The Circle of Sound (np: K.O.D. by Tech N9ne)

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i’ll write some things about specific songs later…but as a whole this album is one of my favorite albums. the sounds are so hauntingly beautiful…

magnum’s lyrics combined with his amazing emotional yowling some call singing, creates wrenching, lovely things inside of me.

whenever i hear this line and TRULY LISTEN, i feel like i am atop the greatest lover ive ever known, about to crash into her body and bury my face in her hair…its not sexual either, its a very loving thing. like ive met the person i want to spend my whole life with.

this line, when combined with the awesome bending of the musical saw, makes the line real. there is nothing better to describe that feeling other than i feel like a majestic conifer, stretching and bending into the sky, like something you would see on a psychedelic trip.

i cant help but cry at this verse. this guy, creating a “radio played just for two” reminds me of my affinity for introducing girls im interested in to new music…creating these emotional atmospheres out of music, telling her things through it.

ive never wanted a child so badly in all my life

an amazing example of jeff magnum’s cryptic and surreal writing

oh…my…god…so amazing

well there’s a first time for everything …

/me tiptoes into the topic

But I will probably just listen to the music and also read all your thoughts on it.
I LIKE what I have heard so far from neutral milk hotel :music:

man, great choice for an album, it’s so great to listen to. last night when i was listening to it, i felt it kind of reminded me of the Flaming Lips’ Soft Bulletin in the way the singer pronounces the words and the musical sound as well. Kind of trippy.

Soft Bulletin — I knew I had something in my library that matched this album perfectly. Great thinking, Jon!

Here’s an idea for June: Da Lama ao Caos [From Mud to Chaos], 1994 album by Brazilian band Chico Science & Nação Zumbi. They come from a movement called mangue bit (after mangue trees and the bit), so I’ll start by citing a line from the mangue bit manifesto (called “Caranguejos com cérebro”, Crabs with Brains): Halfway through 1991, a research and production nucleus for pop ideas was born all over the city of Pernambuco. The point was to engender an energetic circuit so as to connect the good vibes from the mangroves with the world net of pop concept circulation. Icon image: a satellite dish sticking out of the mud. Or a crab re-mixing Kraftwerk’s Anthena in the computer. [right]size=84[/size][/right] A legal stream of the whole album is available, you can click individual song names to hear them, or the last row (which reads “OUVIR TODAS AS MÚSICAS”) to listen to the whole album through. For the test-drive prone fellows, I recommend having a taste of the second track (“Rios, pontes e overdrives”), whose lyrics I provide, original and translated, under the cuts.

Alright! Im in Paris right now, so im a little overwhelmed by things, like rudeness for instance, but whatever. I will give you some brief thoughts on Neutral Milk Hotel.

All i can say is WOW. SO GOOD. Like seriously, the musical depth on this album is above and beyond. And the diverse sounds. One song is slow, purely acoustic guitar, others are accented with trumpets and trombones, and further still, accordian and bag pipes. This album reminds me a bit of what DayLight recommended to me a while back, Song Cycle by Van Dyke Parks, just for that reason, the constrasts of different instruments, and the placing of additional instruments in the middle of songs for emphasis and a bit of surprise. It’s a shame these guys only made two albums.

Initial thoughts of the album was that the guy, Magnum, had a somewhat odd voice and was hard to take seriously. But the more i’ve listened to it the more i like it. I’ve been very impressed with it. It’s become one of those albums where i look forward to listening to all day, sort of how i pretty much need to listen to For the Roses by Joni Mitchell to make a day complete. Every once and a while i listen to either of these in bed at night and i fall asleep in the middle of it.

I read up on the album on wikipedia, i think DayLight already posted this, but Comely is pretty much about Anne Frank. It’s interesting to listen to the song while thinking about this, because it seems to fit. I’d support this with evidence, but i have to get up at 6am and so i wont :razz: But today i did pick up Anne Frank’s diary, so i guess i’ll be able to compare her life and the song.

Comely is the song that i’m having the most trouble with right now. it’s a great song, it’s just a bit challenging, and perhaps harder to listen to than the rest of the songs on the album.

i have no real way to get the album for this months’ circle of sound, so i’ll most likely be silent for the most part for a while. cheers folks, happy listening.

Here’s a legal stream of it. You click individual song names to hear them in a pop-up window; or you click on the last row (“OUVIR TODAS AS MÚSICAS”) to listen to the whole shebang. It works even on linux. :slight_smile:


ill check the album out tonight bruno!

Let’s kickstart 2010 with some rock music so good it makes your eyes go teary.

The Rolling Stones - Exile on Main St.

Here’s the track listing; links to the songs in side one a courtesy of the house. Side one 1. Rocks Off

  1. Rip This Joint
  2. Shake Your Hips
  3. Casino Boogie
  4. Tumbling Dice

Side two

  1. Sweet Virginia
  2. Torn and Frayed
  3. Sweet Black Angel
  4. Loving Cup

Side three

  1. Happy
  2. Turd on the Run
  3. Ventilator Blues
  4. I Just Want to See His Face
  5. Let It Loose

Side four

  1. All Down the Line
  2. Stop Breaking Down
  3. Shine a Light
  4. Soul Survivor
    Listen to it, it ranks as my absolutely favourite rock music album — depending on the day, my favourite album of all.

Plug in, flush out.

The album that was recorded in a Gestapo headquarters!

Not my favorite Stones album, that title belongs to Sticky Fingers. But all the Taylor Era albums are up there.

Keith Richards was deepest in his addiction during this recording.

This album is good because it’s so “Patchwork”, it is, afterall, mostly an album of outtakes.

