The Eight Lucidity Challenge - Winner: Ysim

'Tis going to be a good month for me so sign me up as well.

/me signs up.

I apparently need some more incentive…I haven’t had a LD in a good while.

Great, only 3 more to go :content:

I would like to play. :smile:

2 more :content:

Oh my god i totaly forgot about this! :eek:
runs back
Hasn’t started yet, has it? Phew… Come on people, sign up!

Hm. Sure, I’ll sign up.

1 more to go! Who will be the last participant in the eight lucidity challenge :smile: ?

C’mon, people, sign up! Why is it taking so long for just one last person to join.

Mugiwara, if this continues for a day more, I suggest you just cut the list off at nine. It’s better than waiting for what could be weeks more without starting.

Lucky number ten! :cool: I’ll join for this round.

Great! Now we have 10 participants :content:.
I’ll post the first task on Friday 02.00 AM GMT :smile:

Task 1: Enter your cellphone

A friend of mine helped me come up with this :content: .
Enter your cellphone and see what’s really going on in there

We got our idea from:

Enter your cellphone: 50 points
Read one of your messages while in the phone: 30 points
Read one of your messages while outside the phone: 20 points
Find the panda: 100 points
Ride on the pandas back: 50 points
Find out what or who it is that works in your phone: 30 points
Grab a sms and ride with it to another cellphone: 70 points

The task will end on Sunday 02.00 AM GMT

Okey dokey. What’s a sms?

(I barely ever use a cellphone so my knowledge of these things is very limited.)

I loved that commercial, it was very clever. Wish me luck…

sms = it’s like an email but you send it from your cellphone :content:

Good luck everyone :smile:

Since nobody has done the task, I will make it a day longer so the new deadline will be on Monday 02.00 AM GMT. Good luck :content:

sms = text message :content:
In a lot of languages it is sms, but here in America they just call it text message.

Good Luck Everyone this Challenge :thumbs:
I hope we will have some nice tasks, even though I’m not competing ^^

I got 3 LD’s last night but in the first one I got “distracted” :peek: , the second one I forgot, and the last one I got a watch instead of a cellphone.

Mind sharing?

Sure. I’ll post it in my DJ since it’s not related to the Task.