The end of the world...IS TOMORROW?!

not the opposite of an atomic bomb: they’re doing the opposite of fission (splitting a particle into pieces), which is fusion (throwing particles against each other until they split and their pieces recombine to form different kinds of particles). both reactions can be used in the craft of bombs, the generation of energy, and scientific experimentation.

as i said before, the fact that the tiny black holes disappeared is still disputed. they will naturally decay if the singularity at their core isn’t stable, but we don’t know for sure about a certain “Hawking radiation” which is theoretically behind the anihilation of the ones that are stable — in fact, if we did get swallowed by a black hole, it would be a somewhat funny step forward to science: it would prove that the theory of Hawking radiation (which hasn’t just yet been confirmed or refuted) is, well, wrong.

something is bound to happen, we just don’t know what. we have a few clues as to what we should be looking for — Higgs bosons, supersymmetry, strange matter — and perhaps what we’re looking for is actually none of these: but it still must be somewhere right under our noses. something causes particles to have mass, and that something must show up at some point or another, in some form.

The purpose of the LHC is to create the Higgs boson, NOT to create a black hole. And it’s not going to do anything cosmic rays don’t do already. See

Come on, were still here, the black hole has eaten us by now, besides, the holes are too weak to eat something. You need something it can eat (metals are too solid too be eaten by small holes). And thats it :razz:

Ah well what do you know? I’m not dead…



stands round being bored



And now we can :partying_face: the whole day, the doomsday is soon however.

I do not know exactly this system, but I do believe that this H bomb possibility is even more negligible than black hole and other fears. Helium is a product of usual fusion processes and amount of the accelerated particles is probable quite small to start some kind of chain reaction.

Actually, it was just starting today… The first real high-energy collision is on the 21st of October. According to my sources anyway.

Geneva, anyone notice something about this? :tongue: xD

Upon Google…

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Any-who, I don’t think it will kill us all. If it does, okay, it does. Like HB said, if it does kill us all, you don’t want to sit around moping that you’ll die soon. We’ll all die sometime – when your life flashes before your eyes, make it worthwhile.

If it doesn’t kill us, then oh lookie, you have another one or more year[s] to live. Don’t spend those years panicking about the doomsday scare after this one, spend them living. :tongue:

:truit: alas you have seen through my charade.

Bruno, you always crack me up

Eyelids: say what?

nope, the odds are actually higher than those of a stable black hole showing up. nuclear power plants are based on fission, which requires way less energy than fusion. in fact, there’s no such a thing as fusion power plant because we don’t have the technology to even deal with the ammount of energy released by industry-scale fusion.

the LHC is basically a big machine that produces a very tiny fusion reaction and tries to videotape it. there’s a twist: its cooling system is actually fuel for a much higher-scale fusion reaction, and on top of that, the power produced by the particular fusion done in the LHC is of a scale much, much higher than what we could ever dream for a fusion-based power plant. and, like i said before, there’s no known technology to deal with this kind of reaction: the self-sustained fission process we can produce today is of the “bomb” kind, never of the “power plant” kind.

your sources are right.

Right, it takes a while for it to be fully ready to go. Today just started the process.

If it does engulf the earth, none of us would even know. Doesn’t sound like a bad way to go right? I’d say it’s better than any other possible way, so I say, LET’S GO BLACK HOLE!

Well, now that my/everyones hype about doomsday is down-ish…I wonder what they learned from it? I’ve always liked science so I want to know more! :happy:

I usually don’t have time to come on the computer to research with starting highschool and all. And the homework… :bored:

to be sure:

Bruno you’ve been tearing an intellectual new one into everyone on this topic.


Btw, If we are going to die, it won’t happen until they do some actual collisions in the lhc. (on Oct. 21?)

Actually, they predict it could take around 50 months for the man made black hole to stablise, grow and then suck in the earth.

Carnun: so you say it could be out there, right now? how exciting!

Much talk about something that hasnt happened. I do not know how you find these sources, but there is no risk for the earth to be eaten. A black hole doesnt grow like this: :wolfbite: (the left head is the hole, the right one earth), it takes time, and besides the holes are WAY too weak to eat the machine, so you can just :puh: on LHC. And thats it :razz:

Still I do not understand the reason why this He from the magnets should start the fusion process. Ok theoretically every light element since iron 56 can undergo fusion reaction but practically heavyer product than helium are rare even in star reactions (exept supernova).

In H-bomb the He is the product not a fuel.

wikipedia: “criteria & candidates for terrestrial [fusion] reactions”.

↑ nope, He can also be used in fusion reactions.