The Eight Lucidity Challenge - Winner: Ysim

I would like to play. :smile:

2 more :content:

Oh my god i totaly forgot about this! :eek:
runs back
Hasn’t started yet, has it? Phew… Come on people, sign up!

Hm. Sure, I’ll sign up.

1 more to go! Who will be the last participant in the eight lucidity challenge :smile: ?

C’mon, people, sign up! Why is it taking so long for just one last person to join.

Mugiwara, if this continues for a day more, I suggest you just cut the list off at nine. It’s better than waiting for what could be weeks more without starting.

Lucky number ten! :cool: I’ll join for this round.

Great! Now we have 10 participants :content:.
I’ll post the first task on Friday 02.00 AM GMT :smile:

Task 1: Enter your cellphone

A friend of mine helped me come up with this :content: .
Enter your cellphone and see what’s really going on in there

We got our idea from:

Enter your cellphone: 50 points
Read one of your messages while in the phone: 30 points
Read one of your messages while outside the phone: 20 points
Find the panda: 100 points
Ride on the pandas back: 50 points
Find out what or who it is that works in your phone: 30 points
Grab a sms and ride with it to another cellphone: 70 points

The task will end on Sunday 02.00 AM GMT

Okey dokey. What’s a sms?

(I barely ever use a cellphone so my knowledge of these things is very limited.)

I loved that commercial, it was very clever. Wish me luck…

sms = it’s like an email but you send it from your cellphone :content:

Good luck everyone :smile:

Since nobody has done the task, I will make it a day longer so the new deadline will be on Monday 02.00 AM GMT. Good luck :content:

sms = text message :content:
In a lot of languages it is sms, but here in America they just call it text message.

Good Luck Everyone this Challenge :thumbs:
I hope we will have some nice tasks, even though I’m not competing ^^

I got 3 LD’s last night but in the first one I got “distracted” :peek: , the second one I forgot, and the last one I got a watch instead of a cellphone.

Mind sharing?

Sure. I’ll post it in my DJ since it’s not related to the Task.

I had a lucid dream last night:

Phasing through the Basement Walls
I had poor recall because I didn’t write it down as soon as I woke up but this is what I remember and is relevant
After a while I went down to my basement. I saw my girlfriend there and talked to her for a little about SG’s, Psionics, etc. After a bit she said, "You’re lucky, you’re so good at lucid dreaming."
“It’s not hard, it’s just knowing that even this is a dream,” was my reply :tongue: I then walked a little ahead of her to the unfinished part of my basement, when my cell phone beeped. There was a new txt(/sms), but I couldn’t see who it was from because my phone was broken (which it is IRL) I growled a little at the phone then threw it back into my pocket.
“Come with me, it’ll be fun” I told my girlfriend and then we phased through the wall.
We were then in a new, unfamiliar, but boring room, so we phased through another wall.

I don’t remember much after that, but it did go on lucid for a while.

And the scores are…

  1. Wyvern - 80 points
  2. Ysim - 30 points
  3. liam_sw
  4. ian1
  5. TwilightDreamer
  6. Doson
  7. Queen SD
  8. strinky
  9. Ang
  10. wnvoss

Great job on the first task. Please tell me if you think I have counted wrong. Here comes the second task :smile:

Task 2: It’s your turn to be the hero

Here’s the story. Your biggest fear or at least something that your scared of is in front of you.
Beat it and rescue the prince/princess.

Fight against your biggest fear: 100 points (Yes, courage will be rewarded ^^)
Fight against something that’s somewhat scary: 60 points
Fight against something not scary: 20 points
Rescue the prince/princess: 80 points
Rescue someone else: 30 points
Hug the scary/not scary thing: 30 points
Run away from it: -20 points, no running away >:3
Become friends with the scary/not scary thing: 40 points
Have a wedding with the prince/princess: 90 points
Have a wedding with someone else: 70 points
Use magic to fight it: 10 for each spell
Use fists: 10 for each punch

This task will end on Wednesday 02.00 AM GMT.

Hey, how did I get points in the first task?

Unfortunately, my greatest physical fear was spiders, and I’ve already conquered that with LD’s… but… Oh no… Cheezies! The dreaded snack! :eek:
/me pictures the dream getting flooded by cheezies raining from the sky