The BIG WILD topic - Part XIV

If you get into SP easily you could try the “rolling out” tech, I wrote a guide to this here. I would also still advice that you keep trying WILD after WBTB or after waking up during the night. Good luck!

I have the problem of that when just entering HI, i try to focus it instead of just carrying on counting :sad:

then my mind becomes too active and i have to start over again.

i have never gotten past HI (not that i have been trying for very long)

Do i just need more willpower to carry on counting?

Actually, the counting is usually used to make you go into relaxation faster while also keeping your mind awake. When you reach the stage of SP and HI, you’re usually relaxed enough for the next stage of WILD. Generally speaking, counting doesn’t help here anymore because it keeps your mind too focused, too aware. If your mind becomes too active, try to let things go more. The key is to stay focused on one thing… don’t push it, but remain aware of it on a very low level. This really takes a lot of practice and experimenting on how far you can go with the level of your awareness. It’s also best to focus on dream-related stuff, like a dream scene, a dream object you visualize before your eyes, but it can also be something like spinning sensations which can make you roll out of your body straight into the dream. Some people also use the HI: pick one particular HI scene without trying to get attached with it or interact with it actively. Instead, observe it passively and use your mind to zoom in on it, gently and without forcing it. But remain passively focused on it. This will cause the HI to surround you fully until it stabilizes into a full blown dream.
Various methods are possible as you can see, but it’s up to you to experiment with them and experience what fits best for you. In any case, I think counting is only suitable for the first phase of WILD. Afterwards you need to lower your awareness to make the transition from waking to dreaming, and counting often requires too much awareness for this purpose.

Hope this helped a bit.
Good luck :happy:


Thankyou for the help, i think this is what i am doing wrong, i need to relax more :cool:

I will let you know how i get on :wink:

Didn’t do too badly with WILD last night, got to a stage where i saw my Hypnagogic Images turn into proper pics :happy:

when i wild what kind of movement should i focus on i dont really like the walking down stairs thing is there anything else you whould recomend

I count down from 100 down to 1, from 1 back up to 100, back down to 1. Lather rinse and repeat…

You may focus on the falling feeling (sort of creating it then intensifying it) or the floating movement.

Is it best to get out of your bed and stay awake for 10 minutes before trying WILD with WBTB? Or should you try to not move at all when you wake up? I have that if you move your chances of succeeding are reduced, but i have also read that you should get up and do RC’s and read about LDs

Hey, whats up?

I had a weird experience last night. I was half asleep, and i suddenly slipped into a dream. I was in my school art room and was looking at the paintings, something triggered in my head that it was a dream. Having nothing innovative to do i turned to a girl and punched her in the head (As hard as i could). This made my arm flinch and woke me up…

Does anyone know what this could have been? maybe my first WILD???

Any comments would be great

If you were completely aware all of the time you spent falling asleep then it could be a WILD.

hey dreamers!

The other day, i was pretty bored, so i thought id try a mid day WILD. I lay in my bed and put my head phones on (listening to ‘Lucid Trance Music’ which basically repeats things like ‘you are dreaming’ etc…)

I did this for about half an hour and started to see some HI and my body went numb and started getting mega twitchy, but i could ‘get myself over the edge’. I had the feeling i was almost in a dream, but i couldnt do it.

Then i started thinking about what i was going to do if/when i got into an LD. I started thinking about looking at my hands, so i looked down at them. I was thinking to myself, “yeh, they look pretty normal…” then i realised my eyes were closed!!!but i think i got excited and went back to my past state…damn…

Was this the beginning of a WILD? Im really confused. If not, can someone give me some pointers???


I feel its better to close your mouth, then sorta of suction cup your tongue so the tip is on the back of the teeth and it sort of takes up all the space in your mouth going from there…You know what I mean?

Hi Taipan! Yes, it was the beginning of a LD.

so is wilding basically just
staying conscious until you dream
keeping your mind on something like counting or on an object?

the faster you get into REM dream, the faster you WILD?

so WILDing wouldnt be the best way to be lucid on a regular weekday for me?
(school, most sleep i get on weekday is 8 hours - usually 6)

first time you sleep, you REM after 90 minutes (right?)
so if i were to WILD, i would have to WILD for around 90 minutes. which isnt very practical. so i hear around that after 4-5 hours is a good time to WILD. even after 4-5 minutes you have to stay conscious until you REM even if its 10 minutes till REM.

i woke up earlier today knowing its been more than 4-5 hours without checking the time, so i kept conscious while returning to sleep. focusing on my body and counting and everything, i keep conscious. i stay like this for what seems to be 5-10 minutes. after that 5-10 minutes, i hear my alarm clock and immediately sit up.

