The Dreamer's Salute

[color=blue]Hey LD4ALL! Exo here. Some of you might remember me as the ring leader from the Dreamviews . . . Attack. :cool:

Posting here today to bring a subject to your attention that we’ve been discussing on Dreamviews. It started out as a joke, but we figured, why not? You can read the thread [/color][color=red]Here[/color]

[color=blue]The whole idea is creating a universal salute and greeting for Dreamers, and a way to greet someone should you ever see someone reality checking. A Facebook group has been created. It can be found [/color][color=red]here[/color]

i like the nod and “sweet dreams” response. i’ve heard some BA things in my life but that tops most of them.

I was always partial to some tune of whistle that can be returned with a second part to the tune, something only certain people would get. How cool would it be to be whistling a random tune in the bathroom of some resturaunt and across the way someone else whisper

alternate RCish salute: plug nose, and use that hand to tip a head bow. That’s pretty cool but lame looking at the same time.

I joined the Facebook group!


I like the idea of having a salute What’s next? Are we going to have ranks? : P I sorta like the idea of the whistling a certain tune too. And I joined the Facebook group too.

Exo. :happy:

Wow, thanks for this post, it’s good to see Dreamviews and LD4all integrating together a big community of dreamers. :ok: Now. I can see why the finger-through-palm RC would be a good idea for a salute: it’s practical. But as a handshake (that is, if you were to press your finger through someone else’s palm), I’m afraid it would render obscene in Brazil! :happy: Rubbing your index on someone’s palm as you handshake is a (supposedly discreet) way of calling people for sex here. :eh:

Pointing your own palm as you salute a person looks a bit too Spockish, but is good. I think I like the “sweet dreams” salute the most, because it’s straight to the point, discreet and portable to different cultures (whereas a hand sign or shake would always be at risk of already meaning something (perchance obscene like the sex handshake I was talking about) in a given culture).

That said, if we absolutely do need a handshake :razz: the idea I liked the best was Exo’s of making a somewhat Japanese salutation which would mimic the finger through thumb RC. It’s also great in that, while it will make you look like a freak, it won’t make you extremely so. (Try the nose plucking RC in the middle of a populated train wagon to see what I mean by “looking extremely freaky”). Oh, and Dizko’s 2-fingered variation looks fancier. :cool_laugh: But that’s my opinion.

/me goes work into spreading the word about the salute. :cool:

lol this makes me full of humorous feelings

i was thinking this was about, worried that people would notice you RCing WHILE dreaming and i was like “hmmmmmm i never really thought about that”

i usually tell people to do the nose plug rc in my dreams but they never understand it at all, ever… they usually don’t understand anything i tell them, such as how to fly, etc

Really!? never heard of that… :eh: stops to think how many people I’ve called for sex not knowing it, :rofl:.

Anyway, I think the salute is a very cool idea. Although if I ever saw someone doing a RC I’d probably scream “OMG, you’re a dreamer too!!!” :tongue: