The BIG WILD topic - Part XIV

After having an ‘accident’ where a MILD turned out to be a WILD :grin: (read in my dream diary thread if you want to know more) I’ve decided to give WILD another shot. I didn’t have much success with it after trying a lot to do WILD a couple of years ago. Maybe I’ll manage better now that I’ve had a sort-of succesful WILD. But I still have a question.

When I did this WILD, I had a sort of electric feeling all over my body. I can also barely recall having that feeling when I tried to WILD years ago. It was extremely disturbing, almost painful. Now I worry that the next time I try to WILD I’ll find this feeling so disturbing I won’t manage to do a complete WILD. So, does anyone know how to cope with this feeling, or what mindset to use while experiencing that feeling?

Hey, whats up? (again),

I had a pretty weird experience the other night. I was at my freinds house for a ‘end of exams’ gathering. I had quite high amounts of beer and weed, so i was pretty intoxicated going to bed…

When everyone had fallen asleep, i decided id try WILD. I lay beck on the mattress and closed my eyes. I got into pretty intense HI in only a short time (I think i was hearing sounds as well). After a while the HI started becoming very vivid and realistic. I saw myself going through a tunnel of coloured bars. The closer i got to the dark end, the more the feeling of my body dissappeared. Im pretty sure at this point that i was experiencing SP, even though i didnt try to move as my body felt really heavy!

After a while of this, i felt my body shaking and vibrating, then a sudden rush (i think at this point i was entering a dream) but then there was a weird pulse in my hand, and i opened my eyes and looked at my hand. I didnt know where i was. I was looking at his door in the dark, it was swirling up and down. My hand had really long fingers too. I thought to myself “Im dreaming…” Then everything sort of came back into focus and i realised i wasnt dreaming… :cry:

Im a bit confused to how you can see the Waking life world in an abstract fashion, even upon waking. Any comments would be sick.

  • Thanks guys

last night i had an experience i think some of you may find useful.

i was in hypnogogia, trying to have an astral projection. lately i’ve been having trouble letting my body switch off, so i’ve been doing excercises to keep my mind occupied so it forgets about my body.

last night i was imagining myself riding a bike. Now, i have extremely weak powers of visualisation, so you can imagine my surprise when all of a sudden i found myself riding a bike inside an extrememly vivid, colorful, detailed world. I instantly knew i was dreaming. So i did the usual things i’d expect myself to do inside a lucid dream (yep, flying. does that ever get boring?).

here’s an excerpt from my dream journal.

"i remember that every time i tried to look at myself (which i did twice before the dream stopped) i would feel very much like the dream could end at any second. like looking at myself was weakening the dream world. then when i looked back up at the world, it was less vivid than it was before for a few moments, but eventually it went back to normal.

It was as though my brain can’t imagine what i would have looked like inside this dream world.

i also remember touching things(most notably, someone’s head), and actually feeling them. the touching sensation was similar to the real world, but not quite the same. it’s very tough to describe. but the way things felt, the sensations i got from touching things, felt fractured and fleeting. and possibly dulled a bit. like the touch sensation was a memory in itself"

My WILD was completely unintentional. I knew what a WILD is beforehand, but i wasn’t conciously trying to have one. I think that may be where my success stemmed from. The two times i’ve managed to have astral projections, i wasn’t consciously trying to have astral projections at the time.

anyway, it was my first WILD and probably my 5th or 6th Lucid Dream overall. And i enjoyed it alot!

keep on dreamin’

I’ve been having problems “diving in” to WILDs. I’ve been trying these past few weeks with no luck. The only stage I can easily reach is making my body feel alseep. Another time I managed to get the “electric current” feeling people talk about, but recieved no HH. What am I doing wrong? Am I too conscious or not relaxed enough in my head? Because my body is certainly relaxed. At times it feels like I try too hard and my eyes strain.
Any help is appreciated.

last night I tried WILD without WBTB seriously for the first time. I know that it takes about 90 min. to enter the REM stage. I started at 10:30 with a 30 minute binaural beat mp3. after what felt like over 90 minutes, i lost all the feeling in my body except for my mouth and a small part of my chest. i gave up, and i saw it was about 11:40. This is the farthest I have gone in WILD without WBTB, but even after 80 minutes and a binaural beat to help me relax I still did not get ANY HH. :help:

Hey everyone. now I am not sure what you might consider this as. but sometimes when I am going to sleep I will try to do the wild tech. and I will feel like I was dreaming for a little bit, but totally got snapped out of it. and then when I would look at a clock it wouldnt be that much later than when I went to bed. was I actually dreaming? and is it possible to go into a wild in like 20 min? thanks

Lina - Some people don’t get HI or HH that easy but you can sort of practice getting it though :smile: I think you should keep on practicing, you will probably start getting it after some time. How much time is hard to say though.

StEvE21 - You get start dreaming after 90 minutes of deep sleep. If you just lie in the bed you still won’t get into REM until you have slept in deep sleep for 90 minutes. If you managed to loose the feeling in your body you are doing well and you should keep trying to WILD, after a while you will get it :content:

dream_on1623 - You weren’t dreaming, you had HI or HH and if you should keep focusing on trying to keep what you see without snapping out of it. One day when you wake up in the middle of the night you will suddenly realise you see something and suddenly you go into a LD without snapping out of it. I used to WILD like that alot, I started seeing something and then sort of zoomed into it and then I was in a LD :cool:

Why have I heard of people who have had LDs from WILD without WBTB?

StEvE21, it’s possible to WILD without WBTB, but it’s far more easier, especially for beginners, to learn WILD with WBTB.

had a strange WILD experience this morning.

I had been sleeping for almost 12 hours, and was in that stage when you’re waking up, but still drifting in and out of dreams.

I was having strong HH, and realised all of a sudden that i was lying in bed. So i tried to turn the hallucinations into dreams using certain methods. The first one i did which worked only very briefly was rolling out of bed onto the floor. I also imagined myself in a different room from the one i was sleeping in, so that it became more detached from reality. So eventually, i managed to (as i was rolling out of my HH bed) start myself off on a lucid dream. But it was weak, and didn’t last long.

so i tried that same technique a couple more times, with the same results. But even though these WILDs didn’t last long, they were my second, third and fourth WILDs ever, so i thought it was pretty good going.

After that i decided to try a different way of trasferring into the dream. So i imagined myself walking around my house, and the image was slowly becoming more and more vivid. eventually i felt my self cross the threshold into the dreaming world.

Speaking of that threshold, does anyone else here actually feel a physical change when they get into the dream? it’s very hard to describe, but i kind of imagine it like walking through a waterfall. Or, rather, a screen of falling water directly infront of me.

anyway, once i had gotten into the dream, i tried to shout “lucidity now!” and “lucidityx1000!!” but my mouth just wouldn’t move. It was like someone had crammed it full of peanut butter and i was unable to speak. I forgot to try spinning and/or rubbing my hands together for some reason.

this time the dream lasted a couple of minutes, but it was the last one of the morning. I think four in one morning is pretty damn good going for me. even if three of them were extremely short, at least i have more experience with the technique now.

good job sumday.
that could’ve been a description of my morning, but the neighbours dog wouldnt stop barking…

It’s a rather good description. I just experienced it 2 days ago. And yes, there is a “physical” change, as the dream becomes more “physical”, more solid, indeed.

Speaking out loud has sometimes strange results in lucid dreams. I don’t recognize my voice, it looks like the Voice in the Dune movie. :smile:

Counting while going up the stairs is too boring, so I have been trying diffrent things, and sometimes its a combination of counting steps, and paying attention to the back of my eyelids. I allso like to imagine that I have a friend with me, and we are camping out in the middle of a huge crop circle, and our goal is to go into a dream while being lucid. Its a little more exciting then alot of other ways of doing wild.

I’ve read through a part of these WILD topics (though not all) and I’ve tried WILD too.

The night before last night I used the method of repeating “breathe in I am dreaming breathe out I am dreaming” but lost consciousness pretty soon and didn’t achieve anything.

Last night I counted while repeating I am dreaming. At 400 I got some strong visual sensation (not VERY strong but strong compared to nothing) which I am pretty sure was HI. I think I got the same thing at 700 but not as strong. I kept losing track of the numbers now and then and lost consciousness about 800-900 I think. A question: How long would you often count before you experience HI / WILD?

Some years ago I was at a friends place. It was pretty calm, we listened to music or something, and for some reason I went into a dark storage room at his place. I laid down comfy at a matress and closed my eyes. Very soon I could see a man with sunglasses and long hair, dressed in white clothes and a golden necklace, dancing and smiling. I could also very clearly hear music, and good music at that. I tried to remember it so I could recreate it on the computer later but couldn’t remember it after I left the storage room. The music and man were both VERY vivid. I didn’t know about HI then but I’m 100% positive it must have been HI.

Im going to try breathing tonight, Ive never thought about that one, thanks.

I’m afraid there is no answer. It depends on the person, on how fast you fall asleep, on when you practice WILD’ing (when going to sleep of after a WBTB), etc.

Yes indeed, it looks very much like HI.

ok… I have a question.
I´m counting my breaths. When Í´m relaxed, after about 15 min… i start to have images that i can´t controll. I lose track of the numbers… should i ignore the images and keep focused on the counting ??

i’d say the other way around, focus on the images, and try to step into them, because that is the beginning of the dream. But keep concentrating because you have to remember that you are entering a dream.

I think you should do as Pasquale says and concentrate on them. I’m really curious though, what kind of images are these, how do they look and how strong are they. It sounds like they’re HI to me.

Hey everyone, i have a question. Does anyone else get the urge to swallow when trying to perform WILD. I try to take my mind off of it but it seems like i have to swallow like every 3 minutes. any suggestions?