does that mean i am doing it correctly?
am i on the right path?
if my mind was conscious and body asleep, would i be able to hear my alarm clock and get right up or was i just awake with my eyes closed?

last question - while WILDing, does your mind get the rest it needs from sleep?

thanks alot guys, sorry if it is long, but i need to summarize everything i know about WILD so that i make sure im getting everything correct. please correct me if im wrong anywhere

Hi CastorTroy :wave:

WILD is about remaining conscious enough during the transition from sleep to dream so that you can enter the dream consciously from the start. The counting technique is just one of the many techniques to keep your mind awake, but those techniques do not really define WILD.
The difference with DILDs is that WILDs are usually more vivid and more lucid, because there was a more or less continuous awareness from the waking state to the dream state. During DILD you become conscious after a period of unconsciousness during which you were being submitted to dream scenarios to which you solely reacted based upon unconscious impulses, expectations and associations with waking life.

Yes, but that’s entirely logical. If the bridge between waking life and dream life is very short, then you’ll make the transition in a shorter time period, so if you remain conscious (meaning, if you practice WILD), you’ll actually witness this shorter transition.

You can try it (like, wake up after 4.5hrs of sleep), but in general it does work better if you can sleep for a longer time. The reason is because the longer you sleep, the thinner the gap becomes between waking life and dream life, so it becomes easier to cross that gap.

Yes after 4.5 or 6hrs would be a good time. You can do it also in the evening though… it seems that some WILDers can actually change their regular sleeping patterns and experience so-called SOREMPS (sleep onset REM periods), which are more-vivid-than-usual REM periods occuring right after falling asleep.

I don’t see much you might be doing wrong. However, you have to bear in mind that achieving WILD in 10 minutes is really fast, even after 4hrs of sleep. The reason is this: the longer you’re awake after those 4hrs of sleep, and the more you become aware of your waking state, the greater the gap becomes between waking life and dream life, thus the more difficult it becomes to achieve an instant WILD and the longer it will take to actually achieve one. Therefore, to have a WILD in 10 minutes you can only stay awake for a very brief period, preferably even without opening your eyes; when you wake up, instantly remember to keep your eyes closed and not to move a muscle; then remember your previous dream and immediately try to reenter it through WILD. This is the fastest way to WILD. If you actually get up and become fully awake, you may afterwards find yourself trying to WILD for an hour or two without any success, even if you only stayed up for ten minutes or so. However, it can still be done, and usually goes faster if you have more experience… but as I said, this is not really the fastest way to WILD :smile:

Reading your description of the experience, I don’t think your body was deeply asleep… did you experience anything unusual, like numbness in your legs, vibrations going from top to bottom, sinking sensations, flashes of visual hallucinations or noises? All these sensations are signs that your body is falling asleep.
I do think however that you can hear your alarm clock going off, even if you’ve evolved deeply into WILD. But that also depends on the loudness of your alarm clock :smile: Generally though, your perception of external noises diminishes as you’re going more into WILD. That’s because attention shifts from outward to inward stimuli, which is necessary to make a smooth transition to the dream world.

I’ve never heard about negative side effects. In my experience, I’m usually more refreshed after a LD, beit WILD-induced or not, when compared to a fully unconscious night.
Furthermore, I’ve always thought that one of the functions of sleep is about revitalization of the body, not the mind.

Mystic, what if i forget to keep my eyes closed, but try to fall asleep right away when I WILD? Will it still take over 10 minutes?

The things I’ve said in my previous post are not really that fixed and there can be substantial differences between persons, especially in the details. In general I think it’s true that the more contact you make with waking life if you wake up, the longer it might take to reenter the dream world through WILD. So if you open your eyes, you make contact with whatever you see in your bedroom, and this way your awareness shifts from the dream world to the waking world. It may not be much but there’s a shift anyway. Whether or not that will have a big effect on your WILD attempt, I don’t really know. For some people it might, while other people might not see any difference. You’ll have to try it out.
Also, don’t pinpoint on the 10 minutes… some people might WILD in one minute while other people in hypothetically exactly the same sleeping-waking conditions might need 20 minutes. It all depends on your experience, your level of relaxation, the strength of your conscious connection with the dream you’ve just awoken from, and your general mental/physiological profile. It’s different for different people and the only way to find out how it works for you is to experiment and experience :smile:

The first time I tried WILD, (for real) I tried counting. And the moment I reached 100, I got the tingling feeling in my body. After that I was really uncomfortable and my eyes opened.
I then realized that I forgot to relax and my body was all tensed up!
But I wonder… What happened? Did I actually fall asleep?

I haven’t read much on this topic and it might be a stupid question but I was just wondering.