It’s a layed back album. In a good way. … sbeok.shnf

anyone wanna listen to some jaaaaaaaams, maaaaan?


Cryptical Envelopment > Drums > The Other One > Cryptical Envelopment is a high point. beautiful and furious!

I’d be down for something. How bout this one: ?

Oo, Grateful Dead.

I haven’t heard that album yet. No Ripples, how unfortunate.

Tonight I felt like listening to Quadrophenia, and I remembered having chosen the album for The Circle of Sound, some two years ago. Well, it’s been a long time since anyone has done one of these, so I thought I’d post one of my all-time favorites:

[center]Strange Days
By: The Doors

Released during the Summer of Love, in 1967, the psychedelic Srange Days was the second studio album to be released by The Doors. Even though at the time it had sold quite poorly, it is often regarded as their best album.

My favorite song on the album is the eleven minute long closing track “When the Music’s Over”, followed by the cool “I Can’t See Your Face in My Mind”, and finally, “Moonlight Drive”. All in all, it’s a very groovy album that will have you dancing like a flower child from start to finish.

Side one
Strange Days – 3:11
You’re Lost Little Girl – 3:03
Love Me Two Times – 3:18
Unhappy Girl – 2:02
Horse Latitudes – 1:37
Moonlight Drive – 3:05

Side two
People Are Strange – 2:13
My Eyes Have Seen You – 2:32
I Can’t See Your Face in My Mind – 3:26
When the Music’s Over – 10:58


Dang it, now I’ve good music stuck in my head for lifetime. And I even had an idea for an album of the month. Ah well, December. :tongue:

Hmm…I haven’t listened to this one for a while. A couple years at least. Same with their debut. Personally I’m more of a debut guy, but this is a quality album too. I’m a big fan of the song with the keyboard…oh wait, that’s every song by them! Yeah I’ll re-acquire this one, legally of course :cool: and give it another whirl. I really like My Eyes Have Seen You, and People Are Strange and When the Music’s Over.


I had my first listen today…it was a bit rough. I feel there isn’t much depth to this album, it feels superficial musically and lyrically. I don’t mean to damper anybodies enthusiasm, I just think this album isn’t the greatest the Doors made by any means. It just sounds kind of hollow.

This album contains a reasonable amount of explicit language, edgy imagery and, God forbid, socially relevant issues. Listener’s discretion advised, specially if that’s not quite their thing. Myself, I’m definitely going to listen to this at work over the week. :bruno:


Tech N9ne

Well, no one had done anything with this in a while so I thought I’d go ahead and post something. Why this album? The short answer is that is the album that is responsible for getting me to a point where I could tolerate and listen to rap.

All in all this is an excellent album. It has excellent depth lyrically, and really expresses the darkness and struggles that Tech was going through at the time. As far as the actual vocals go, lets just say Tech N9ne is one of the best, if not the best, in the game. The diversity is incredible; one minute it’s machine gun like speed raps with perfect enunciation, the next a slow smooth rhythm dripping with emotion, blink again and its excellent jazz singing.

All in all I enjoyed this album because of the overall depth, and the diversity of styles. Tech N9ne really can do just about everything, and it makes for a really fun listen.

While most of the songs on the album are excellent songs, there are definitely a few that are just party songs. They are fun if that’s what you are looking for, but generally don’t have much lyrical substance or depth to them.

Highlights include; Show me a God, Demons, Blackened the Sun, It was An Accident, Shadows on the Road, Low, and K.O.D.


  1. Show Me a God - 3:41
  2. The Warning (Skit) - 0:31
    3.Demons ( Feat Three 6 Mafia ) - 5:21
  3. Blackened The Sun - 4:24
  4. Strange Music Box Ft. Krizz Kaliko And Brotha Lynch Hung - 4:09
  5. Sundae (Skit) - 0:44
  6. Check Yo Temperature Ft. Sundae And T-Nutty - 4:30
  7. B. Boy Ft. Big Scoob, Kutt Calhoun, Skatterman And Bumpy Knuckles - 5:27
  8. Hunterish Ft. Irv Da Phenom And Krizz Kaliko - 3:45
  9. The Pick Up (Skit) - 1:13
  10. In The Trunk - 4:23
  11. Pinocchiho - 2:08
  12. Horns Ft. Prozak And King Gordy - 3:57
  13. Interview with Jason Whitlock (Skit) - 2:06
  14. It Was An Accident Ft. Alan Wayne - 3:42
  15. Shadows On The Road - 3:26
  16. Low - 3:31
  17. Messages (Skit) - 1:36
  18. Killing You - 3:34
  19. Leave Me Alone - 3:50
  20. Prayer By Brother K.T. (Skit) - 0:40
  21. K.O.D (Introducing Mackenzie O’Guin) - 5:12
  22. The Martini Ft. Krizz Kaliko - 5:28

Warning: This album gets very explicit at times. If thats a major turnoff for you in music I wouldn’t recommend K.O.D.

Oh I’m definitely going to listen to this at work this week. :content:

Album lyrics here, if you click song name it’ll autoplay the song as well (and there’s a nifty “play all” link as well). So far, wow. I don’t know how to appreciate hip hop in all its diversity, and this guy’s style definitely falls out of my previous knowledge.

He’s a damn virtuoso! His voice and how he plays with it, the asyncopated rhythms, the lyrics with their powerful imagery and all the rage and the melody — it’s explosive! This is a very dark album and I love the feelings and doubts it expresses; these are very real. Every song leaves me wanting to talk about it. Awesome.

Another display of how hip hop is definitely the rightful heir of rock music.