
so i flew around, killing the turner beast, but i still felt that urgency like in the dream, i still didnt totally feel indedpendent, :sad:
was this a LD or was it just a dream about LD i really don’t know, when i woke up it felt like a normal dream, but in the dream idk what it felt like…
P.S. in the dream i wrote “future” on a peice of paya, put it in a cubby and in my dream i pulled it out and it said “748-9988” :confused: could somebody plz tell me what that means??

it all depends on if you did the RC automatically and then acted as if lucid without being aware … just using the powers
A lucid dream is defined as knowing you are dreaming while in the dream. So it all depends on how you were thinking at that time.
Also remember, you can be lucid just for a few moments and then fade back into a normal dream again :meh: