The BIG WILD topic - Part XIV

The only problem i had so far is that i always wake up in the established hour BUT i always quit the counting while WILD’ing due to be extremely tired; is there any cure for that? will enhacement?

Will enhancement should work yes. Try to keep your focus. You can practice it during the day also: for instance try counting your breaths WITHOUT thinking about anything else. Let’s say, count to ten and then begin all over again. It’s more difficult than it might seem… our minds have the natural tendency to wander off if focusing too long. If you find yourself wandering off, start from one again. Do this day by day and it will strengthen your focus.

Well, there’s just one other problem: Saliva. Whenever I manage to finally relax I’ve got a big bucketload of saliva in my mouth and I just can’t help but swallow. It’s a reflex.

Yeah the saliva can be quite annoying… but I think the best method is not to think about it, at least not like “oh no the saliva is again collecting in my mouth. oh no!” Just try to keep relaxed and when you feel like you’re building up to the moment of swallowing, try to swallow it before that moment arrives. This way you can do it more slowly and controlled than when you wait until your mouth is full. While swallowing it, don’t pay too much attention to it but keep focused on your relaxed body, for instance by keeping focused on the image of falling down in an elevator… tell yourself that swallowing won’t stop you from falling down, from falling into a deeper relaxation. Tell yourself it won’t disturb you. You can do this also in the evening right before going to bed.
One other thing: the saliva problem usually disappears once you’re into a really deep relaxation and once SP appears.

Hope this helps :smile:

Try lightly pressing your tongue up against the roof of your mouth.

Well, I’m still having trouble with LDing, WILD still seems like my most likely course of LDing, but I still can’t get there, I’ve tried; right as I’m first going to sleep, after about 4-6 hours, various other times of waking up during the night, during a nap, during the day, but none of them have been successful, I feel that I"m just too away and can’t go to sleep, my body is relaxed, and sleep paralysis is fairly easy, and I can get to the beginning of seeing HI, but that’s about as far as I can get, I never fully fall asleep, can someone give me any pointers.

Also on the saliva issue, if I leave my mouth closed it builds up, but if I leave my mouth open(more comfortable for me), my mouth drys up, and I eventually have to move my mouth and lips to wet it.

At the moment, I’ve only experienced 2 spontaneous WILDs. Both have some features in common:

  1. Both WILDs happened after a LD.
  2. Both LDs ended between 6 and 8 am.
  3. After every LD, I woke up and thought about the dream. More precisely: the emotions that I felt in my LDs.
  4. In about 5 minutes I fell sleep and entered directly into another LD, that was unstable and short.

Hope that helps!

If you get into SP easily you could try the “rolling out” tech, I wrote a guide to this here. I would also still advice that you keep trying WILD after WBTB or after waking up during the night. Good luck!

I have the problem of that when just entering HI, i try to focus it instead of just carrying on counting :sad:

then my mind becomes too active and i have to start over again.

i have never gotten past HI (not that i have been trying for very long)

Do i just need more willpower to carry on counting?

Actually, the counting is usually used to make you go into relaxation faster while also keeping your mind awake. When you reach the stage of SP and HI, you’re usually relaxed enough for the next stage of WILD. Generally speaking, counting doesn’t help here anymore because it keeps your mind too focused, too aware. If your mind becomes too active, try to let things go more. The key is to stay focused on one thing… don’t push it, but remain aware of it on a very low level. This really takes a lot of practice and experimenting on how far you can go with the level of your awareness. It’s also best to focus on dream-related stuff, like a dream scene, a dream object you visualize before your eyes, but it can also be something like spinning sensations which can make you roll out of your body straight into the dream. Some people also use the HI: pick one particular HI scene without trying to get attached with it or interact with it actively. Instead, observe it passively and use your mind to zoom in on it, gently and without forcing it. But remain passively focused on it. This will cause the HI to surround you fully until it stabilizes into a full blown dream.
Various methods are possible as you can see, but it’s up to you to experiment with them and experience what fits best for you. In any case, I think counting is only suitable for the first phase of WILD. Afterwards you need to lower your awareness to make the transition from waking to dreaming, and counting often requires too much awareness for this purpose.

Hope this helped a bit.
Good luck :happy:


Thankyou for the help, i think this is what i am doing wrong, i need to relax more :cool:

I will let you know how i get on :wink:

Didn’t do too badly with WILD last night, got to a stage where i saw my Hypnagogic Images turn into proper pics :happy:

when i wild what kind of movement should i focus on i dont really like the walking down stairs thing is there anything else you whould recomend

I count down from 100 down to 1, from 1 back up to 100, back down to 1. Lather rinse and repeat…

You may focus on the falling feeling (sort of creating it then intensifying it) or the floating movement.

Is it best to get out of your bed and stay awake for 10 minutes before trying WILD with WBTB? Or should you try to not move at all when you wake up? I have that if you move your chances of succeeding are reduced, but i have also read that you should get up and do RC’s and read about LDs

Hey, whats up?

I had a weird experience last night. I was half asleep, and i suddenly slipped into a dream. I was in my school art room and was looking at the paintings, something triggered in my head that it was a dream. Having nothing innovative to do i turned to a girl and punched her in the head (As hard as i could). This made my arm flinch and woke me up…

Does anyone know what this could have been? maybe my first WILD???

Any comments would be great

If you were completely aware all of the time you spent falling asleep then it could be a WILD.

hey dreamers!

The other day, i was pretty bored, so i thought id try a mid day WILD. I lay in my bed and put my head phones on (listening to ‘Lucid Trance Music’ which basically repeats things like ‘you are dreaming’ etc…)

I did this for about half an hour and started to see some HI and my body went numb and started getting mega twitchy, but i could ‘get myself over the edge’. I had the feeling i was almost in a dream, but i couldnt do it.

Then i started thinking about what i was going to do if/when i got into an LD. I started thinking about looking at my hands, so i looked down at them. I was thinking to myself, “yeh, they look pretty normal…” then i realised my eyes were closed!!!but i think i got excited and went back to my past state…damn…

Was this the beginning of a WILD? Im really confused. If not, can someone give me some pointers???


I feel its better to close your mouth, then sorta of suction cup your tongue so the tip is on the back of the teeth and it sort of takes up all the space in your mouth going from there…You know what I mean?